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Belgium: 11 Projects

  • Battle against cancer | Audi | Engagement

    Support for the charitable fund-raising campaign against cancer: Employees raise funds to fight cancer as part of various campaigns initiated by themselves (sales activities, charity bicycle tour) and centrally organized, nationwide campaigns (sale of flowers and waffles, etc.). The proceeds go to the Flemish campaign “Kom op tegen kanker” and the Walloon organization “Télévie.”  

  • Bee-O-Monitoring | Audi | Environmental protection / empowerment

    The project was launched to increase biodiversity around the works thanks to better planning of what to plant there.

    A harmless grid system at the entrance to the installed beehives allows part of the pollen gathered by the bees to be captured and analyzed at regular intervals.

    The analysis shows at any given time of the year precisely which plants are preferred by the bees and provides a qualitative and quantitative overview of the food resources for bees and other insects at the location and in its vicinity.

    As a result, domestic plants which flower at a time when there is a shortage of food can be specifically chosen to be planted there in the future. That means the food available to bees and insects can be improved all year round.

    Bee monitoring can also be used later to quantify the benefits the new plants offer in terms of biodiversity.

  • Biodiversity area | Audi | Environmental protection / empowerment

    Green area at the works for recuperative breaks, solely equipped with ecological benches and tables made from recycled material.

  • Bluepoint Solar Team | Audi | Education

    Support of students at the University of Leuven who work as a team on solar-powered (racing) cars and successfully take part in races.

  • “Diagnose Car” association | Audi | Education

    Long-standing cooperation between Audi Brussels and an overarching association called “Diagnose Car” representing various relevant technical colleges. In this connection, Audi Brussels takes part in job fairs and experience fairs with the pupils in question. In addition, Audi Brussels provides scrap vehicles as didactic material. These vehicles are offered to the various colleges using a rotating system.

  • Donate your Cents campaign | Audi | Engagement

    As part of this project, employees can volunteer to donate the spare cents from their monthly salary statement. The company doubles up the amount collected. The proceeds are then donated every year to different projects.


    1. A nearby school for mentally handicapped children (La Cordée), where iPads were donated, for instance
    2. A guide dog school (L’Ambassade du Chien), where training of the dog Riley was paid for
    3. Support of streetworkers in Brussels to help youngsters on the street
  • External sale of chocolate | Audi | Empowerment

    Thanks to an initiative by an outside association, Audi employees at the Audi Brussels campus can buy chocolates. All the proceeds go to campaigns that help fight multiple sclerosis.

  • Forest project in La Hulpe | Audi | Environmental protection / empowerment

    Study area provided for the Technical University of Munich together with Walloon public authorities. Hikers can visit the area and learn more about the project and the study’s results from a board.

  • Hardware donation | Audi | Engagement

    Donation of 30 used laptops to the charitable institution “StreetwiZe - Mobile School”.

  • Plastic trap in the port | Audi | Environmental protection / empowerment

    A plastic trap was built and installed together with the Audi Environmental Foundation and Port of Brussels. It captures all the plastic waste in the water. This waste is then recycled.

  • Voluntary work | Audi | Empowerment

    In this team-building project, Audi provided the funds for a playground and volunteers from the company also helped build it. The project was implemented in cooperation with the Paserel Youth Center and the “Time for Society” organization. A Volunteer Day is to be held again in 2022.

Czech Republic: 34 Projects

  • #SKODAAUTOHelps | ŠKODA | Fight with COVID-19

    As a result of COVID-19 pandemic situation, ŠKODA AUTO, in cooperation with ŠKODA Digilab, decided to help its community and actively participate on improving the situation. In terms of mobility, over 200 cars and 150 electric scooters were borrowed free of charge to NGOs, volunteers, health care providers, municipalities across CZ. They were used for transport of food and medical equipment / medical care to those in need. There were 40 956 grocery shopping & food delivered, 401 545 facemasks & respirators transported; scooters used over 280 health care providers. Due to the positive feedback of the stakeholders, 100 new ŠKODA Octavia vehicles were donated to providers of health and social services in the field. As an immediate financial support, ŠKODA AUTO allocated nearly 368 161 EUR to social services and to help people in need in the ŠKODA regions. Furthermore, ŠKODA AUTO also participated in project of 3D print and certification of protective equipment for medical front line (reusable facemasks, face shields) and the delivery to hospitals. In the second wave of the pandemic, ŠKODA AUTO delivered over 3 000 vitamin boxes to the medical front line to thank them for their work, as well as donated finances to obtain computers for study purposes for children in need. In total, ŠKODA AUTO used 4 million EUR.  

  • #SKODAAUTOHelps | ŠKODA | South Moravia

    Southern Moravia and Louny was hit by huge tornado and storm on 24/06/2021 damaging several municipalities. ŠKODA AUTO organized humanitarian help #ForMoravia and #ForLouny. ŠKODA AUTO launched an employee collection which was doubled and together with the social partner trade union KOVO have donated 8.5 mil CZK. This financial contribution directly supported affected families, vulnerable groups via social services. ŠKODA AUTO also provided 37 cars for NGO’s, municipalities and harshly affected persons as immediate support. In long term, mobility of localswas supported by donation of 93 brand new ŠKODA bicycles.

  • AZUBI Car | ŠKODA | Education and science

    AZUBI Car is a project undertaken by students at the ŠKODA AUTO Vocational School with the aim of boosting their design, technical and production skills. The end-goal of the project is to create a concept car based on a particular ŠKODA model.

  • Benchmark of schools in the region | ŠKODA | Technical education

    As a part of the strategic support of technical education, a unique comparison of primary schools was held in all three ŠKODA regions. The main aim of benchmark was the self-evaluation of schools and the definition of the weaknesses of individual schools. Following the benchmark, we created an individual strategic plan with a list of projects that will be implemented with the financial support from the company. In 2020, project included 33 schools with thousands of pupils and students.

  • Biodiversity projects within the ŠKODA AUTO plants | ŠKODA | Environmental protection

    Ecological conditions and land management of all ŠKODA plants located in the Czech Republic were always in focus. In addition to long-term activities in the field of planting new trees and shrubberies within suitable open areas or maintaining flowering meadows, a protected bumblebee meadow measuring 700 m2 was created in the Mladá Boleslav plant. Moreover, four beehives occupied by 240 000 bees in summer and by 60 000 bees in winter were installed in the Vrchlabí plant, which can now be proud of producing its own multi-flower honey. An insect hotel was also established on the grounds of the Vrchlabí plant in 2021, and other flowers and trees were planted for bees. In cooperation with the Krkonoše National Park Administration and the local Garden Club there were also hung the birdhouses, which were made by high school students in Vrchlabí.

  • Centrum Paraple: Mobility program for people with a spinal cord injury | Volkswagen Financial Services | Healthcare

    Paraplegia changes your life

    Your life can change from one moment to the next. Volkswagen Financial Services Czech Republic has been supporting the Centrum Paraple since 2015 so as to help patients with a spinal cord injury. This not-for-profit organization based in Prague is funded to 50 percent from donations. The center advises patients after their rehabilitation therapy, for example, and helps them lead an independent and active life. In 2021 employees raised a total of €11,500 under the slogan “Exercise Helps.” Volkswagen Financial Services Czech Republic donated 5 CZK per kilometer walked, run, cycled, hiked or swum to help the Centrum Paraple reconstruct a building for patients with spinal cord injuries. Every employee was able to take part by reporting the number of kilometers they had covered. The envisaged target of 57,000 kilometers was surpassed – by the end of the project, employees has covered 61,147 km. 80 employees participated in the project, which ran from January to October.

  • Clean up Czechia | ŠKODA | Voluntary work

    ŠKODA employees are active citizens interested in long-term social progress. In addition to the ŠKODA Trees project, employees were (as same as last year) meant to take a part in the “Clean the world, Clean Czechia” event – a unique volunteering project which aims to clean the countryside by properly disposing of illegally dumped rubbish. During this day-long event, employees clean the countryside surrounding ŠKODA production sites. In 2021 cleaning took place in Mladá Boleslav on 18.9.2021 in the Štěpánka Forest Park, where 570kg of waste was cleaned, in Vrchlabí on the same day was cleaned around the ŠKODA AUTO factory plant and 50kg of was cleaned. The cleaning took place in Kvasiny on 19.9.2021, in cooperation with volunteer firefighters 130kg of waste was cleaned.

  • Cooperation with ŠKODA AUTO | ŠKODA | Regional Support

    ŠKODA AUTO is anxious to cooperate with municipalities in the regions where the company operates, and enhances local resident’s quality of life by sponsoring cultural, sporting, socialand other activities. As part of this initiative, ŠKODA has entered into strategic partnerships with the towns of Mladá Boleslav, Vrchlabí and Kvasiny.

    In 2021, ŠKODA AUTO supported 41 projects with the cooperation of the city Mladá Boleslav, especially in the field of sport, culture, social services and education. This year ŠKODA AUTO focused mainly on help linked to COVID – 19 pandemic situation in all 3 ŠKODA regions. ŠKODA AUTO supported the region Kvasiny through a close cooperation with municipalities. 34 projects were realized in the fields of safety, traffic safety, education, social and health services (establishment of vaccination center within the Medical Endowment Fund in Rychnov)and civil society (19 organizations were supported within the project to support civil society). In the Vrchlabí region, the company supported 21 projects focused on mobility of social and health services, education, environment, sport and culture. The aim of all activities is to increase the attractiveness of ŠKODA regions, which is crucial for the sustainability and development of these regions. ŠKODA AUTO also cooperates with Czech government to support the development of roads and technical infrastructure via public finances. 10 Hoppy GO cars were lent to hospitals in all 3 regions for 6 months in support of the Czech Government's vaccination strategy.

  • Cycling for Children | ŠKODA | Children care

    ŠKODA AUTO is the principal partner of a project that supports children with cancer. The project is associated with the eponymous foundation set up by Czech racing cyclist Josef Zimovčák.

  • CZEPA | ŠKODA | Barrier free mobility

    In 2014, ŠKODA AUTO started working together with CZEPA (the Czech Paraplegic Association) on a mobility study. The aims is to improve the mobility of individuals with disabilities on the country’s main roads. Disabled road users can now use an interactive map, “Vozejkmap”, and a smartphone app to find accessible facilities including restaurants, parking spaces and more. The project also aims to educate the general public about mobility for people with disabilities through specialized seminars. In addition, ŠKODA has provided CZEPA with two customized vehicles, enabling disabled drivers to become mobile through a unique rental scheme.

  • Diversity management | ŠKODA | Equal Opportunities

    ŠKODA AUTO continued its efforts to promote diversity and help create inclusive workplaces in the Czech Republic. In 2021, ŠKODA AUTO signed the Memorandum 2017+ and thus joined the Pride Business Forum, which supports LGBT+ equality in a workplace in the Czech Republic. Furthermore, as Golden Signatories of the European Diversity Charter in the Czech Republic, we publicly demonstrated our commitment for diversity and inclusion by participating in the European Day Conference in the Czech Parliament on the occasion of the Europeand Diversity Month. Last but not least, ŠKODA AUTO became a general partner of non-governmental organization Czechitas, which supports gender diversity in IT sphere in the Czech Republic.

