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CC-Projects in South America

Argentina: 36 Projects

  • 2021 Christmas action: Corporate Volunteering #UniendoCorazones | Volkswagen | Social

    Under the slogan "We are TOGETHER" the Christmas corporate volunteering was replicated in 2021. #UniendoCorazones.

    We invited again our employees to join their families in the Christmas 2021 volunteering. Each volunteer received a Christmas box to assemble and decorate a Christmas box as a family and then include non-perishable foods in it. More than 250 collaborators with their families participated in Pacheco and Córdoba united by the same objective: to put together a Christmas box to donate it to those who need it most.

    In Pacheco, the boxes were delivered to the Nordelta Foundation. These boxes reached the families of Barrio las Tunas, near our Plant. In the case of Córdoba, the donation was made to the " Mi Ilusión" community center. In total, we donated 326 Christmas boxes with non-perishable food and Christmas products.

  • “All the better to see you with” | Volkswagen | Education and science

    Another example of a public-private partnership is still running strong in its tenth year. “All the better to see you with” is a health program that provides students at public schools of disadvantaged neighborhoods in the municipality of Tigre eye tests performed by a mobile medical team.

    VWA donated the portable testing equipment and provides a vehicle to reach all schools and students in the area.

  • Compostaje | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    Since November 11, the organic waste from the canteen is being composted. So far, 274 kg are in the composting process.

    This waste is no longer sent to the landfill, being the same recovered as compost at the Córdoba Industrial Center.

  • Compresor | Volkswagen | Efficiency Energy

    A variable volume compressor (65 m3/min) was purchased on Set/2020 that responds to demand with an operating range between 20% and 100%. Previously, when demand fell below the adaptive capacity of the centrifugal compressors, the excess compressed air generation had to be vented, with the consequent waste of electrical energy.

  • Degree in Automation and control | Volkswagen | Training

    As part of our Produce Together 2025 program, and within the pillar "Team of the future", during 2021 the collaboration agreement with the prestigious University of Cordoba was reaffirmed, implementing the university career "Degree in Automation and Control" in our plant. The purpose of this course is to prepare our employees to face the new technological challenges of the future such as Industry 4.0 .

    We currently have 40 employees who will obtain their degree in 24 months.

  • “Delivery de Solidaridad” | Volkswagen | Social

    Due to the difficult context we have gone through during 2020, we invited VWA employees to collaborate with donations of food and hygiene items to distribute them to the families of the neighborhood surrounding our Pacheco plant. Through the Unilever web portal, employees could purchase the items. The equivalent of 150 food and cleaning food kits were collected to deliver to those who need it most.

  • Digitalisation | Volkswagen | Efficiency Energy

    Since May 2021, 33 new electricity metering points have been added, allowing us to sectorize consumption. Previously, we only had 3 electricity meters used to control the billing of the distribution company.

  • Diversity wins | Group | Training

    As part of our Transform Together 2025 strategy, betting on the development of a Diverse and Inclusive culture in the year 2021, taking the 'Diversity wins @ Volkswagen' program as a reference, 100% of the Management role, Unit Managers, Coordinators and Leaders were trained with the mission of empowering them and accompanying the Group's global initiative to promote Diversity and Inclusion among all employees.  

  • Forestation Campaign | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    During 2021, the afforestation campaign continued with the aim of recovering green spaces within the property. The activity brought together collaborators from all over the Plant who planted a total of 30 trees of native species of the Province of Córdoba, generating an ecological restoration.

    The planting was carried out in September and November under the "Water Defenders" project, with the following native species: Tala, Molle, Algarrobo, Algarrobo de Perro, Quebracho Blanco, Sen de campo, Manzano de Campo, chañar, Tusca, Algarrobo Blanco.

    The place was named as "Isla Verde", a representative a representative ecosystem and functional serrano, contributing to education and fostering in all employees an awareness of caring for the environment, thus reaffirming the commitment of Volkswagen Argentina.

    For the second year, the VW Employers with their family, joined the Reforestation Program of Native Species of National Parks of the Province of Córdoba, planting more than 700 species tree called “Tabaquillos” in the Quebrada del Condorito National Park, expanding in this way the frontiers of this activity, which took place on November 3, 7 and 13.

  • Go To Zero Week | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    Actively participated in the "goTOzero week" of different biodiversity and environmental activities.

    A local planting of native trees was carried out in the biodiversity zone of Cordoba, with the participation of the executive role.

    A mural allegorical to goTOzero week was painted with ecological paint, with the participation of VW personnel from all areas.

  • Go To Zero Week | Group | Go to Zero Week

    Volkswagen Group Argentina held the goTOzero week from September 6 to 10 and offered a series of activities for its collaborators such as talks by experts in environmental issues, virtual workshops, corporate volunteer events and the realization of two ecological collaborative murals, one in the Pacheco Industrial Center and the other in the Córdoba Industrial Center.

  • Green spot in Assy Shop | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    In our efforts to improve the perception of common spaces, we developed the first Green area in the Assy Shop, which counts with skylights to promote natural light, a garden bed and furniture made out from scrap material. During 2021, further resting areas such as this one, will be inaugurated.

  • “Hackathon SAM” | Volkswagen | Education and science

    Hackathon SAM was a corporate initiative that integrated participants from VW Brazil and VW Argentina in order to create innovative solutions to Regional challenges. The activity was supposed to take place in Brazil in March 2020, after the COVID Pandemic, it was decided to go through with the event, but virtually. That is how 72 participants (64 VWB e 8 VWA), selected by COMEX members, were gathered for a specific training session in Design Thinking Methodology and then participated in the Hackathon. The challenges were chosen by COMEX considering business priorities, such us Digitalization, Regional integration opportunities and Cultural Transformation.

    The Hackathon took place in November from the 3rd to the 5th.
    Every participant received a special kit with some tools for the activity, such us colored shirts for each team. At the end of the activity, the COMEX voted the winning Teams in order to promote the project's execution next year.