  • Domov Sue Ryder | Volkswagen Financial Services | Regional support

    Help in old age
    Volkswagen Financial Services Czech Republic believes it is important to help the elderly. The company has been supporting the Sue Ryder initiative since 2010. The focus of this not-for-profit organization is on supporting the elderly and enabling them to lead a dignified life. Sue Ryder runs old people’s homes and organizes charity events. Volkswagen Financial Services Czech Republic regularly takes part in the Sue Ryder Charity Cup and, among other things, has financed ceiling lifts for old people’s homes to improve residents’ mobility.

  • Endowment Fund ŠKODA AUTO | ŠKODA | Regional Support

    ŠKODA AUTO Endowment Fund was established in 2018 to increase the attractiveness of ŠKODA AUTO regions within Czechia. ŠKODA AUTO allocated 30 million EUR in order to help achieve that goal.

    The Fund activities aim to fulfill the Sustainable Development Goals of UN and are newly structured into three-pillar program:

    A) Grant support addressing identified needs & challenges in the regions with the aim to provide meaningful help with wider impact on local community. Building on 11th SDG – Sustainable cities and communities. For more detail see topic ‘Regional grant programs’ below. In 2021, the focus was mainly on restoring the functioning of community affected by COVID -19.

    B) Strategic projects developed with partners (17th SDG – Partnerships for goals). Active involvement of EF – leading or steering of top priority projects, in cooperation with stakeholders. Focus on revitalization / transformation of public spaces and general life quality. A belt of bike sharing mobility between 3 cities or transformation of an old factory hall into a community center have been established etc.

    C) Philanthropy and long term activities (10th SDG – Reduced inequalities) – focus on quality of life of individuals. Boosting citizenship engagement and reduction of barriers of all kinds. Education remains an important topic in 2021 – educative road safety workshops continued and a project improving the managing and teaching skills in elementary schools has been conducted.  

  • Funding hospital clowns | ŠKODA | Child care

    Laughter is the best medicine – especially for sick children, whose days often do not include a lot of fun and games. ŠKODA has played a major role in supporting the charity Healthcare Clowns for 19 years in a row. Professional entertainers visit seriously ill children in hospitals across the Czech Republic, spend time with them and cheer them up with their infectious laughter. This treatment helps restore the young patients’ vitality. In 2021, ŠKODA AUTO financially supported the program by 1,000,000 CZK and lent cars for one year’s use.

  • “GET STARTED!” (ROZJEDU TO!) | ŠKODA | Child care

    ŠKODA AUTO has collaborated with the acclaimed Tereza Maxová Children’s Foundation to support disadvantaged children aged 11-15 living in children’s homes.

    The “GET STARTED!” project aims to improve the children’s employment potential by providing financial support and personal assistance. The funds are used to provide extra study hours, personal development activities and training programs. The project also assists children who wish to develop their skills in music and performing arts. The children were also provided with information regarding the job application processes and future job opportunities during multiple visits in several Czech companies. Since 2013, the project has helped 172 children.

  • IT for Kids | ŠKODA | Child care

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation, on-line education has become obligatory for most children, requiring them to have laptops and internet connections. ŠKODA AUTO decided to actively help children from disadvantaged families in ŠKODA Regions (Mladá Boleslav, Vrchlabí and Kvasiny) by obtaining the necessary equipment and internet connect for them. This was realized via the support of an existing project “IT for Kids” (established by Czech NGO Women for Women). The project is successfully functioning in the Czech Republic, and there are many companies involved and financially helping. ŠKODA AUTO donated 24 000 EUR, which has helped approximately 60 children to be able to study on-line.

  • Long-term employee donations | ŠKODA | Voluntary work

    ŠKODA AUTO employees have proved that they are interested in helping their communities. Since January 2014, they were able to participate in a long-term employee donation program. Participants regularly donate small or large sums of money to NGOs previously selected by employees in a company-wide poll; ŠKODA AUTO then doubles the donated amount. 80% of the funding goes to the NGOs. The remaining 20% is used to support an orphanage in Aurangabad, India.

    This year, employees also helped the medical frontline in one-time donation during the first wave of COVID-19.

  • LORM | Volkswagen Financial Services | Miscellaneous

    When the world is dark and quiet

    Running for a good cause to help deaf-blind children, youngsters and adults – that is the aim of employees at Volkswagen Financial Services Czech Republic who regularly participate in the charity run of the not-for-profit LORM organization and thereby support diverse campaigns by this initiative. People with severe vision or hearing impairments have it difficult in a society that rarely takes consideration of their needs. That is all the more so for deaf-blind persons, who lack the two most important senses to communicate and find their bearings in their environment. Volkswagen Financial Services Czech Republic has been working with the LORM organization in a spirit of trust since 2006.

  • PeopHESTIA – The Centre for Volunteering | Volkswagen Financial Services | Voluntary work

    Voluntary assignments

    Volkswagen Financial Services Czech Republic motivates employees to do voluntary work and supports them in that. The company cooperates closely with the HESTIA Centre, for example. This non-profit organization helps find suitable voluntary work for people and supplies ideas for special campaigns, such as for children, senior citizens or the unemployed. For instance, employees regularly participate in various projects, repair play equipment, help out in the garden or just simply talk with the needy.

  • Regional grant programs | ŠKODA | Regional support

    ŠKODA AUTO continues with grant programs in order to support local community projects, together in cooperation with NGOs, municipalities, schools and other organizations. For most of the grant programs is now responsible ŠKODA AUTO Endowment Fund, who covers this topic within the ŠKODA AUTO family within Czechia. This leads to increase of the distributed financial support. In addition, the committees now involve experts from the relevant fields and deputies of trade unions KOVO for wider dialogue and cooperation. The main areas of support by the Endowment Fund are: civil society, culture, social care, traffic safety and education. Further, ŠKODA AUTO supports community tree planting.

  • Rehabilitation institutes | ŠKODA | Barrier-free mobility

    Financial support for 3 most important rehabilitation institutes – (Kladruby, Hrabyně, Luže Košumberk), and support of mobility and rehabilitation care for Centre Paraple.

  • Safe Friday | ŠKODA | Road safety

    ŠKODA AUTO is actively working on making the roads safer places. The main aim of the concept Safe Friday is to increase road safety by educating of public, especially children, young drivers and seniors. As most accidents happen of Fridays, project Safe Friday was created to raise awareness about this problem. Due to Covid restrictions throughout 2021, many of our activities had to be transformed:All our trainings were done outside of 6 schools (for 986 pupils from 56 classrooms). The cooperation with driving schools resulted in an educative workshop with nearly 40 representatives of driving schools from all Czech Republic attending. By the end of the year, we piloted this approach in Mladá Boleslav, and expanded our road safety research to other 2 ŠKODA Regions in CZ – Vrchlabí and Kvasiny. Also, a targeted regional media campaign is in place enabling people from Vrchlabí and Kvasiny regions to mark potentially dangerous spots in road safety via web site. In 2021 was launched project START DRIVING by Association of driving schools that ŠKODA supports. There was organized 88 terms on polygons for a total of 3 084 participants to ensure that they will drive more safely in the future.

  • Science has a Future | ŠKODA | Technical education

    ŠKODA AUTO has always been a keen supporter of technical education. In particular, the company regards elementary-school teachers specializing in technical subjects as an important target group for this support. The aim of the “Science has a Future” project is to train, develop and support these teachers to improve their skills and enhance their knowledge of modern industrial career paths. This expertise is a vital factor in motivating students to pursue a scientific or technical career. The program has been supported by ŠKODA AUTO since 2013, with 246 teachers involved from the beginning. In 2021 instead of courses, teachers participated on creation of educational materials that will be shared with other teachers to ensure the spread of know-how.

  • Sheltered workshops | ŠKODA | Equal opportunities

    ŠKODA AUTO has been running “sheltered workshops” at its Mladá Boleslav facility since 2006. The creation of sheltered workshops followed in Kvasiny and Vrchlabí facilities. It currently employs approximately 300 people with disabilities. The workplace environment has been adapted to allow them to perform their tasks despite their disabilities. ŠKODA AUTO has also set up specialized workplaces, where employees with special needs work together with other employees to enjoy social interactions in their working lives.

  • ŠKODA and Tereza Maxová Foundation | ŠKODA | Child care

    The Educational Fund was founded by ŠKODA in a joint venture with the Tereza Maxová Children’s Foundation, as a follow-up to the ROZJEDU TO! (Get Started!) project. The Education Fund is intended for children aged 15 and above living in children’s homes. The project supports activities such as academic tuition, development and training programs, driving tuition, mentoring and psychological counselling. 119 children have been involved in the program since the beginning. The “GET STARTED” and “ŠKODA and Tereza Maxová Foundation” projects are going to merge into only one project, “GET STARTED”, in 2021. The aim is to create comprehensive approach by supporting children from age of 11 until the start of their carrier within one program.

  • ŠKODA Driving Licence | ŠKODA | Barrier-free mobility

    The grant program ŠKODA NEŘÍDIT aims to help people with physical disabilities get driving licenses. Successful applicants can obtain a financial support for paying the driving lessons. The project was established in 2018 in cooperation with the well- known NGO Konto Bariéry. Since the beginning of 2019, we have supported 54 people. With partner NGO Charta 77 – Konto bariéry was in 2021 opened new grant scheme to support cycling without barriers. People with disabilities can apply for support to buy a handbike or a modified bike.

  • ŠKODA AUTO EDU.LAB | ŠKODA | Technical education

    In September 2021, ŠKODA AUTO launched the ŠKODA AUTO EDU.LAB project, which presents state-of-the-art technology in an entertaining way to pupils in the 8th and 9th grades of primary schools. The educational concept of the mobile laboratory includes both demonstrations of advanced technologies and interactive exhibits, where participants can try out the technological elements on their own. The project aims to introduce students to modern technology and introduce them to the possibilities of technical education. Together with its partners, the carmaker wants to motivate students interested in this area to choose a suitable technical high school. ŠKODA AUTO ranks the support of technical education among the priorities of its social responsibility, at all levels: from primary to secondary and vocational to university.

  • ŠKODA Handy | ŠKODA | Barrier-free mobility

    The ŠKODA Handy project aims to help people with physical disabilities to enjoy more active and comfortable lives. In 2021, ŠKODA AUTO continued in development of the project. Currently, 134 out of 218 dealerships in Czech Republic are involved, and more than 5 500 customers have used services of ŠKODA Handy.

  • ŠKODA Road Safety Research | ŠKODA | Road safety

    ŠKODA AUTO acknowledges the importance of road safety and as such, considers road safety to be one of the company’s main priorities. This is why ŠKODA is actively involved in road safety research. A research team analyses the causes and circumstances of various road accidents. This helps ŠKODA to understand car and driver behavior in traffic accidents and identify areas for future improvement.