  • Home Office – Actual Hybrid model | Group | Flexibility in the work mode

    COVID 19 pandemic led us to expand the remote work modality, this drove us to implement the home office. Currently under the concept of the Hybrid Model, all administrative personnel, provided with the necessary technological resources can perform their tasks without inconveniences. As strengths of this modality we were able to highlight: agility in communications, continuity of the interpersonal contact and team vision, creativity to reorganize work, development of online learning methodologies, among others.

  • Launching of the Environmental and Energy Compliance Management System E-learning | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    Taking into consideration the environmental and energy management knowledge that every employee in Pacheco Site should have, an E-learning was developed and launched during August 2020 for all those who have access to a computer and taking advantage of the home office scenario.

    This training consists in 3 sections. The first one is a short visual clip in which the Environmental and Energy Policy of Volkswagen Argentina is explained. The second section has 15 interactive slides where the remaining concepts are explained and before enabling the third section, there is a mini quiz which just serves for reinforcing concepts. The third and last section is the graded evaluation. From a total of 1161 employees that had access to this course, by December 2020 97% of them had already passed it with a grade of 8/10 or higher.

  • Launching of the Environmental and Energy Compliance Management System E-learning | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    Taking into consideration the environmental and energy management knowledge that every employee and contractors in Còrdoba Site should have, an E-learning was developed and launched during September 2020 for all those who have access to a computer and taking advantage of the home office scenario. Face-to-face training was also carried out in small groups for operators.

    This training consists in 3 sections. The first one is a short visual clip in which the Environmental and Energy Policy of Volkswagen Argentina is explained. The second section has 15 interactive slides where the remaining concepts are explained and before enabling the third section, there is a mini quiz which just serves for reinforcing concepts. The third and last section is the graded evaluation.  

  • LED tecnology | Volkswagen | Efficiency Energy

    Induction technology lighting was replaced with LED technology from March/21, in some areas around the MQ281 plant (warehouses, overhangs and tunnels), in the MQ200 assembly line area and in some areas of MQ250 that did not have the necessary lighting to work.

  • Maintenance of ISO 45001:2018 | Volkswagen | CERTIFICACIÓN ISO 45001

    During Kw43, the second follow-up audit of the ISO 45001 Standard was carried out by the certifying TÜV Rheinland Argentina. The result has been very positive, with no non-conformity being registered and the Certification for CIC being maintained.

    The first cycle (certification, 1st and 2nd Monitoring) has been successfully completed, with no pending issues.

  • Maintenance of ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 50001:2018 Norms | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    During 2021, we successfully maintained both integrated management systems (ISO 14.001 and 50.001), which uphold the commitment of environmental and energy compliance of our plant.  

  • Mentoring Program | Volkswagen | Social

    Within the framework of the Action Plan of the Win-Win Program of the Women United Nations, of which VWA is a signatory, it was designed a Mentoring program to connect VWA leaders with the new generation.

    In this first edition 9 mentors & 12 mentees of different areas of the company participated.  

  • New Plant MQ281 inauguration | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    After an investment of US $ 150 million for the realization of a new MQ281 transmission, 100% destined for export to other VW Group plants around the world, such as Poland, Portugal, India and Mexico, in June 2020 it was carried out the start of production and export at the Córdoba Industrial Center. This 6-speed manual gearbox, which will be used in Volkswagen vehicles (T-Roc, Caddy, Tiguan and T-Cross), Seat Ibiza Ateca and León, as well as in the Skoda Octavia and even in the Audi A1 and Q2 , has a saving of 65% in energy used in lighting and 75% degree of automation in its production process, among which its Supply system stands out Autonomous to manufacture parts without variants, made by autonomous mobile robots AGV that make a journey from the machining cells to the Assembly Line.  

  • New processes for Taos and New Paint Shop inauguration | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    After announcing an investment of 650 million USD in November 2017 intended for modernizing the infrastructure and installing the new MQB-A Platform for the production of the new Taos SUV, in 2020 we inaugurated the new paint shop which, given to its water-based formula, enables a significant energy, water and emission savings.

    During the installation of the new Taos’ productive lines, new innovative technologies were implemented to go along this project, such as the implementation of automation lights in robotized body cells, intelligent lighting in the new facilities of Taos, low frequency welding tongs with adaptive control (reducing its energy consumption by a 33%), polishing a total area of 28,370 m2 of floor in order to avoid maintenance with epoxy paint, new interfloor conveyors driven by electric motors of high efficiency, among others.

    Volkswagen Argentina becomes the first and only paint shop in the country to have a water-based and primer-less paint.

  • Olimpiadas de Equipos Ampliados Extended teams Olympics | Volkswagen | Recognition

    As part of our Produce Together strategy within the "Team of the Future" pillar, in 2021 we continued with the fifth edition of the “Extended Teams Olympics” program, seeking to promote teamwork and staff motivation with a focus on continuous improvement.

    A total of 5 Teams were recognized for the Best Practices presented to the Management Role.

  • PROJECT ONE HOUR | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    Actively participated in the "project 1 hour" to talk about the environment for one hour at all VW sites worldwide. Motivating care and respect for the environment.

  • Qualia solidarity trip | Group | Qualia solidarity trip

    We lend 2 Amarok to Qualia Eyewear for a solidarity trip to the province of Chaco. Our pickups, which had the fuel delivered by Shell, made a solidarity trip to 3 rural places. There an ophthalmological campaign was carried out in which 219 consultations were carried out and 139 pairs of glasses were delivered to the children of that community. In this way we continue to strengthen our alliances with Triple Impact companies, such as Qualia, because we believe in the power of collaborative work for the success of our pillars of our sustainability strategy such as inclusion and the environment.

  • ReforestARG plantations | Volkswagen | ReforestARG Plantations

    This year we continue the alliance with reforestarg with the loan of vans to support the plantations of native trees in areas devastated by fires.

  • Remodeling of the Effluent Treatment Plant | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    The Córdoba Industrial Center, through an investment of 1.7 million dollars, carried out an important modification and update of the processes in its Effluent Treatment plant in order to adapt to the new requirements of Decree 847/16. This new Treatment Plant has the capacity to treat liquids generated daily in the CIC's productive operation, exceeding the regulatory requirements of current regulations by 50%.