  • ŠKODA Trees | ŠKODA | Environmental protection

    The “ŠKODA Trees” initiative supports nature conservation. Every car sold by ŠKODA in the Czech Republic helps the company plant a tree. Employees of ŠKODA AUTO and their families play an active part in finding the right places for trees planting. ŠKODA dealers and its customers are also active participants in this project. The celebration of planting The millionth tree took place on 20.10.2021 in Mladá Boleslav in the park Three Emperors. The millionth first tree was planted in Vrchlabí and the millionth second tree in Solnice near Kvasiny.

  • Sponsoring young people with learning disabilities | ŠKODA | Barrier-free mobility

    ŠKODA Academy creates opportunities for students with learning disabilities. A 3-year apprenticeship at Vocational school ŠKODA AUTO trains students for a professional career working in production-line teams. At the end of the dual-education course, successful graduates enjoy the security of a job at ŠKODA AUTO as respected members of the ŠKODA family.

  • Teribear charity run | ŠKODA | Child care

    In 2021, ŠKODA AUTO sponsored the unique charity run featuring “Teribear” (the mascot of the Tereza Maxová Children’s Foundation) for the 7th time. This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in a unique form - virtually via Strava mobile app and for the first time cycling was also included, . Each kilometre of run or 5 km of bikeride equalled 20 Kč (0,8 EUR)raised for disadvantaged children. In this event, both ŠKODA AUTO employees and the general public participated. Almost400 000 EUR was raised to help disadvantaged children across the Czech Republic in 2021. Thousands of kilometres were run and cycled, reflecting the willingness and enthusiasm of all who contributed.

  • Wetland | MAN Energy Solutions | Nature conservation

    Wetlands have been established with support from an EU fund.

France: 1 Project

  • Emergency aid in the coronavirus pandemic | Porsche | Healthcare

    France was likewise severely hit by the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. Porsche France therefore supported the Hospital Group of Mulhouse and South Alsace with a donation so as to ensure that the very best medical care could continue to be provided. This donation enabled the purchase of 15 electrocardiographs for controlling the cardiac activity of Covid-19 patients.

    Porsche France also helped the not-for-profit organization Association du sport et plus by providing tablets and smartphones to sick children being treated in hospital. The restrictions meant that hospital visits were not possible for a time. Thanks to the support of Porsche, hospitalized children were also able to keep in contact with their family during that period.  

Great Britain: 25 Projects

  • Apprentice Training Facility | Bentley | Education and science

    Bentley has its own dedicated, state-of-the-art Apprentice Training Facility based at apprentice training provider Cheshire College – South & West. Opened in 2014, the facility is dedicated to the development of apprentices in Mechatronics, Wood, Trim and Paint where around 60 apprentices use workstations and workshops to develop their practical skills under the tuition of Master Trainers.

  • BeFit | Bentley | Health

    Bentley's BeFit programme is designed to provide employees with information on various health topics such as sleep, nutrition, physical activity, mental wellbeing and back care.

    It is an award winning programme recognized by CIPD and by UK Active as workplace of the year 2018.

  • Bentley Campus | Bentley | Environmental Protection

    Bentley Motors has enhanced its campus feel with a multitude of measures to help increase its Biodiversity. These measures don’t only help develop ecosystems, with the intention of promoting flora and fauna, but also make the site more aesthetically appealing and increase the general feeling of wellbeing around site. The range of actions which have been introduced include increased flower beds and borders, the introduction of bird and bat boxes, allotments to grow our own flowers and produce along with the addition of a fishpond, with adjacent seating, to allow people to enjoy the surroundings.

  • Bentley’s ‘Flying Bees’ | Bentley | Environmental protection

    Bentley Motors’ site in Crewe, with the help of local beekeepers, keeps five national hives, collectively home to British Apis Mellifera honey bees. These were successfully introduced in 2019 and in 2020 they returned to work with most of us. The area has been sown with bee friendly wild flowers – and as it borders the Cheshire countryside, it is proving to be the perfect habitat for the bees. These were successfully introduced in 2019 and in 2020 they returned to work with most of us. After spending the winter months in hibernation with local beekeepers, Buckley’s Bees Ltd, the 120,000 bees return home and will be joined by an additional 180,000 British Apis Mellifera honeybees. The amount of national beehives has increased to five, all on the edge of Bentley’s headquarters in Crewe. Coinciding with World Bee Day - designated by the UN – the bees will be put straight to work, with high expectations of matching the productivity of Bentley’s colleagues. Each hive has the ability to create 15kg of honey; meaning around 200 jars of honey could be produced and shared with Bentley’s colleagues and visitors.

  • Bentley's flying bees return to work - with extra help to come back stronger | Bentley | Biodiversity

    (Crewe, 20 May, 2020) The Bentley Bees today return from hibernation to start work with a little extra help from their friends. The company is installing two additional beehives, with one more to follow, taking the total number of Flying Bees to 300,000, the largest collection in the UK automotive industry. A phased production ramp up is expected to produce more than 200 jars of honey by the end of the harvest season.

    After spending the winter months in hibernation with local beekeepers, Buckley’s Bees Ltd, the 120,000 bees return home and will be joined by an additional 180,000 British Apis Mellifera honeybees. The amount of national beehives will increase from two to five, all on the edge of Bentley’s headquarters in Crewe. The area is filled with bee-friendly wild flowers and borders the Cheshire countryside, which provides the perfect habitat for the bees.

    Coinciding with World Bee Day - designated by the UN – the bees will be put straight to work, with high expectations of matching the productivity of Bentley’s colleagues. Each hive has the ability to create 15kg of honey; meaning around 200 jars of honey could be produced and shared with Bentley’s colleagues and visitors.

  • Bentley installs living green wall at the heart of its operations in crewe | Bentley | Biodiversity

    (Crewe, 10 September 2020) Bentley Motors has installed a living wall at its headquarters and production facility in Crewe, UK. Designed to increase biodiversity – the installation is the latest step on the British brand’s journey towards becoming the world’s most sustainable luxury car manufacturer.

    Located on the side of Bentley’s main production hall, the living wall is the first of its kind in South Cheshire and contains over 2,600 plants. It includes 28 species of ferns, grasses and evergreens, all grown locally in the UK and selected to ensure that the walls thrives throughout the year. Each plant is individually potted, and in line with Bentley’s commitment to reduce unnecessary water use, the installation incorporates a special automated watering system to ensure that the plants receive just the right amount of water - whatever the weather.

    The installation of the living wall will benefit Bentley’s headquarters and production facility in a number of ways. Not only is it a tangible demonstration of Bentley’s commitment to ensuring that sustainability is central to everyone’s thinking, it also contributes towards Bentley’s aim to reduce its environmental impact.

  • Bentley motors outlines Beyond100 strategy, targeting sustainable luxury mobility leadership | Bentley | Environmental Protection

    • Bentley aims to be end-to-end carbon neutral by 2030, with Crewe operations climate positive thereafter
    • Confirms move to full electrification – PHEV or BEV only by 2026
    • By 2030, switching entire model range to battery electric vehicles
    • Two new PHEV launches planned in 2021
    • Committed to reduce factory environmental impact by 75 per cent by 2025 against a 2010 baseline – including plastic neutral
    • Fully supports Volkswagen Group ambition of going beyond two degree target of the Paris Climate Agreement
    • Targeting truly diverse talent – 30 per cent of management population to be diverse, increase from less than 20 per cent today

    Holistic Beyond100 programme transforms every aspect of the 100 year old company.

  • Bentley secures latest ISO standards for energy and environmental management | Bentley | Environmental Protection

    (Crewe, 8 October 2020) Bentley Motors’ headquarters in Crewe has been successfully reaccredited with the latest ISO 14001:2015 environmental management standard and ISO 50001:2018 energy management standards.

    The Pyms Lane site, where all Bentley models are designed, engineered and manufactured, was the first automotive plant in the UK to achieve the ISO 14001 standard in 1999. This makes it one of the longest-standing examples of environmental best practise in the sector through an ongoing focus on reducing waste, energy and water use, whilst maximising recycling and biodiversity.

    Further steps have focused on energy management, including energy monitoring systems and the installation of the UK’s largest solar car port. Bentley’s total on-site solar panel energy capacity is now 7.7MW and this has helped to ensure the successful reaccreditation of ISO 50001 – a standard the company has held continuously since 2011. Bentley’s approach to onsite renewable energy generation also played a key part in achieving PAS 2060 carbon neutral certification from the Carbon Trust for the first time – one year ago this week.

    All three standards are considered key industry benchmarks and are only awarded following a complex audit and independent certification and verification.

  • Bentley stems the tide on waste water | Bentley | Environmental Protection

    Bentley uses a number of reverse osmosis treatment units onsite to ensure that the water used in manufacturing processes is free of any contaminants that could affect the high quality paint finish Bentley cars are renowned for. The process works by using high-pressure pumps to separate contaminants and create pure water. Due to the level of purity required, previously, for every three litres of water drawn into the reverse osmosis treatment, only one could be used.

    Thanks to the installation of the recycling systems, those two litres are now being captured and used to keep the factory and our grounds in a pristine condition.

  • Bentley switches to waste-based renewable fuels to drive greener in-house logistics in crewe | Bentley | Environmental Protection

    (Crewe, 10 December 2020) Bentley Motors has today confirmed another step forward on its journey to becoming the most sustainable luxury automotive manufacturer as it announces the company will be the first luxury automotive brand to run its in-house logistics on 100 per cent renewable fuels. This follows the installation of hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) fuelling facilities at its site in Crewe.

    Ensuring that environmental factors are at the centre of current and future supply chain design is core to Bentley’s industry-leading vision of sustainable manufacturing. Following this latest green switch, all of Bentley’s in-house logistics now run on green fuels or electricity.

    A 34,000 litre ‘Green D+’ HVO tank and pump now fuels the ten HGV logistics trucks that transfer parts between Bentley’s Crewe site and storage depot in Winsford on a daily basis and over 20 smaller on-site security vehicles and delivery vans. The 250 plus forklift trucks and tow motors used inside the factory are already being charged with green electricity generated in part by Bentley’s 30,000 on-site solar panels.

    HVO fuel is a second-generation premium biofuel made from renewable and sustainable sources such as waste fats, vegetables and oils. Compared to conventional fuel, the switch will reduce tailpipe CO2 emissions from logistics vehicles by over 86 per cent, at the same time as reducing nitrous oxide by up to 30 per cenyt and particulates by up to 80 per cent. ‘Green D+’ can be used in Bentley’s existing vehicles without any additional modifications, maintenance or changes to operating procedure – making it a quick and effective way to reduce emissions from the existing fleet and improve air quality around site at the same time.

    Bentley’s estimates that its local vehicle movements will now utilise around 10,000 litres of biofuel per month. With CO2 emissions reduced by over 86 per cent, of a total of almost 300,000 miles clocked up by in-house vehicles every year, over 250,000 miles of them are now effectively ‘emissions free.’

  • Carbon Neutral | Bentley | Environmental protection

    Bentley have achieved Carbon Neutral status for the period 2019 and 2020, marking the carbon neutral certification for 3 years in a row. The certification from the Carbon Trust, which confirms that the company meets the internationally recognised PAS 2060 standard for carbon neutrality, reflects measures taken by the company to reduce the carbon emitted in its operations, including the use of renewable electricity. 100% of Bentley’s electricity is generated by either on-site solar panels or purchased as certified green electricity. Bentley has continued to invest in further emissions reduction, with the result that the use of off-sets has decreased by 81% over the same period.

    To secure the PAS 2060 certification, Gold Standard carbon credits have been purchased to offset the emissions that occur during the manufacturing process. The quantity and quality of these credits have been independently verified by the Carbon Trust, the world’s leading independent certification body for carbon footprints.

    The achievement reflects almost two decades’ work to make the historic Crewe site as energy and carbon efficient as it can be.

  • Charity Transaid | MAN | Skills for independence

    MAN Truck & Bus UK Ltd is a Corporate Supporter of the UK Charity Transaid. Transaid transforms lives through safe, available and sustainable transport, founded by Save the Children, The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport and its Patron HRH The Princess Royal the international development organisation shares 25yrs worth of expertise in 23 countries with partners and Governments empowering people to build skills they need to transform their own lives.

  • Covid | Bentley | Regional support

    Bentley extended its ‘Be Safe’ health and safety programme to look after the local community in Cheshire, as well as Bentley colleagues during the coronavirus crisis. The company focused on using its specialist skills to 3D print face-shields and supply them to the Cheshire care sector, the NHS and other local community services. Bentley also donated personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves, facemasks, safety glasses and seat covers. Bentley ‘Meals on 22 inch Wheels’ service, colleagues volunteered to deliver essential items in the community.

  • Financial support for the charity organization “BEN” | Volkswagen Financial Services | Regional support

    Volkswagen Financial Services UK has been supporting the aid organization BEN since the 1990s. It helps people who work or have worked in the automotive industry, and their relatives.

    The local company assists in various campaigns, for example by providing vehicles, through fund-raising or by organizing Christmas dinners for residents of Olney, a town in the vicinity of Milton Keynes.

  • Mentoring for children from underprivileged families | Volkswagen Financial Services | Voluntary work

    Mentoring for young people
    Mentoring can make a key contribution to the personal and social further development of young people. That is why around 25 Volkswagen Financial Services employees are regularly involved in the mentoring program. They encourage and develop the pupils as coaches and advisors. The program is designed to run for one year. The initiative was launched in 2013 and some of the former pupils are now employees at Volkswagen Financial Services UK.

  • Place2Be – Mental stability and new perspectives for children | Porsche | Healthcare

    Porsche Cars Great Britain supports the non-profit organization Place2Be in its mission to improve the mental well-being and perspectives of children, their families and communities throughout the UK. The objective is to spread and heighten awareness of this key social and health issue.

    Place2Be has more than 25 years of experience in working with schools, families and employees at British schools. It offers support for mental health in the form of individual and group counseling. Place2Be also offers expert training and the chance to gain professional qualifications.  

  • Pride | Bentley | Diversity

    Bentley partnered with Crewe Town Council for the ‘Crewe Pride in the Park’ event. The announcement celebrates three key themes for Bentley: pride in the diversity of its colleagues at the home of Bentley in Crewe and around the world, hope and gratitude as the business begins to emerge from the COVID-19 crisis and ongoing support for the local community.

    Indeed, to cement these values this year Bentley created the ‘Unifying Spur’. Designer Rich Morris, who paints and sculpts in his spare time, created a piece of four-wheeled art using the nine colours of the Progress flag. His design joins the words “Love is Love” through a single, unbroken line, that traces faces, dancing figures and shapes – representing the unifying power of humanity, regardless of race, creed or sexuality.

  • It's raining, it's pouring... And Bentley is now storing | Bentley | Environmental protection

    (Crewe, 4 June 2020) Bentley Motors has installed an advanced rainwater harvesting system at its headquarters and production facility in Crewe, England. This marks the latest step in the British brand’s water usage reduction programme and long-term journey towards becoming the world’s most sustainable luxury car manufacturer.

    The installation is timed to mark World Environment Day on 5 June - the United Nations day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment. Bentley’s focus on water usage has spanned 20 years, in that time reducing the amount of water used per car by 89 per cent.

    Recent initiatives include a recycling system for the water used in the manufacturing process and now, with this introduction water captured from rainfall being used for facilities maintenance.

    Bentley’s rainwater harvesting system consists of one water capture tank, located on the Crewe site, and equipped with two integrated filters and pumps, and supplying a direct, pressurised supply of water to appliances. With a combined capacity of 20,000 litres, the new system is expected to produce more than 1,800 litres of water on average every day, of course dependent on the usually predictable Crewe climate. However, looking ahead to a rather favourable weather forecast, the system may have a gentle induction to the factory.

  • Renewable energy | Bentley | Environmental protection

    Up to 40% of the electricity requirement at Bentley's Crewe headquarters is met by 20,815 solar panels covering over 34,500 m² of the factory's roof area. When it was first put in place, the installation was the largest of its kind in the UK. Owned and operated by a third party, the solar panels have a capacity of 5.1 MW and help reduce annual CO2 emissions by 2,500 t. This has been augmented with the new solar car port installation, bringing total capacity to 7.7MW. The car port adds another 10,000 solar panels to the portfolio, 30,815 in total. To complement the electricity generated on-site by solar power, all electricity purchased by Bentley from October 2017 is certified green. In addition to this Bentley has switch to ‘Green Gas’ from October 2019 meaning all of Bentley’s energy is from renewable sources.

  • Renewable fuels | Bentley | Environmental protection

    Bentley was the first luxury automotive brand to run its in-house logistics on 100 per cent renewable fuels. This follows the installation of hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) fuelling facilities at its site in Crewe.

  • The Bentley Fund | Bentley | Regional support

    Bentley supports the Cheshire Community Foundation, which provides funding for community projects that often struggle to secure financial backing. The charity manages the Bentley Fund, ensuring that the company's annual donation is effectively channeled to local projects that benefit health, education and children, and/or alleviate social deprivation.

  • University Technical College | Bentley | Education and science

    University Technical Colleges provide an exciting educational offering, backed by real business partners and a university. As a lead employer partner to the school, Bentley has been closely involved in all aspects of setting up the UTC, with colleagues serving as members of the Trust, acting as governors, mentoring students and providing input into the college curriculum. The UTC secured a GOOD Ofsted rating.

  • Willen Hospice and Keech Hospice | Volkswagen Financial Services | Miscellaneous

    Support for the work of hospices
    The Willen Hospice is located in Milton Keynes (where Volkswagen Financial Services and Volkswagen Group are based) and offers adults palliative care. Keech Hospice Care in Luton, approximately 30 kilometers from Milton Keynes, provides adults and children with palliative medical care.

    Volkswagen Financial Services UK supports the two institutions with around 30 fund-raising and voluntary activities, such as renovation work, climbing, fire-walking or a marathon. The company also helps in providing logistics for these activities.

Hungary: 51 Projects

  • Aluminum Closed Loop | Audi | Nature and the environment

    Audi Hungaria implemented the Aluminum Closed Loop project in 2021. Waste from aluminum stamping during the production process is returned to the supplier, which uses it to make new aluminum coils in original quality and supplies them back to Audi – a continuous cycle that enables sustainable manufacturing. Downcycling (loss in the high quality of the original material) is avoided and aluminum of the same quality can be reused over and over again as a secondary raw material instead of a primary raw material.

  • Audi Hungaria lectures | Audi | Education and science

    Practical lectures tailored to the curriculum of the university subjects, in six subject areas, at two universities, by 80 colleagues who volunteer from Audi Hungaria.

  • Avoidance of PET in staff catering at Audi Hungaria | Audi | Nature and the environment

  • Award for Dance | Audi | Arts and culture

    A soloist of Győr Ballet won an award for exceptional artistic achievements.

  • Design of an apiary at Audi Hungaria’s site: Biomonitoring research with honeybees | Audi | Nature and environment

    Since 2015, Audi Hungaria has run an apiary with the objective of drawing attention to the threat to pollinating insects and their role in preserving biodiversity. The bees kept there comprise six colonies over a 1.2-hectare area on which local flora grow. Moreover, the bees as good environmental indicators also enabled biomonitoring research to be conducted in partnership with the University of Sopron from 2015 to 2020. The five-year research project focused on revealing the interconnections between the substances emitted by the company and the environmental impacts in the company’s surrounding area.

  • “Beautiful Hungarian Language” national contest for schoolchildren | Audi | Social welfare

    National youth competition to foster the Hungarian language. The contest is organized by the Kazinczy High School and College, a prestigious education institute steeped in tradition.

  • Budapest University of Technology and Economics | Audi | Education and science

    “Budapest Litter Trap” project: preparations to install a litter trap by the Danube in Budapest in cooperation with the Audi Environmental Foundation in Ingolstadt, Clear Rivers and the partner university Budapest University of Technology and Economics.  

  • Christmas donations at Audi Hungaria | Audi | Social welfare

    Audi Hungaria’s employees make voluntary donations to the needy. The fund-raiser enables needy families to spend a pleasant and joyful festive period.

  • Cooperation centers of the scientific world, economic players and universities | Audi | Education and science

    Systematic know-how transfer between the strategic partner universities and Audi Hungaria to build technology and skills in forward-looking topics and establish research cooperation ventures for technical innovations of relevance to industry.

  • Donation to combat the coronavirus pandemic in the Győr region | Audi | Social welfare

    Audi Hungaria supports six medical and social welfare institutions in successfully protecting against the coronavirus. The money was used to purchase equipment that increases the standard of care and has since made the work of employees at the medical and social welfare institutions easier.

  • Donations in kind for primary/secondary schools and partner universities | Audi | Education

    Donations in kind for partner universities and vocational colleges of Audi Hungaria (27 institutes) for teaching purposes, such as engines, test beds, PCs and monitors.

  • Donation to the Audi Hungaria Education Center | Audi | Education and science

    The Audi Hungaria Education Center is located in the economic region of Győr. It is a school that fosters cultural and educational encounter between Hungary and Germany and has a unique educational concept. It secures the long-term potential for junior talents by offering an education geared toward foreign languages and scientific subjects (from the kindergarten to when pupils gain university entrance qualifications and complete their vocational training). The graduates obtain German and Hungarian certificates.

    Contribution by Audi Hungaria to the Education Center’s identified area(s) of investment.

  • DUIHK (German-Hungarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce) Vocational Training Award | Audi | Education and science

    Presentation of the chamber’s Vocational Training Award.

  • Establishment of a flower meadow | Audi | Nature and the environment

    Audi Hungaria planted a flower meadow in 2015 as an experiment. A seed mixture of 58 herbaceous plants was sown as part of the project. The flower meadow created as a result has a far higher ecological value thanks to its biodiversity.

  • Events for graduate students | Audi | Education and science

    Career counselling, interview training and self-awareness events for interns at Audi Hungaria.