  • RSU Coprocesable | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    Since August, dry municipal solid waste (MSW) has been sent for co-processing as fuel for cement kilns.

    So far this year, 20,580 kg have been co-processed, representing a 30% decrease in waste sent to landfill.

  • Solidarity Chain & Alliance with Food Bank | Volkswagen | Social

    Due to the worldwide pandemic, vulnerable population in Argentina increased the demand of food in community centers. Within this framework, and regarding the Sustainability social actions, the VW Argentina team, joined with a non-profit social organization known as “Banco de Alimentos” in a solidarity chain that has as main objective the reduction of hunger through the delivery of collected fruits & vegetables from surrounding areas of Buenos Aires, avoiding waste.

    During 2021, thanks to the loan of one Amarok to NODO Balcarce, during six months the amount of rescued fruits & vegetables achieved 700.000 kgs. The recollected food has been distributed to many community centers around the country.

    In October 2021, a new loan of one Amarok for six months to the Córdoba Food Bank was managed to contribute to the collection of food in an influence area of the Córdoba production plant.

    Expanding the work network with the Food Banks nationwide, Volkswagen Group Argentina acted as a bridge to present the initiatives done by the company and invite dealers who wanted to collaborate to get in touch with the food banks in their area and work together.

  • SPEED+ AWARD 2020 | Volkswagen | Efficiency Energy

    Within the framework of the SPEED+ AWARD 2020 competition, the Córdoba Industrial Center of Volskwagen Group Argentina celebrated a new milestone in its history. During 2020 it competed with 27 other component plants from 11 countries and participated in three of the four categories that the competition has, obtaining the 2nd place in the Environment category, in the energy theme.

  • Speed + Diversity | Group | Recognition

    In 2021, after participating in the Speed + competition, which is held worldwide among 24 component plants, our HR-Córdoba team won a bronze medal, third place in the competition.

  • Top Employer Certification | Volkswagen Group | HR Strategy and Employer Branding

    As part of our Together Strategy 2025, addressing all relevant stakeholders on our journey to become a globally leading provider of sustainable mobility and an Excellent Employer, VW Group Argentina got certified in HR practices to attract and retain the best conditions for our future and actual employees.

    The Top Employer Institute recognized our efforts to put our collaborators at the center of strategy and employ measures, reinforcing our commitment in pandemic situation to prioritize their well-being.

  • Un Techo | Porsche | Regional support

    Porsche Latin America has worked with the not-for-profit organization “Un Techo” since 2012. The Latin American non-governmental organization helps socially weak families in marginalized districts, provides housing in slums, and offers educational programs.

    More than 600 shelter homes have been built in Latin America and the Caribbean and have helped over 4,700 people with the more than two million dollars that Porsche Latin America has donated since the partnership was initiated and thanks to the support of local importers and dealers and the work of thousands of volunteers.

    Around 30 car workshops were likewise established to provide vocational training and further educational programs were implemented. Help was also provided in response to natural disasters, including the floods in northern Chile (2015), Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico (2017), the earthquake in Mexico (2017) and the Fuego Volcano eruption in Guatemala (2018). In 2020, hygiene kits and food were supplied to needy persons in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

  • UN Women's "Principles for Women's Empowerment" | Volkswagen | Equal opportunities

    In 2019 Volkswagen Group Argentina signed UN Women's "Principles for Women's Empowerment" and during the next 2 years designed an action plan to improve the impact in the company.

    Women Empowerment Principles (WEPs) have been created as a platform for private companies to in force measures for gender equality in labor environment and the community. During 2019 we made the diagnosis trough the WEP’s questionnaire to have a self-assessment diagnosis of its current situation and during 2020 developed and implemented measures according to the diagnosis results. In this year we did a second diagnosis to analyze the impact of the first action plan and to identify new improvement opportunities. A new action plan was defined to continue working during 2021.

    By adhering to these principles, the company reaffirms its commitment to diversity and integration as fundamental pillars of its strategy and is committed to continuing to work on policies that strengthen gender equity in the workplace. This initiative is aligned with the overall diversity group program within the TOGETHER 2025 strategy, which seeks to incentivize differences in the field of work, understanding diversity such as the integration of the various genders, origins, religions and professional competences, among other aspects.

  • Women´s Week | Volkswagen | Women´s Week

    In March 2021, Women's Week was celebrated, in which we generated spaces for dialogue and reflection with different activities in relation to International Women's Day. Webinars, testimonials from our collaborators and team activities were the triggers to generate these spaces. To close the week we listened to five women who were part of the TAOS project. In addition to telling us about their contributions to the project, we talked about the role of women in the automotive industry and the challenges that still lie ahead.

  • Workshops | Volkswagen | Efficiency Energy

    Two energy efficiency workshops were held from Nov/20 on two specific topics: The first one focused on the energy involved in maintaining compressed air pressure and the implication of compressed air losses and their energy cost. The second one showed the cost of energy during the life cycle of an electric motor, making it clear that the greatest opportunities for energy efficiency are to be found in the reduction of consumption during the operation of the machine.

Brazil: 47 Projects

  • 100% renewable electricity | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    Since 2020 VWB has started a proceed to incorporated 10% in future contracts other sustainable sources as solar, wind and biomass in its electricity mix.

    Also, in 2021 Curitiba site is using now 10% sustainable electricity from solar, wind and biomass sources with the I-REC certification and for the year of 2022 30% sustainable energy was contracted with I-REC certification.

  • Actions to combat Covid-19 | Volkswagen | Health or Regional support

    1. Maintenance hub implementation of lung ventilators for medical use: Volkswagen, in partnership with SENAI, performed the maintenance of 37 out of service lung ventilators from public hospitals, in the VWB Plant Anchieta, enabling them to return to service, supporting the coronavirus patients. SENAI is the National Service for Industrial Training, a network of not-for-profit secondary level professional schools established and maintained by the Brazilian Confederation of Industry. SENAI is one of the most important institutions in the country providing formal training for specialized workers for the industry, in the areas of chemistry, mechanics, construction etc. The repaired lung ventilators were from hospitals from 17 hospitals, in 5 cities from 3 Brazilian States (São Paulo, Paraná and Rio de Janeiro). This initiative involved more than 50 volunteer employees, who have worked in different phases of the project.
    2. Loan of vehicles to the Health Secretary of municipalities, where the VWB has operations and to the São Paulo State Government, for actions against the coronavirus. The loan of 100 vehicles was mainly intended to support the displacement of doctors and nurses, as well as the transport of medicines and health equipment, and could be used for any other need by the authorities.
  • AHPAS | Porsche | Equal Opportunities

    In 2021, Porsche Brazil campaigned for the not-for-profit organization AHPAS (“Peace”), which was founded in 1999. It supports children and youngsters who have cancer and so have to go to hospital regularly for therapy and treatment. The focus was on helping in particular disadvantaged children and youngsters by offering AHPAS transportation services between where they live and hospital. That is complemented by social and family support measures.

    According to specialist physicians, one of the main factors why people go without necessary treatment is their inability to travel to obtain it. There are hospitals that have advanced technology, but many people are unable to come to them due to the distance, mobility problems and/or low immunity. AHPAS combats that by ensuring that sick children and youngsters remain mobile and so receive the treatment they need, regardless of the patients’ financial means.

  • Baccarelli Institute | Volkswagen Financial Services | Education and science

    Helping children and youngsters with music
    Children and youngsters play first fiddle at the Instituto Baccarelli. Volkswagen Financial Services Brazil has been supporting the non-profit organization since 2002. Every year the institute gives more than 1,000 children and youngsters from socially disadvantaged families a musical education of a high standard. Volkswagen Financial Services Brazil funds the Baccarelli project with around €40,000 a year.

  • Bola Bacana Project | Volkswagen Financial Services | Education and science

    Creating self-confidence and opportunities through sport
    Volkswagen Financial Services Brazil has been supporting the soccer and volleyball education program Bola Bacana since 2013. The organization helps children and youngsters from socially disadvantaged families. The not-for-profit initiative receives funding of around € 100,000 a year from the local company and offers more than just sports lessons. The teachers at Bola Bacana regularly monitor how participants are doing at school and their academic achievements are assessed together with the schools every two months.

  • Breathing devices for fighting COVID-19 | Audi | Health

    As requested as counterpart of the tax incentives in Paraná, 2020/2021:

    During the difficult phase that the world is facing with the pandemic, Audi do Brasil supported with breathing devices to fight COVID-19 to the Health Secretariat of the State of Paraná, on an emergency basis, which distributed them locally.

  • Brincar (Playing) | Volkswagen | Equal opportunities

    Playing is a right enshrined in the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1959. In Brazil, it is also defined in the Brazilian Constitution, the Child and Adolescent Statute (ECA) and the recent Legal Framework for Early Childhood, in 2016.

    By playing, children get to know themselves, other children and the world around them better, strengthening bonds and developing essential skills.

    Due to its importance, the Volkswagen Group Foundation decided to ensure that the act of playing can perform its most essential role: to provide inclusion, regardless of the physical, intellectual or social conditions of the children, especially at the beginning of the school year.

    This option meets the difficulties of many educators in accommodating children with disabilities, with global developmental disorders or with high intellectual skills and giftedness. Therefore, a set of articulated actions that involve the continuous formation of the teachers, managers and other professionals of the Kindergarten were defined, besides the accompaniment of pedagogical practices that gather different forms of expression, such as visual arts, cinema, literature, dance, music and games, to favor the act of playing.

    The school community and families actively participate in this interaction and on how inclusion has to be prioritized in all places for children.

    The Volkswagen Group Foundation, at the request of its partner, the Municipal Department of Education of São Paulo, implemented the "Playing” Project in 13 Regional Education Boards. With this experience, and in view of the diversity of these circumscriptions, the different realities of the country were contemplated in some way, fomenting an inclusive educational solution, of early childhood, to be replicated in other networks of education.

    In 2021, estimates indicate that the project trained and supported more than 2,000 educators, totally online, because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, digital materials, such as videos, publications and pedagogical contents, were launched on the Foundation’s website and YouTube channel for free, in order to support teachers, students and families.

  • Carretas do Conhecimento (Trucks of Knowledge) | Volkswagen | Education and science

    Trucks of Knowledge are mobile-schools that cross various cities, including those where Volkswagen do Brasil and Volkswagen Trucks and Buses operates in Brazil, enabling professional qualification and development to enhance citizens' employability through 20 to 80-hour courses.

    The courses are indicated by technical partners, including industrial mechanics, air conditioning maintenance and installation, auto and motorcycle mechanics, automotive electricity, baking, industrial sewing, building electrical installations etc.

    In 2021, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Project used hybrid methodologies (combining online classes and some at place practical activities) in Paraná, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro States. In Paraná, it was a partnership between State Government, Volkswagen do Brasil and Volkswagen Group Foundation. In São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, the investment was fully supported by the Volkswagen Group Foundation. This year, the project offered more than 5,000 free vacancies.

    For the first time, Volkswagen Group employees (Volkswagen do Brasil, Volkswagen Trucks and Buses and Volkswagen Financial Services) were able to volunteer in the project, participating in some classes where they could talk to students about topics such as career, soft and hard skills.

  • Cidadania em Movimento (Citizenship in Motion) | Volkswagen | Education and science

    According to the World Health Organization, Brazil is one of the record-breaking countries in the world in number of deaths as result of traffic accidents. Most of these victims are young people aged 15 to 29 years. In order to raise awareness among educators, public managers and civil society about the importance of urban mobility, the Volkswagen Group Foundation develops the "Citizenship in Motion" Project.

    The project was concentrated in an online platform which offered free courses, lesson plans and other contents for teachers, with focus on discussions regarding urban mobility, i.e. means of transportation, sustainable mobility, urban planning, electric cars, citizenship etc.

    In 2021, the platform and its contents were able to train and impact more than 13,000 people.