  • Final concert at the Győr Summer Festival | Audi | Art and culture

    This concert is the most important attraction of the year in Győr and features an internationally acclaimed band. The event draws an audience numbering tens of thousands. The final concert of the Győr Summer Festival is linked with other events with a strong appeal and thus ensures great visibility for Audi Hungaria.  

  • “Figyelő TOP 200” company ranking, conference and prize ceremony | Audi | Engagement

    The “Figyelő TOP 200” company ranking, conference and prize ceremony is one of the most important business events in the year. The most prestigious business awards of the year are presented at it. In addition, there is a special publication on the rankings of the 200 largest companies in Hungary.

  • Forest Project I and II | Audi | Nature and environment

    Reforestation following the NELDER-principle at two locations, support of the maintenance works and a science program regarding the capability to bind CO2 of the trees.

  • Formula Student East, online and symposium | Audi | Education and science

    The event enables highly qualified engineering students to compete with the best Formula Student teams at the international level and so boost their further development.

    International technical conference with practical workshops, with the participation of students and well-known experts to permit transfer of the latest knowledge, ideas and solution approaches.

  • Fund-raising campaign “Giving is Bliss” for needy children at the start of the school year | Audi | Social welfare

    Audi Hungaria’s employees make voluntary donations to needy schoolchildren. The fund-raiser also enables equal opportunities for needy children.

  • Geothermal energy | Audi | Nature and the environment

    Supply of Audi Hungaria with carbon-neutral energy

  • Győri AUDI ETO KC handball club (women) | Audi | Sport

    Sponsorship of the women’s handball team:
    15 times Hungarian champions
    14 times Hungarian cup winners
    5 times Champions League winners. This engagement makes a particularly strong contribution to the site’s attractiveness.

  • Győr Ballet and Dance Ensemble | Audi | Arts and culture

    Promotion of culture through support for the internationally renowned dance ensemble of Győr, which has appeared on many stages worldwide (such as in the U.S., China, Germany and Israel) over the past 40 years.

  • Hungarian Association for Innovation | Audi | Education and science

    Sponsorship of the competition for highly talented youngsters in various innovative fields of science and technology.

  • Hungarian National Ambulance Service Foundation | Audi | Social welfare

    Provision of vehicle usage by the Hungarian National Ambulance Service Foundation.

  • Industrial internship for university lecturers and professors | Audi | Education and science

    10 days of practical experience for lecturers and professors from partner universities at Audi Hungaria’s departments to enable them to acquire practical experience, integrate that in their teaching work and define potential research topics.

  • Internships for university students at the laboratories and workshops of Audi Hungaria’s external chair | Audi | Education and science

    Per semester approximately 250 hours and voluntary intellectual contributions from 19 experts in 18 subjects of Audi Hungaria.

  • Interactive exhibition center Mobilis for students from technical disciplines and children | Audi | Education and science

    Interactive exhibition and scientific center to promote interest in technology and engineering among youngsters.

  • Karlsruhe Scholarship (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) | Audi | Education and science

    Financial support to spend a term abroad at the Technical University of Karlsruhe for the best students in the German-language courses of study mechatronics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and IT at Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

  • Litter trap in Budapest | Audi | Nature and the environment

    Cooperation between Audi Hungaria, the Audi Environmental Foundation and CLEAR RIVERS: A litter trap made from recycled plastic was installed in the Danube. It is expected to collect up to three cubic meters of heedlessly discarded refuse from the Danube every month. The plastic is separated out of the refuse, recycled in a closed loop and processed. There are also offerings to educate people about the importance of clean waterways.

  • Name rights for the Audi Aréna Győr | Audi | Sport

    A multifunctional arena, primarily for sporting activities such as handball, soccer and basketball, and for various cultural projects.

  • “Nelder” trial reforestation | Audi | Nature and the environment

    In cooperation with the University of Sopron, the Technical University of Munich and Kisalföld Erdőgazdaság Zrt., Audi Hungaria is participating in research on the subject of the climate impacts of reforestation and forestation in accordance with the Nelder method at two locations. Audi Hungaria also supports the research by sponsoring the forestry operation and a scientific project investigating the ability of trees to bind CO2.

  • PET avoidance in employee catering at Audi Hungaria | Audi | Environment

    Disposable packaging made of various types of plastic is used in staff catering at Audi Hungaria. The majority of beverages are disposable PET packaging.

    In 2019, around 2.3 million PET bottles were created as plastic waste in the factory.

    In terms of sustainability, the consumption of beverages should be ensured with the smallest possible ecological footprint, with a focus on avoiding PET in Audi Hungaria's staff catering. Employees are made aware of the importance of avoiding plastic waste.

  • Plant emergency service at Audi Hungaria | Audi | Social welfare

    Ambulance (1 vehicle) and paramedics can be used to provide medical care for inhabitants of Győr in an emergency.

  • Plant fire brigade at Audi Hungaria | Audi | Social welfare

    The company makes the plant fire brigade available to the city of Győr in an emergency.
    (1 fire truck, 1 aerial appliance and 8 firefighters can help tackle emergencies in Győr.)

  • Plant visit and career advice for university students | Audi | Education and science

    Career advice plus a tour of the plant for university students so as to expand their professional horizons and career prospects.

  • RestCent Foundation | Audi | Social

    The amounts Audi Hungaria employees do not use up from the fringe benefits they can choose are donated to the RestCent Foundation in accordance with the collective agreement. The foundation supports needy employees.

  • RITC Győr – Regional Innovation and Technology Centre | Audi | Education and science

    Systematic cooperation between the University of Győr and Audi Hungaria to build technology and skills in forward-looking topics and establish research cooperation ventures for technical innovations of relevance to industry.

  • Road traffic program | Audi | Road safety education

    Together with the non-profit organization “Vidám Kölykök” (“Happy Children”), Audi Hungaria runs a road safety education for kindergarten children in Győr.

  • Rooftop photovoltaic system | Audi | Nature and environment

    Commissioning of Europe’s largest rooftop photovoltaic system, making Audi Hungaria a carbon-neutral site

  • Scientific students’ conference at Budapest University of Technology and Economics and Széchenyi István University of Győr | Audi | Education and science

    The aim of the conference is to motivate students to deal more intensely with mobility-related issues in science. Audi Hungaria contributes financial support and professional collaboration.

  • Smart beehive for biodiversity | Audi | Nature and the environment

    Audi Hungaria regards preserving biodiversity to be a strategic goal. The company therefore launched the “we4bee” initiative, which is sponsored by the Audi Environmental Foundation. As part of the project, a smart beehive equipped with high-tech sensors was added at Audi Hungaria’s campus. The sensors allow various data to be gathered, such as on the temperature, humidity, air pressure, weight, noise and particulate air pollution. The data is collected using an app and is analyzed at the University of Würzburg. The aim of the research project is to use the data from networked smart beehives to investigate the behavior of the bees and the impact of the environment on the bee colonies.

  • Support for the Petz Aladár Regional Hospital in Győr | Audi | Social welfare

    Vehicle use by the hospital in Győr.


  • Sponsorship for communication platforms at Széchenyi István University of Győr | Audi | Education and science

    Online and offline communication spaces for students throughout the campus and at further locations of the University of Győr.

  • Sponsorship of cultural events, Benedictine Abbey of Pannonhalma (jazz concert on the terrace and St. Martin’s Day) | Audi | Arts and culture

    Promotion of culture and preservation of traditions by sponsorship of the cultural engagement of Hungary’s oldest Benedictine abbey in Pannonhalma (Győr region) with the prestigious St. Martin’s day and jazz events.

  • Sponsorship of five Formula Student teams | Audi | Education

    Arrabona Racing Team – University of Győr
    BME Motorsport – Budapest University of Technology and Economics
    BME FRT – Budapest University of Technology and Economics
    SZEnergy-Shell ECO – University of Győr
    SZEngine – University of Győr

    Sponsorship of the Formula Student team: The work throughout the year, preparations and participation in the competition allow team members to acquire practical experience and new theoretical knowledge at a high level.

  • Sponsorship of Győr Philharmonic Orchestra | Audi | Arts and culture

    Promotion of culture and enhancing of the site’s attractiveness through sponsorship of the internationally acclaimed Győr Philharmonic Orchestra. Performances in Győr, throughout Hungary and internationally (such as in Austria, Germany and Japan).

  • Sponsorship of the Audi Development Camp | Audi | Education and science

    Wholly project-based, four-week summer camp and technical development challenge, with the focus on international, talented engineering students.

  • Stone dust project, reclassification | Audi | Nature and environment

    Disposal of the contaminated by-product stone dust.

  • Support for the General Practitioner Emergency Service | Audi | Social welfare

    Provision of vehicle usage by the General Practitioner Emergency Service in Győr.

  • Support for teaching and research staff from partner universities in expanding their skills | Audi | Education and science

    Granting of vehicle usage and assistance in paying for mobility and technical costs to enable innovative, practical and results-driven research whose results are used in teaching work.

  • Support for the Hungarian Red Cross in the Győr region | Audi | Social welfare

    Vehicle use by the Hungarian Red Cross.

  • Support for the State Police Headquarters of Győr-Moson-Sopron County | Audi | Social welfare

    Vehicle use by the police.

  • Széchenyi István University Győr | Audi | Education and science

    Strategic scientific cooperation ventures with the partner university in Győr, focusing on teaching, research and development, and innovations. Institutionalized collaboration with the Audi Hungaria Faculty of Automotive Engineering and with the innovative competence centers to leverage the potential for obtaining highly qualified junior staff.

  • United Health and Social Care Institute of Győr | Audi | Social

    Audi Hungaria is ensuring the institute’s mobility and the availability of its services by providing it with a vehicle.

Ireland: 1 Project

  • Children’s Hospitals | Volkwagen Financial Services | Social welfare, Voluntary work

    Employees from Volkswagen Financial Services Ireland and Volkswagen Group Ireland jointly established a fund-raising committee at the end of 2018, with the objective of collecting money for Temple Street Children’s University Hospital. At the beginning of the year, employees from the two companies worked with the Temple Street Foundation to come up with ideas for raising donations for the children’s hospital. They staged campaigns such as “The Great Irish Bake,” the “Women’s Mini Marathon” and a raffle.

Italy: 74 Projects

  • Alternanza scuola- lavoro (Vocational Training) | Automobili Lamborghini | Education and science

    Vocational Training activation with high schools students in order to provide an innovative learning experience and combine knowledge and practice by orienting students aspirations and open up learning and didactics to the outside world.

  • Arte Terapia | Automobili Lamborghini | Social Project

    For years we have been supporting A.G.E.O.P. Research (Association of Pediatric Hematology Oncology Parents) which is committed to the care, assistance and reception of children with cancer and their families thanks to the support of volunteers. The Art Therapy project is an annual cycle of weekly meetings held in two A.G.E.O.P. Research and within the Pediatric Oncohematology Department of the IRCSS Policlinico di S. Orsola di Bologna. The path, also open to parents to create a more inclusive environment, aims at using the creativity in the difficult and traumatic oncological context. Young patients can devote emotions to their own creative paths, thus communicating their own in the absence of judgment. The working method is aimed at facilitating the relationship and communication between the small members of the group, enhancing styles and personal differences.