  • Chemical Dependency Program | Volkswagen | Health

    The Chemical Dependency Program aims to prevent alcohol and drug abuse by raising awareness among Volkswagen employees. It also helps people with a chemical dependency change their behavior, encouraging them to improve their own quality of life as well as that of their families. Social workers, doctors and psychiatrists help addicts reintegrate into normal life. The program has reduced absenteeism, increased productivity and improved workplace behavior.

  • Conversas Inclusivas (Inclusive Talks) | Volkswagen | Equal opportunities

    Brazil is one of the countries most affected, in number of deaths and infected, by the new coronavirus in the world. It is also worth noting that many persons with disabilities are part of the so-called risk groups, which reinforces the need to respect social distancing policies.

    Therefore, Volkswagen Group Foundation supported the "Conversas Inclusivas" project (Inclusive Talks), through webinars, digital materials and communication actions aimed at discussing topics related to the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the Brazilian labor market, with the support of renowned specialists (for example, Mr. Cid Torquato, Secretary of Persons with Disabilities of the City of São Paulo, the largest metropolis in the Southern Hemisphere, who is also a PWD).

    The main goals were to raise awareness and spread knowledge among PWDs, families, human resources professionals, companies, civil society organizations and others interested in topics such as labor rights for persons with disabilities, legislation topics, professional training, accessibility, good Brazilian practices (including those by Volkswagen Trucks and Buses), mentoring for PWDs, etc.

    The project was essential to keep the theme in evidence to the civil society and companies, especially during the pandemic. Amid a lot of news and information about COVID-19, which tends to make the topics related to PWDs even more marginalized, the project gained strength, visibility and importance when supported by the Volkswagen Brand.

    Brazil is one of the countries most affected, in number of deaths and infected, by the new coronavirus in the world. It is also worth noting that many persons with disabilities are part of the so-called risk groups, which reinforces the need to respect social distancing policies.

    Therefore, Volkswagen Group Foundation supported the "Conversas Inclusivas" project (Inclusive Talks), through webinars, digital materials and communication actions aimed at discussing topics related to the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the Brazilian labor market, with the support of renowned specialists (for example, Mr. Cid Torquato, Secretary of Persons with Disabilities of the City of São Paulo, the largest metropolis in the Southern Hemisphere, who is also a PWD).

    The main goals were to raise awareness and spread knowledge among PWDs, families, human resources professionals, companies, civil society organizations and others interested in topics such as labor rights for persons with disabilities, legislation topics, professional training, accessibility, good Brazilian practices (including those by Volkswagen Trucks and Buses), mentoring for PWDs, etc.

    The project was essential to keep the theme in evidence to the civil society and companies, especially during the pandemic. Amid a lot of news and information about COVID-19, which tends to make the topics related to PWDs even more marginalized, the project gained strength, visibility and importance when supported by the Volkswagen Brand.

    In 2020, an audience of 2,046 certified participants attended in the live webinars, which achieved a total of more than 10,000 views on YouTube, in addition to the impact on the networks social media, websites and other communication and press channels, which brought visibility to the cause and project. Also, an e-book was released with all the knowledge and practices worked throughout the year. The content is accessible and the publication is available for free on Foundation’s website.

  • Costurando o Futuro (Sewing the Future) | Volkswagen | Education and science

    In order to foster social development at the surroundings of Volkswagen do Brasil plants and VW Group’s brands headquarters in Brazil, the Volkswagen Group Foundation has developed the “Sewing the Future” Project. It encompasses the social, environmental and economic dimension of sustainability, by giving means to the establishment of workplaces and networks in the communities.

    As part of the project, VW Group Brands in Brazil and its suppliers donate used working gear as well as textile waste (from car seat covers to seat belts), which are then transformed into new products such as travel bags, purses, backpacks, aprons, wastepaper baskets etc. This process is also known as upcycling. Therefore, the project aims to offer work and income alternatives to participants. They are trained in entrepreneurship, business management, sales and sewing, among other topics. Thus, beside the focus on social and economic questions, the project embraces environmental protection by reuse of raw materials.

    The project targets residents of low-income communities. In 2021, a group of 62 seamstresses was engaged in the project’s network. Visit the Sewing the Future e-commerce: www.costurandoofuturo.org.br.  

  • DIGITAL HOSPITAL: Innovation, Application and Practice | Volkswagen | Health

    The project is the result of an investment of R$ 2 million, through the “Paraná Competitivo” program, it encourages the institution, which is a reference in Oncology, to take a further step towards the total digitalization of its processes.  

  • Diversa | Volkswagen | Equal opportunities

    In 2020, the Volkswagen Group Foundation supported the Diversa project, idealized and developed by the Rodrigo Mendes Institute. The goal of this in-service training is to build and increase the number of educators of public education networks, leading to changes in pedagogical strategies and in the education systems themselves, in order to ensure all children, without exception, the right to education - with focus on the inclusion of persons with disabilities. The method responds to the growing demand for formations, considering different contexts and based on collaborative work. It brings together, in the same space, education secretaries, school administrators, teachers of regular classrooms and of specialized educational assistance, so that they can as one group and with the same focus, organize strategies based on real and challenging cases, chosen by the participants themselves.

    In 2020, the project trained and supported a total of 56 teachers and reached more than 10,200 students, totally online, because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Diversity and Inclusion | Volkswagen | Social responsibility and Equal opportunities

    We moved pretty much fast as regards Diversity & Inclusion, pushing forward the Diversity Wins @VW trainings for all leadership, performed our 2nd Diversity Week opening dialogue about the strategic pillars on this theme, developed more employees as Diversity Ambassators, open even more doors to dialogue not only with our people but also with the dealer network and suppliers, and for those publics we launched our first editions of the Diversity & Inclusion best practices booklets. We demonstrated even more our strategic positioning concerning this matter, thoroughly aligned with our VW Group’s principle #WeLiveDiversity, specially towards marketing campaigns and in social networks public manifestations, on top of that we were also recognized by the local media with relevant awards that which shows that VW Brand is even more a company that places Diversity & inclusion on the center of its strategic focus in a genuine way.

  • EDUCATIONAL TOYS CONSTRUCTION | Volkswagen | Regional support

    The VWB Human Resources Team performed the assembly/painting of around 180 educational toys in an engagement and team building action. The Action reinforces the mote #NósNãoEu (#weNotme) and #We assume responsibility for the Environment and Society. The toys were donated to four institutions that care for children near the VW Units. The action generated great engagement and motivation from the teams that were moved by the purpose of the activity.

  • Empreendedorismo para Todos (Entrepreneurship for All) | Volkswagen | Equal opportunities

    In 2021, the Volkswagen Group Foundation carried out the “Entrepreneurship for all” Project. The goal was to support, through training and mentoring, people with different disabilities who wished to open their own businesses, encouraging their autonomy and productive inclusion. During the year, 54 people with disabilities completed the free training.

  • Environmental Risks Management Committee | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    The Environmental Risks Management Committee performs a strategic role within the Volkswagen do Brasil (VWB) Group, ensuring that shareholder value is maintained while potential environmental risks are avoided or mitigated. The committee identifies the main environmental risks to which VWB is exposed and gives them comparative ratings, in order to be able to assess and develop actions according to predefined rules. Critical points raised by the committee are reported at VWB board meetings. In 2021 all the meeting occurred as was scheduled.

  • Ergonomics | Volkswagen | Health

    The ergonomics management project at Volkswagen do Brasil is aligned with Volkswagen Group guidelines, which aim to adapt workstations to all employees' needs and offer the best possible working conditions. It also targets compliance with Brazilian legislation (NR 17).

    In its new update (October, 2021), NR 17 asks for a Preliminary Ergonomics Assessment and this is already met by our EAWS assessment system;

    Coordination and participation of the work Group on Occupational Diseases with the legal sector;

    Insertion of Ergonomics within the Innovation and Technology items (Virtual Reality & Digital Factory);

    Master Ergonomics Training ( Deeping dive) for analysts and engineer Processes and Industrial, our main objective is our main objective is to encourage ergonomics discussions in all production processes;

    100% review of the workstations (~1.900) of the 4 plans in Brazil according to the new concept of Ergonomy;

    The ergonomics specialists are actively involved in company forums, and work in line with the phases of the PEP - Product Emergence Process. Some of these phases are listed below:

    • 3P Workshop - At this stage in the process, ergonomic specialists plan appropriate working conditions for a multidisciplinary team;
    • KVP Workshop (Kontinuierlicher Verbesserungsprozess) - In the productivity forums, ergonomics specialists work to improve working conditions with the aim of safeguarding employee health and facilitating the achievement of productivity and quality goals;
    • CIPA - Specialists on the Internal Accident Prevention Committee (CIPA) act to mitigate or improve specific issues with the aim of solving ergonomic problems reported by employees or their members.

    Transform Together - the ergonomics team is tasked with corporate actions traced by a multidisciplinary team that are included in thematic strategy field Sustainable Structure. Best practices implemented in various Volkswagen Group units are continuously evaluated as benchmarks for implementation in sites of Volkswagen do Brasil.

  • Ethanol fleet, Biomethane | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    During the year 2021 some actions were carried out based on the company's decarbonization strategy and within them there are two actions that we consider the biggest for the year. The first action carried out in the year was the exchange of gasoline for ethanol in the cars of the VWB fleet which generated approximately a reduction of 1650 tons of carbon per year for the company. The second major action of the year was the announcement of a partnership between Volkswagen, Raízen and Shell in which Raízen will supply biomethane to the VWB plants that may generate a reduction of approximately 19 thousand tons of carbon per year and the development of potential new ethanol formulas by Raízen, Shell and R&D in the biofuels area in Brazil, with the support of Shell and Volkswagen in research and application in cars, aiming to improve the efficiency of the biofuel.

  • Fire Department training support | Volkswagen | Regional support

    Loan of vehicles to Firefighters: in 2021, VWB continue to support the training of firefighters with the loan of test vehicles to Fire College, the largest fire school in Latin America with national and international recognition. One of the main courses of the School, land rescue has several modules such as rescue of victims of vehicular accidents.

    Since the beginning of this program, 140 vehicles have been loaned and after training, they are returned for scrap process.

  • FOOD DONATION | Volkswagen | Regional support

    Actions carried out by the VWB factories throughout 2021, with campaigns focused on each factory and with the active and voluntary participation of all employees. The Campaign mote was #weNotme, showing the union and seeking the culture of social awareness of our employees.

    The action provided more than 50 tons of food, in addition to clothes, toys and blankets.

  • Health Plan new partnership | Volkswagen | Health

    Health Plan bring in the benefit the concept of primary healthcare to all employees in partnership with Hospital Christovão da Gama. Nurses and family doctors navigate the employees and families throw the accredited medical network taking care of their health (Chronical diseases, hospital discharge and preventive exams/actions).

  • Hematology Medical Center | Volkswagen | Health

    Reform of unit and acquisition of equipment for full operation of a hematology treatment unit, with ca. 1,300 sq meter located at The Erasto Gaertner Hospital, in Curitiba/PR, supported by a tax incentive program; Intensive use of technology in the treatment of cancer in adults; Offer of treatment in bone marrow transplantation in more than 150 adult patients/year, from the health public system; Dedicated and exclusive area improving the operation, training and safety of treatments, with about 30 beds; Increase in service offer by 45% for new patients; The Erasto Gaertner Hospital is a reference in Paraná in bone marrow transplantation.  

  • High efficiency electrical motors, LED lamps. | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    In 2020 VWB has started the replacement of old electrical motors by the new high efficiency electrical motors in the pumps houses and ventilation system with a estimated improvement around 30% when comparable with the previous equipment. In 2021 has started the replacement of old incandescent lamps by new LED lamps in all VWB sites with a estimated improvement around 76% when comparable with the previous lamps.

  • HIV / AIDS program | Volkswagen | Health

    The HIV / AIDS program offers new prospects to people living with HIV. It provides suggestions for integrated counselling, identifies services and experts, and secures access to medication and specific clinical tests. Reintegration into the workplace and society are its ultimate aims. The program also supports HIV/AIDS prevention initiatives.