  • Biomonitoring | Ducati | Environmental Protection

    The purpose of the project is to verify the possible environmental impact of Ducati activities on excellent bio indicators such as bees. For this reason, in April 2016, an apiary was placed in an area inside the factory that includes nearby track test, trigeneration plant, wastewater treatment plant and some production emissions. Ducati’s apiary consists of three hives. Since 2016, all hives have been investigated by three samples of all the hive matrices (honey, pollen, wax, and bees themselves) to detect any local environmental pollution: heavy metals, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, dioxins and pesticides. When exploring the territory to collect nectar, pollen, propolis or water, bees intercept the polluting particles in suspension in the atmosphere. Their range of action is about 3 km radius. For this reason, the positioning of the apiary in Ducati is considered to be particularly representative because within the company, in a radius of 3 km, there are highly impacted activities such as the Bologna airport and the industrial area. Since 2020 Ducati has introduced two other beehives into the company, reaching a total of five bee families present in Ducati.

  • Boys & Girls days | Italdesign | Education and science

    Employees invite their children in the company. The children could participate to different activities according to their age, including 3D modelling.

  • Cancer prevention | Italdesign | Health and Prevention

    Employees could attend to three meetings where doctors told them about good habits that can reduce the risk of cancer (i.e. good alimentation, physical exercise).

  • Canteen food surplus redistribution | Italdesign | Social projects

    Food surplus in the company canteen is distribuited to poor families on the territory.

  • Car pooling service | Italdesign | Environment

    Italdesign promoted a service dedicated to car pooling.

  • CAR POOLING Ducati (suspended due to Covid) | Ducati | Traffic and mobility

    To promote sustainable mobility, Ducati encourages employees to share cars when commuting to and from the workplace. Ducati offers all employees a mobile Carpooling app with the aim of protecting the environment by reducing CO2 emissions.

  • Carbon Neutrality | Automobili Lamborghini | Environment

    This Carbon Neutrality project aims to offset CO2 emissions resulting from energy consumption by 100%. This is achieved through the annual purchase of Green Certificates and Carbon Credits to offset emissions linked to the consumption of energy from nonrenewable sources such as natural gas, gasoline and diesel. Ultimately, the company seeks to reduce dependence on nonrenewable sources and implement a sustainable energy program.

  • Christmas with AGEOP | Automobili Lamborghini | Social projects

    In 2016 Lamborghini started a collaboration with Ageop, an Association involved in the fight against cancer and leukemia in infancy. With the campaign "A small gift full of smiles" we involved our people in the collection of Christmas gifts for cancer- affected children. All the gifts collected were destined for several hospitals in Bologna with the big goal of giving them a moment of happiness and joy while fighting against severe diseases.

  • Circular economy & Upcycling | Automobili Lamborghini | Sustainabilty/Environment

    Circular economy - Recycling of carbon fibers materials
    In 2020 Lamborghini started a pilot project to investigate the feasibility of a recycling process to turn our carbon fiber waste into Recycled Carbon Fibre Materials that the Company can reuse inside the cars. So far approximately 16 tons of materials were recycled.
    Upcycling - Re-use of carbon fiber scraps
    This pilot project was born from a collaboration between Automobili Lamborghini and the Technology Institute Experis Academy in Fornovo di Taro. Part of carbon fibers that cannot be industrialized internally in the production process of the CFK is delivered to the school, which reuses them in its own laboratory for educational purposes, to train expert technicians in the processing of carbon fiber composite materials (lamination). Scraps are used by the students to create new products of reduced dimension without the need of any further transformation.

    Re-use of leather scraps
    Thanks to an agreement with a local cooperative, part of Lamborghini’s leather scraps that cannot be used due to size or small defects are selected and transformed into high quality leather goods, using materials otherwise intended to be disposed of as waste. In this case the benefits are not just for the environment, as their production process is ethical and socially sustainable. In 2021 approximately 1,1 tons of materials have been upcycled and the small leather goods created were used as welcome gifts for our guests at the Lounges of Tokyo and New York. From 2021 part of leather scraps approximately 1,1 tons goes also to another coorporate aimed at employing disadvantaged people.

  • Collaboration with non profit organization | Automobili Lamborghini | Social Projects

    Supporting social development in the community encouraging employees to show solidarity with local non-profit organizations by:

    1. “Libera Terra” gift collection for Christmas;
    2. Making donations to the “Associazione Giulia” on kids cancer support activities;
    3. Agreement with Emergency for social projects involving employees.
  • Connection to a District heating system coming from a biogas cogeneration plant | Automobili Lamborghini | Environment/CO2 emission/Use of resources

    Automobili Lamborghini has become the first Italian automotive company to install a district heating system. Supplying hot water from a biogas-fueled cogeneration plant, the system is located in Nonantola (around six kilometers from the factory). The hot water produced by the plant (at 85 °C) is transported via underground pipes to the Lamborghini facility, where its thermal energy is used to heat the buildings. The biogas cogeneration plant has a total capacity of 1 MW.

    The project is expected to supply Lamborghini with a minimum of 7,200 MWh of thermal energy, the estimated annual reduction in greenhouse gases should come to approximately 1,780 t CO2.
  • Construction of Class A energy buildings | Automobili Lamborghini | Environment/CO2 emission/Energy efficiency

    Starting from 2011, Lamborghini has established more restrictive criteria for the construction of its new buildings: all new buildings must be energy class A, according to the Emilia Romagna region’s energy classification.

    The outer structure of the buildings window surface has been designed to achieve the highest possible energy performance through the use of a very high performance polycarbonate facade system. All lighting, including for industrial areas, uses very high efficiency LED lights. Natural gas is not used to heat this buildings, because the air conditioning system consists of high performance heat pumps, so the only type of energy used during operation is electricity.

  • Dedicated events to employees and families & people care program | Automobili Lamborghini | People

    Dedicated activities inside & outside the company (e.g. special agreements with local shops and gyms, summer camps for employees' children, events, etc.)

  • Dedicated employee activities to prevent COVID-19 spread | Automobili Lamborghini | Health & Prevention

    In 2020 with the pandemic emergency Lamborghini decided to start different initiatives in order to:

    1. Prevent the spread of COVID-19 among the population trough the distribution of a special prevention kit (masks, gloves, sanitizers, door opener);
    2. Donation of special  medical devices to the Sant'Orsola Hospital in Bologna developed and produced thanks to the voluntary work of Lamborghini people (1400 surgical masks, 300 protective medical shields, 30 lung simulators).
  • DESI Project (Dual Education System Italy) | Ducati | Education and science

    Lamborghini and Ducati go on with the social project jointly organized by both companies and inaugurated in 2014. The Dual Education System Italy (DESI) project was launched in collaboration with the Volkswagen Workforce Foundation, the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, and the Ministry of Education of the Emilia Romagna region. The two companies have created a curriculum/program, new for Italy, based on the German dual-education model, which combines classroom-based theory with practical work experience placements.

    Starting from 2016, the successive classrooms of students, coming from the first 3 years of the professional high schools Aldini-Valeriani and Belluzzi-Fioravanti in Bologna, started the two-year training path, necessary in order to obtain the professional Diploma from the schools and the competences certification from the companies.

    To manage this CSR activity, Lamborghini and Ducati have built modern, dedicated training centers inside their production facilities.

    The DESI dual-education program currently supports in Ducati 45 young people combining classroom-based theory with practical work-experience placements.

  • DESI (Dual education Sistem) | Automobili Lamborghini | Education and science

    "The Dual Education System was born in 2014 as a social project to develop the professional competences of socially disadvantaged juveniles and  integrate them into a company’s organization and culture.

    With DESI, we have been developing a new process for education and training in Italy, inspired by the German system. The Project is part of the Lamborghini Corporate Social Responsibility strategy that puts the accent on professional training and competences development.  The program combines theoretical education and training to ensure high qualified workers with concrete experience in the Company."

  • Desi On the Road | Automobili Lamborghini | Education and science

    With the aim of “exporting” the virtuous model of DESI (Dual Education System Italy) - which we have been carrying out since 2014 with the main objective of supporting the territory and the labor market by training trained technicians and supporting schools in the development of joint educational programs that unite the school and business world, preventing early school leaving - and with the desire to share our know-how on technical education, together with L'Altra Napoli and the Alberto and Franca Riva Foundation we have launched the ""DESI on the Road"" project, aimed at supporting the Scuola del Fare Civita Franceschi in Naples, through the teaching of our colleagues and the contribution to the purchase of innovative tools.

    The Scuola del Fare offers a three-year training course as an Operator for the Repair of motor vehicles to give a second chance to teenager who left traditional education courses, supporting them in their growth path with personalized tutoring and a wide range of extracurricular activities.

    A concrete support for a reality that is becoming increasingly important and adds another step to the growth of these young people, who, thanks to education and training, will have a better opportunity to enter the world of work.

  • Diversity at lunch | Italdesign | Culture

    In order to promote diversity in the company, the diversity lunch was introduced: once a month the canteen serves food coming from one of the countries our employee come from.  

  • Donations for Covid-19 Pandemic | Italdesign | Social projects

    Donation the amount corresponding to our Christmas packages to the national Croce Rossa and Protezione Civile.

  • Environmental | Automobili Lamborghini | Biodiversity and Environment

    This project was set up to analyze local atmospheric pollution levels and produce honey for use inside the company in line with the relevant regulations.

    The project involved the installation of an apiary inside the Lamborghini BioPark made up of eleven hives. Every year all matrices (honey, pollen, wax and the bees themselves) from three of the eleven hives are sampled three times and analyzed to identify any localized environmental pollution: heavy metals, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, dioxins, but also any pesticides (190 active ingredients) used in farming and in urban or private green spaces.

  • Erasmus | Italdesign | Education and science

    Sponsorship of four Erasmus projects in collaboration with Polytechnics of Turin and TUM.

  • Family Day: Safety corner | Italdesign | Safety

    During the Family Day we're organizing a safety corner for both adults (i.e. how to fasten children's seats) and children (i.e. how to call for help when necessary).

  • Fisica in Moto (FIM) (suspended due to Covid) | Ducati | Education and science

    The purpose of this project is to awaken the interest of high-school students in physics and engineering and encourage them to choose a suitable engineering university. “Fisica in Moto” (FIM) is an educational laboratory that targets secondary schools. Every year, FIM welcomes around 9,000 students, and in July, the laboratory hosts a one-week Summer School during which Italian high-school students who have scored top marks in physics meet up with experts and academics specializing in various scientific fields.

  • Founding membership of ITS Maker | Automobili Lamborghini | Education and science

    Lamborghini has become a founding member of ITS Maker, a specialistic High School dedicated to Mechanics, Mechatronics, Motoring and Packaging which realizes two-year post-diploma courses aimed at giving students access to the best mechanical and mechatronic companies in Emilia Romagna. The educational offer is characterized by a strongly laboratory and practical didactics, realized with experts in the field and with a high percentage of the training carried out in the company. At the end of the courses a diploma of V level EQF, valid in Italy and in Europe, is issued by the Ministry of Education.