  • Home care program | Volkswagen | Health

    This program provides home care for patients with chronic illnesses who have required prolonged hospitalization and/or frequent readmissions.

  • Instituto Baccarelli (Baccarelli Institute) | Volkswagen | Culture and arts

    Just as life inspires art, art may transform lives. In keeping with this principle, Volkswagen do Brasil has sponsored Instituto Baccarelli since 2000. The institute is a non-profit organization that works in the Heliópolis community in São Paulo. The institute offers a very high standard of musical education and training to socially vulnerable children and young people.

    The project aims to:

    • Provide youngsters involved in the project with valuable knowledge, develop their individual potential by giving them an artistic education based on a group teaching approach, and in the process provide students with genuine experience of the routines of professional musicians and singers;
    • Increase the number of skilled creative groups in the country by offering high-quality educational programs;
    • Develop skillsets - such as discipline, creativity, logical reasoning, the ability to interact and work in a group - through musical practice and other cultural activities, with the aim of preparing participants not only for musical performances, but for life in society;
    • Offer cultural programs to disadvantaged communities and the general public.
  • Instituto Tenis | Porsche | Sports

    Porsche Brazil supported the Instituto Tênis in its Grand Slam Project in 2021. The project aims to introduce children and youngsters to tennis, with the aim of motivating them to exercise and kindling enthusiasm for the sport. To enable that, free tennis courses are offered at schools and are accompanied by further educational programs. Another objective is to identify and support particularly talented children and youngsters.

  • ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 50001:2018 integrated system | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    In 2021 Anchieta, Taubaté, Curitiba and São Carlos were re-certified in environmental and energy integrated system among ISO 14001:2015 and the new ISO 50001:2018 standards by external auditors. The robustness and maturity of the system was the biggest positive point observed during the audits, and the improvement points brought up by the auditors are all challenges to improve an already effective system.

  • “LITRO DE LUZ” SOCIAL ACTION | Volkswagen | Regional support

    Performed by COMEX VWSAM group, the action was the sponsorship of “Litro de Luz” group through an action as volunteers, setting up lamps that will be used by residents of a local community. The Action reinforces the mote #weNotme) and #We assume responsibility for the Environment and Society, in addition to valuing local communities close to VWB's headquarters and respecting and promoting the culture/tradition and habits of the local community, bringing a better quality of life to fishermen and their families. This action is also part of VWB's Sponsorship for the assembly and installation of solar-powered useful poles and lamps. The poles were installed in streets and places where there is no electrical network available.

  • Little Prince Hospital | Volkswagen Financial Services | Healthcare

    Help for little patients
    Volkswagen Financial Services Brazil supports the non-profit Little Prince Hospital in Curitiba in the south of Brazil. The Pediatric Specialty Center not only houses a children’s hospital, but also has a research department and trains skilled medical staff. The organization relies on supporters like Volkswagen Financial Services, since the public healthcare system only covers 60 percent of its total costs. Around € 125,000 in funding has been given to the project since 2013.

  • Mais Saúde VW employee health program | Volkswagen | Health

    The “Mais Saúde VW” (More Health VW) employee health program provides comprehensive care for the health, quality of life and wellbeing of employees.

  • Management Social Action – Schools Renovation Task Force (São Paulo State) | Volkswagen | Education and science

    The project seeks to cultivate a culture of social awareness among management members and spread it around VWB through leading by example, also it aims to develop team building among participants.

    The first renovation, close to Anchieta plant (São Bernardo do Campo) was in 2019. About 150 managers from VW do Brasil dedicated a whole day to the municipal school Octávio Edgard de Oliveira renovation, painting the classrooms, the outside school area, the sports court and revitalizing the vegetable garden.

    In February 2020, Volkswagen’s managers renewed the municipal school Vereador Joaquim França, which serves about 500 students in Taubaté. The executives painted the classrooms and the external walls and also revitalized the vegetable garden.

  • Mobilidade em Transformação (Mobility in Transformation) | Volkswagen | Education and science / Traffic education

    Launched in 2021, the “Mobility in Transformation” Project was aimed at training public managers, educators and traffic agents, with a focus on improving public policies for urban mobility in municipalities in the State of São Paulo. The classes incorporate debates and trends about urban challenges, placing human issues at the center of reflections. With the end of the on-line lessons phase, the participants were invited to prepare their final projects and propose actions in which each one could actively contribute to the transformation of mobility.

    In 2021, the project reached more than 250 educators, technicians and managers in more than 100 cities. As a result, 71 final projects distributed in 43 municipalities were developed.

  • New generation trainees | Volkswagen | Social responsibility and Equal opportunities

    Our new trainee program, fully disruptive, and aligned with our principle # WeLiveDiversity and #WeBrakNewGround, where our 15 trainees were recruited and selected n a 100% virtual format in the amidst of the pandemic, demonstrating the competences that genuinely seek in out new talents for a new Volkswagen. In this process we have also partnered with Volkswagen Group Foundation and Aporé Institute aiming to look for poten talents inside regions of social vulnerability in the municipalities of São Paulo. The result of this process is a team of trainees which is innovative, diverse, hands-on, with sense of ownership and that are already a revelant part of our next phase towards our cultural transformation.

  • One Hour to the Future | Volkswagen | Equal opportunities

    The purpose of the One Hour to the Future program is to work with Volkswagen employees on fundraising efforts to support projects targeting street children and adolescents in South Africa, Brazil and Mexico. Employees joined forces with Terre des hommes, a network of international organizations based in Switzerland, which serves as implementation partner and monitor. Workers can elect to donate the equivalent of their last hour's pay to one of the organizations that benefit from the program. The funds collected are distributed to charities working with low-income communities in the vicinity of Volkswagen factories.

  • Prêmio Fundação Grupo Volkswagen (Volkswagen Group Foundation Award) | Volkswagen | Regional support

    The Volkswagen Group Foundation Award aims to support non-profit organizations that develop innovative social and educational technologies, strengthening projects related to the causes currently embraced by the Foundation: Urban Mobility, Social Mobility and Inclusion of People with Disabilities.

    As part of this development methodology, the six semi-final selected organizations have the opportunity to take part in an Acceleration Program, in order to leverage and sustain the impact of their projects.

    At the end of this Program, the three organizations whose projects demonstrate the greatest potential for social transformation (one for cause) are funded by the Foundation. Thus, they are able to use this resource to test new business models and seek for the financial sustainability of the project, with close support and monitoring by the Volkswagen Group Foundation and Yunus Corporate Social Innovation.

    In 2021, the second edition of the award took place. The winners were the NGOs “Favela Defense Movement” (with a project for the use of bicycles in favelas), “Cáritas Teresina” (with an entrepreneurship project for young people from low-income communities) and the “Sports Association for People with Disabilities” (with a project for the maintenance and reuse of wheelchairs). Each NGO received a prize of 100,000 reais (about 15,000 euros) and a year of post-investment mentoring.

  • Preventive checkups for employees | Volkswagen | Health

    Routine checkups and a range of medical consultation options are helping prevent disease and encourage healthy activities through the Practical Health Program.

  • Water recycling, rainwater treatment | Volkswagen Financial Services | Environmental protection

    Simple, but effective
    As part of the renovation of headquarters at Volkswagen Financial Services Brazil in 2017, the company installed a rainwater harvesting and groundwater recharging system for toilets, gardens, air-conditioning systems and general cleaning of the outside areas. Around 5,000,000 liters of water have been treated and used since it was put into operation. That is one-third of annual needs and also enables the company to take appropriate action in times of water shortages.

  • Simulation of hospital activities | Audi | Education

    As requested as counterpart of the tax incentives in Paraná, 2019/2020:

    Hospital Pequeno Príncipe is a hospital with over 100 years of activity focused on the health of children and teenagers. Located in Curitiba (state of Paraná), the hospital is a reference in highly complex surgeries and offers more than 30 health specialties.

    Projeto “Simular e Aprender” (Simulate and Learn) is a project that consists of a contribution to the Hospital's Realistic Simulation Center and enables learning and training of skills and competencies required for professional activity. The Center is composed of several scenarios related to hospital routine and teaches care to parents of children with special needs, thus promoting a controlled and safe environment.

  • Solar lighting to low-income population | Audi | Social and Environmental protection

    Audi do Brasil will sponsor part of the project, together with Audi Environmental Foundation, by the NGO Litro de Luz, which aims to bring lighting to families in poor villages in the state of Amazonas that do not have access to electricity. Litro de Luz uses simple materials to make solar lighting accessible to the low-income population by using lanterns and lampposts, which are built from PET bottles, PVC pipes, lithium batteries, LED bulbs and photovoltaic plates.

    The families who will receive the donations live in the villages Lindo Amanhecer and Nova Jerusalém. The lighting will generate a better quality of life and safety inside and outside their homes.

    The NGO will also train the village residents to install, replicate and maintain the technology.

  • Support to local hospital | Audi | Health

    As requested as counterpart of the tax incentives in Paraná, 2020/2021:

    In support of Hospital do Trabalhador, a state hospital located in Paraná, Audi do Brasil will contribute with equipment to the Fire and Panic Prevention Project and the Acquisition of Surgical Instruments for Videolaparoscopy Project.

    Audi do Brasil will contribute through the purchase of materials required for the development of the projects and will take place between the second half of 2021 and the first half of 2022.  

  • Viva Bem VW (Wellbeing) | Volkswagen | Health

    Stimulate people life balance encouraging them to be proactive in taking care of your physical, social and mental health. Several life quality projects are implemented in 2020. This projects now are available by all community by social midias like Instagram, You Tube, Facebook.

  • Work safety programs | Volkswagen | Health

    Volkswagen plants use a multifaceted approach encompassing culture, technology and employees. Volkswagen do Brasil uses a methodology based on four pillars: machinery, environment, workforce and raw materials. These pillars define criteria used to assess health and safety requirements for the items they cover.

    In addition, several other tools are used to assess and prevent safety and environmental risks, as well as for training all managers and employees in safe working practices:

    • PIPAS - Planned Inspection Program and Safety Audit: routine inspections and periodic safety audits of machinery, equipment and facilities;
    • ICS - Safe Behavior Index: systematic evaluation of the behavior of production managers and their respective teams with the aim of identifying and correcting unsafe behavior;
    • Housekeeping: management of organizational processes such as cleaning, health and safety with the aim of reducing wastage of resources and time, and improving quality of life and the production process;
    • PPRA - Program for Environmental Risk Prevention: anticipation, recognition, evaluation and management of environmental hazards (chemical, physical and biological);
    • PEC - Continuing Education Program for Leadership: ongoing training and updating of leadership skills through the transfer of health and safety knowledge;
    • Third-party Management: technical, administrative and operational criteria for the selection, integration and tracking of business activities contracted out by Volkswagen do Brasil;
    • Safety Index: preventive and reactive indicators for producing a Safety Index rating, which is discussed monthly with the board.
  • Youth professional qualification | Audi | Social

    Projeto e-ducar, integrated to Projeto Pescar, was created with the objective of providing the youths, in a situation of social vulnerability, the possibility to develop a professional life, improve their personal and citizen conduct and join the labor market. At Audi the program has started in 2017 and until now it trained 53 teens.

    To be part of Projeto e-ducar it is necessary to be between 16 and 19 years old. Families must have a per capita income less than or equal to one minimum salary. They also must be studying or have finished the high school.

    The training is given in the Automotive area as a Mechanical Technician. Besides the technical part, they also received training in the human area, English and Portuguese classes, math, citizenship, job security, health, basic knowledge of computers, team working, environment, vocational guidance and motivation to work, quality and productivity, among others.

  • Zero Landfill Waste Destination | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    Since November 2019, the Anchieta plant has also achieved zero landfill destination by switching contracted suppliers to final destinations.

    What has significantly improved factory waste indicator.

    In 2020 both São Carlos and Taubaté factory already reached over 98% of waste out of landfill destination.

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