  • Free annual vaccination | Automobili Lamborghini | Health and prevention

    Since 2013 Lamborghini offers free flu vaccination inside the Company infirmary during the working hours.

  • Free health insurance for employees and families | Automobili Lamborghini | Health and prevention

    Lamborghini offers free health insurance for employees and families

  • Free water | Automobili Lamborghini | Environment

    Free water dispenser at company canteen and break areas

  • Gender Equality: the creation of CapoD Network (Comunità di Aziende per le Pari Opportunità) | Automobili Lamborghini | Social Project

    To spread the culture of gender equality and girls and women’s empowerment under the Millennium Development Goals (SDGs 5), Automobili Lamborghini decided to create, together with other Companies and promoted by Città Metropolitana of Bologna, the local network called CapoD.

    The network works against every kind of discrimination and wants to support the integration of gender equality policies in Companies strategies, also within SMEs sector.

    Capo D wants also to promote and boost the presence of girls in STEM fields and to create awareness on gender equality within young generations, therefore it works together with schools in order to create dedicated events and initiatives about this topic, with the involvement also of some employees of the network as testimonials.

    With this community Lamborghini and the other Members created the opportunity for sharing best practices within the network and the territory, developing synergies and common projects in order to reinforce the spread of gender equality in our society.

  • Global Diversity | Italdesign | Culture

    Digital campaing on socials about diversity in terms of internationalization in the company.

  • Gympass | Ducati | Welfare

    Ducati has joined, in collaboration with Gympass, a complete corporate wellbeing platform that ignites and fuels every journey to feel good. Complete unlimited access to the best fitness brands and wellbeing partners, all in one single membership. The employee can have to his disposition, paying a conventional price, for himself and for the families the best fitness brands and wellbeing partners to do physical activities in presence or using a digital platform, plus apps regarding health and wellness (eg: Nutrition, Healthy Habits, quit Smoking…).

  • Hybrid car fleet | Italdesign | Environment

    Usage of E-tron in the company fleets.

  • Installation and commissioning of 2 Trigeneration plants | Automobili Lamborghini | Environment/CO2 emission/Energy efficiency

    A Trigeneration plants is a system that produces heating, cooling and electricity from a single fuel, in Lamborghini’s case natural gas. The transformation of heat energy into power for refrigeration utilizes the refrigeration cycle via an absorption chiller. The chiller exploits phase changes in the temperature of the refrigerant, combined with an absorbent.

  • Installation of 8 new stations in the Lamborghini Park and organization of free sports courses for employees | Automobili Lamborghini | Wellness

    In 2018 a new fitness trail was realized inside the Lamborghini Park: the path is 950 meters long, consisting of 8 stations that integrate the existing fitness area.

    All products have been made of FSC certified wood and CO2 emissions related to the production of equipment have been offset by the purchase of green certificates reforestation of tropical areas.

    Free wellness course have been offered to Lamborghini employees both in presence at the Lamborghini park and digitally on our internal platforms during the COVID period in order to keep everybody energy high.

  • International Women’s Day | Italdesign | Social projects

    Possibility of donating funds to the Gruppo Abele association through the purchase of their products.

  • Just the woman I am | Italdesign | Social Projects

    A team of employees on voluntary base participated to a run called “Just the woman I am” organized by Turin municipality in order to get money to finance research against cancer.

  • KiSS program (2020 event cancelled due to Covid) | Ducati | Environmental protection

    The KiSS program (Keep it Shiny and Sustainable) is an environmental and social sustainability program developed for the MotoGP Championship. The project involves teams, competitors, spectators, the local community and non-profit organizations, and was developed specifically for the Grand Prix of Italy (Mugello) and the Grand Prix of San Marino (Misano). The project forms part of the Ride Green program organized by the FIM (Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme).

    The aim of the program is to raise public awareness of the importance of sustainable behavior at major sporting events, as well as in everyday life. Ducati is involved in many of the activities, such as raising the awareness of sustainability issues among Ducati Grandstand guests, organizing the collection of recyclable waste in the Ducati Grandstand and Ducati Team hospitality areas, collecting surplus food for subsequent donation to local organizations, and holding charity auctions.

  • Lamborghini strengthened the support to local community of Sant’Agata Bolognese | Automobili Lamborghini | Social Project

    In 2020, Automobili Lamborghini reinforced its support to the local community of Sant’Agata Bolognese with the goal of creating added value for the area in which it operates. It is setting its sights on the long term and is focused on a concept of beauty that doesn’t regard just the appearance of the product, but also a way of being and interpreting things.

    Some of the projects supported are aimed at promoting inclusive education in the area’s schools in order to enhance and improve differences, with significant focus placed on kids with disabilities, in order to encourage their autonomy, socialization and learning abilities. Lamborghini wants to actively contribute to the training of the future generations aimed at creating a society that is oriented towards the values of equality and justice.

  • Laptops donation to local secondary schools | Italdesign | Education and Science

    Used laptops are donated to the secondary schools of the territory.

  • Let's clean the world | Italdesign | Environment

    Participation to the event Let's clean the world organized by Legambiente. Employees cleaned a park in Turin supporting Legambiente volunteers. 

  • Maternity & Paternity program | Automobili Lamborghini | People

    Since 2017, Lamborghini developed a dedicated program for new parents that offers training, financial contributions and other support tools to assist Lamborghini’s new mums and dads (i.e: Mum coaching, pediatric first aid courses, specialized conferences on pediatric topics etc..)

  • Moby | Italdesign | Social projects

    Italdesign participated to the Toyota Mobility Foundation’s $4m Mobility Unlimited Challenge presenting Moby, the first mobility service designed for wheelchair users; it’s the bicycle-sharing system equivalent for wheelchairs: it consists of “wheel-on”, semi-autonomous, electric devices, located in urban hubs, that will make travelling around cities much simpler and easier for people with lightweight manual wheelchairs.

  • Moncalieri Jazz Festival | Italdesign | Culture

    Sponsorship of local jazz festival

  • MUNER | Ducati | Education and science

    The Motorvehicle University of Emilia-Romagna (MUNER) is a joint venture, strongly supported by the Emilia-Romagna Region, based on the synergistic relationships between four universities –Bologna, Ferrara, Modena and Reggio Emilia in Parma – and the automakers representing the best of “Made in Italy” with historical roots in the region: Automobili Lamborghini, Dallara, Ducati, Ferrari, Haas F1 Team, HPE, Maserati, Toro Rosso and Magneti Marelli. A whole region has teamed up in the name of research, innovation and technological development, with a single goal: growth and employment.

    Launched in 2017, the Motorvehicle University of Emilia-Romagna hub seeks to attract the best university students from all over the world to the region with the aim of training tomorrow’s engineers for subsequent careers in the corporate world. These young people will become the professionals who design high-performance road car and competition vehicles, sustainable propulsion systems, smart subsystems, and production plants based on smart manufacturing principles.

    The university offers an international inter-university M.Sc. degree and uses English as its official language. The student body consists of 150 selected students; visiting professors include tutors from the various automotive firms involved in the venture, who have also equipped the labs with state-of-the-art tools. Students can choose to specialize in six different areas: Advanced Powertrain, Advanced Motorcycle Engineering, Advanced Sportscar Manufacturing, High-Performance Car Design, Racing Car Design, and Advanced Automotive Electronic Engineering.

  • Muner (Motorvehicle University of Emilia Romagna) | Automobili Lamborghini | Education and science

    The Motorvehicle University of Emilia-Romagna (MUNER) is an association which was created thanks to a synergetic connection among the main universities of the Region and the automakers that represent the excellence of Made in Italy in the world and are historically rooted in this territory (Automobili Lamborghini, Dallara, Ducati, Ferrari, Haas F1 Team, HPE Coxa, Magneti Marelli, Maserati e Toro Rosso).

    The Motorvehicle University of Emilia-Romagna represents a hub that aims at attracting to the region the best university students from all over the world, with the goal of training and introducing into the corporate world tomorrow’s engineers, the professionals who will design street and competition vehicles, sustainable propulsion systems and subsystems for smart features, and production plants in keeping with Smart Manufacturing.

  • Neverending Stories | Automobili Lamborghini | Education and science

    We are alongside the S.Pellegrino Foundation in creating an English-language library open to all girls and all children of Sant'Agata Bolognese and beyond, with the “Neverending Stories: book for, with and by kids” project. Studies show that immersion in a foreign language from the earliest years of life makes learning easier and more natural. The meeting between the Sister Teresa Veronesi School, managed by the San Pellegrino Foundation, and our company has precisely the purpose of cultivating the learning of the English language for the children of the area, following different levels and proposals, with experts in English and native speakers who will follow the children in small groups. The library will be accessible to all children in the area, from 5 to 10 years old and there will be many cultural and laboratory initiatives. The place has been completely redesigned and will include, in addition to books in the language, furniture designed to encourage listening and workshops with children, an outdoor green area where you can read, converse and carry out scientific, artistic and musical activities in the language.

  • Oak Forest research project | Automobili Lamborghini | Environment

    This project aims to increase local biodiversity and create a teaching area for the scientific and local communities. It involves planting more than 10,000 young oak trees (quercus robur) in an area of just over 17 acres (70,000 sqm) in the municipality of Sant’Agata Bolognese (Bologna). The aim of this experimental project is to examine the relationships between plants, their density, the climate and CO2.

  • Office Block LEED Platinum Certified | Automobili Lamborghini | Use of resources/ sustainability

    In 2017, the company began construction of a new office building that complies with LEED criteria and is eligible for full certification under the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standard. This international green building standard promotes a sustainability-oriented approach, evaluating the performance of buildings in terms of key criteria such as energy efficiency, water consumption, reduced carbon emissions, the ecological quality of interiors, the materials and resources used, the way the project is managed and the choice of site.

  • Partnership with Italian and foreign Universities | Automobili Lamborghini | Education and science

    Research in automotive sector. Participation to universities workshop and career events with the goal of supporting innovation and boosting collaboration with institutions that are incubators of great ideas. Promote an active link between the world of Industry and University on topics such as mobility and the future of the automotive sector, in a context in which both industry experts and researchers can benefit from each other.

  • Partnership with research institutes | Automobili Lamborghini | Education and science

    Automobili Lamborghini started a cooperation with national and international research institutes in different medical and biomedical projects in order to promote research and innovation in the Automotive sector.

  • Partnership with Teatro Bibiena Sant'Agata Bolognese | Automobili Lamborghini | Culture

    Automobili Lamborghini supports the season of the Theatre in Sant'Agata Bolognese.

  • Partnership with Teatro Comunale of Bologna | Automobili Lamborghini | Culture

    Automobili Lamborghini supports the Opera season in order to spread the culture of theatre and music within our territory.

  • Partnership with UniBo in Formula SAE | Automobili Lamborghini | Education and science

    Lamborghini is an official partner of the UniBo Motorsport Team involved in Formula SAE, the student automotive championship open to major universities all over the world. The Motorsport department supports the students in the task of designing, constructing and bringing on the track a prototype wheeled vehicle in the Formula SAE races.

  • Plastic free campaign | Automobili Lamborghini | Environment

    Starting from 2019 Lamborghini launched an internal campaign to announce that all company canteens have become plastic free. In the same all employees received personalized water bottles in order to reduce the consumption of plastic ones.

  • Preventive medicines | Italdesign | Health prevention

    Free medical examinations for employees.

  • Project 1 Hour | Ducati | Environmental protection

    On the occasion of Earth Day, Ducati participated in #Project1Hour, the Volkswagen Group initiative that involves employees of all brands in one hour of training and awareness on the issue of climate change, organizing a dedicated workshop. The workshop, which took place entirely online, was held by Professor Riccardo Valentini, a climate change expert, Nobel Peace Prize winner in 2007 and a member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate
    Change, the scientific committee on climate of the UN.

    During the seminar, Ducati employees were able to reflect on the impact their habits have on climate change and more generally on the environment, receiving suggestions and virtuous examples to follow to improve in everyday life.

  • Production of washable masks with Graphene Plus filters | Automobili Lamborghini | Health & Prevention

    Production of washable masks with Graphene Plus filters distributed to employees. The masks are produced with high performing materials to protect ourselves and others, respecting the planet.

  • Moving & Safety21 | Ducati | Road Safety

    Concerning road safety, both at national and European level, Ducati Foundation promotes information and awareness campaigns on several fronts.

    In 2019, Ducati Foundation with the Moving research group of the University of Florence continued to lead the development of projects and started new ones that, through a multidisciplinary approach, will be aimed at accident analysis and road safety dissemination and training courses.

    Ducati Foundation has also signed a partnership with Safety21, an Italian technology services company that offers advanced platforms and innovative outsourcing services for improving road safety standards, in order to create events and communication campaigns that promote the culture of road safety.

  • Safety at the workplace thesis sponsorship | Italdesign | Education and science

    Institution of an annual sponsorship in the field of safety at the workplace.

  • Setting up a company carpooling service | Automobili Lamborghini | Sustainability/ Environment

    In 2017 Lamborghini implemented a Company Carpooling Service which allows employees to share their commutes in a convenient and flexible manner. The service will also allow CO2 savings to be measured by a dedicated platform.

  • SU-EATABLE LIFE | Ducati | Health

    Ducati has joined, in collaboration with Felsinea Ristorazione, the SU-EATABLE LIFE project, which aims to involve EU citizens in adopting a healthy and sustainable diet with the long-term goal of contributing to a substantial reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and water savings in the EU.

    As of February 2020, all dishes marked with the symbol “MY PLATE 4 THE FUTURE” in the canteen indicate that the choices by the employee have a low impact on the environment and are good for their health.

    After a break following the health emergency at Covid-19, the project restarted on October 15, 2020, also involving all employees who worked from home through specific communications activities.

    Despite the health emergency, the results obtained with the project are very good. Before the start of the project, each person consumed in the Ducati canteen on average a meal with a weight on the environment of approximately 1.4 kg CO2 equivalent and 1349 liters of virtual water. Thanks to the project, the average impact of the meal consumed in the canteen has dropped to 0.95 kg CO2 and 930 liters of water. Overall, in the months of testing the project we managed to save more than 30 tons of CO2 and 23 million liters of water.

  • 'Tante cose per la testa? Metti la prevenzione al primo posto.' | Automobili Lamborghini | Health

    Encourage prevention and health care - partnership with Fondazione ANT Italia Onlus (Italian tumor association) providing female employees with specific preventive activities for breast cancer. On 2021 an additional prevention screening was implemented dedicated to prevent skin cancer, open to all employees. Employees have the possibility to schedule a completely free and anonymous screening during working hours.

  • The future of mobility conference (digital edition in 2020 and 2021) | Italdesign | Education and science

    Organization of a free conference for university students dedicated to future mobility in collaboration with a cultural institution and Polytechnics of Turin.

  • Trigeneration plant | Ducati | Enviromental protection

    The aim of this project is to generate energy more efficiently than traditional power plants. Trigeneration, also known as CCHP, is a system which uses a single fuel to simultaneously generate energy for heating, cooling and electricity. The company’s trigeneration plant was commissioned in January 2016. It consists of two endothermic engines powered by methane gas that are used to produce electrical energy, thermal energy and cooling energy. The electricity produced by the trigeneration plant during 2020 met 86% of the Ducati factory’s total demand. The remaining electricity that must be purchased from the network is green energy (in 2020 entirely from wind farms).

    This allows Ducati to successfully reduce its CO2 emissions by 49% in 2020 compared with 2013.

  • Uniti per Ripartire | Porsche | Equal opportunities

    Together with its dealer network in Italy, Porsche Italia donated €1.3 million to Caritas Italiana as part of the “Uniti per Ripartire” (“United to Restart”) campaign to provide concrete assistant to persons most affected by the Covid-19 crisis. The 30 Porsche dealers acted as ambassadors for the campaign: From June 1 to August 10, they donated a sum of money to the regional Caritas organization for each vehicle shipped to end customers. The customer then chose what the donation was used for: either to combat food poverty or educational poverty. The amount raised was doubled by Porsche Italia. As a result, more than 30,000 families received food vouchers, and 5,000 school-age children were provided with technical aids to give them access to distance learning.

  • Vaccination hub | Automobili Lamborghini | Health & Prevention

    To counter the Covid-19 pandemic and to support the Country in the vaccination campaign, in June 2021 we opened a vaccination hub at our HQ in Sant’Agata Bolognese for a vaccination campaign that involved all employees.

    The administration of the first dose, on a voluntary basis, was completed in just three days, with the recall carried out by the end of July. The vaccinations were carried out by professional health personnel, following the instructions given by the Italian Ministry of Health.

  • Water coolers | Italdesign | Environment

    Water coolers installation.

  • Wellbeing program “Lamborghini Feelosophy” | Automobili Lamborghini | People

    Last April our new Well-Being program was born, the “Lamborghini Feelosophy”, the natural evolution of the People Care program, starting from an extensive internal survey aimed at mapping the company ""Well-Being Index"". Lamborghini Feelosophy - union of “feel” (feeling) and “philosophy” (philosophy) - is the result of years of initiatives, projects, sharing and listening; it is the perfect synthesis of our approach to care and Well-Being in all its forms. A philosophy that rests on three solid pillars - BODY, MIND and PURPOSE - and that today more than ever places people at the center of our actions and our way of doing business.

    Lamborghini Feelosophy promotes initiatives aimed at cultivating the growth and Well-Being of people with a view to listening and continuous improvement, enhancing issues of primary importance for the Company such as inclusion and diversity. The project includes consolidated initiatives designed for parenting and physical and mental well-being, while enriching itself with new proposals dedicated, for example, to the themes of sustainable nutrition, the management of emotions and the importance of sleep. The new Well-Being program also aims to promote the development of communities and moments of meeting and discussion, for example through Podcasts and Talks, which increase employee involvement by strengthening their sense of belonging and team spirit.

Netherlands: 1 Project

  • Sponsorship partner ALSopdeweg | Volkswagen Financial Services | Healthcare

    When your muscles stop working: ALS
    Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is an incurable, fatal disease that causes the death of motor neurons controlling voluntary muscles, finally resulting in sufferers’ inability to walk, speak, swallow and breathe.

    The goal of Volkswagen Pon Financial Services/DFM is to help ALS patients lead an independent life for as long as possible. That is why the company supports the “ALSopdeweg” foundation, an organization that helps patients to lead a dignified life. In 2018 and 2019, Volkswagen FS Netherlands sponsored two VW Caddies, which the ALS foundation provides to patients. VWPFS/DFM donates a total of around €50,000 a year to ALSopdeweg.

Norway: 2 Projects

  • Møller Medvind project | Volkswagen Financial Services | Social welfare

    The Møller Mobility Group, the joint venture partner in Norway, has launched the Møller Medvind project with the goal of integrating young people in the working world by giving them permanent employment. A collaboration with the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration was initiated in order to hire young people who have fallen out of the labor market for various reasons. Møller Medvind has opened two offices in Norway for cosmetic preparation of used cars for resale (i.e. after their leasing term). Møller Medvind enables the employees to obtain training in this activity and acquire the necessary certificates, as well as to attend courses on soft skills. The main objective is to help as many participants as possible find permanent employment, either at Møller Medvind or as part of the Møller Mobility Group system.

  • Support for the Fossheim Verksteder Foundation | Volkswagen Financial Services | Equal opportunities

    Where people with a handicap (including a mental one) work, that gives them the chance to boost their confidence, be independent, achieve social recognition and live in the community.

    That is why Volkswagen Møller Bilfinans has awarded all work related to packaging, labeling and dispatch to the Fossheim Verksteder Foundation. The non-profit organization offers people with a handicap a sheltered workshop and employment to suit their personal abilities and talents. Volkswagen Møller Bilfinans supports the organization with annual funding of around €2,300.

Poland: 55 Projects

  • #RespectChallenge | VW Motor Polska | Education

    The project had the following goals: to promote our values and Group principles, as well as a culture of cooperation and a positive atmosphere, strengthen employee loyalty, and demonstrate our engagement, creativity, CSR work and concern for social welfare and the environment. As part of the #RespectChallenge campaign, employees chose one, some or all of our values or Group principles and presented a short film to show how they are practiced in their day-to-day work. The company paid around €500 per film, each of which lasted a maximum of two minutes. This money was allowed to be donated to any initiative complying with the first Group principle. A total of 12 films were made and 12 social institutions from the region therefore received funding.

  • #YEAROFSAFETY | ŠKODA | Traffic education

    This is a year-long road safety awareness program, supporting the coexistence of drivers, cyclists and pedestrians while using safety assets like AutoLab and Driving School. There is a strong media presence – PR native advertising and event activities.

  • 1% of ta for TOPR | SKODA | Health

    A campaign that encourages people to spend 1% of tax to support Mountain Rescue Team. ŠKODA has been supporting this for over 16 years.

  • 1 + 1 = 3 | Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles | Regional support

    1+1=3 is an employee initiative by Volkswagen Poznań that has been staged annually since 2010. Every year a not-for-profit organization in the Wielkopolska province is selected and invited to participate in the project. All employees of Volkswagen Poznań who voluntarily take part in the campaign can have a sum of 1, 2, 5, 10 or 20 zloty from their monthly salary automatically remitted to the organization’s account. More and more employees are joining the initiative every year. Employees of Volkswagen Poznań have donated a total of €188,920 to the needy since the program was launched.

  • A day with children: Empolyee volunteering | Volkswagen Financial Services | Voluntary work

    Time for orphans
    Since 2014, employees from Volkswagen Financial Services Poland have supported an orphanage in Chotomow in Eastern Poland. For example, they have renovated rooms, laid out a garden and built a playground. More than 300 colleagues take part in the annual two-day action. The company also supports the orphanage with a Christmas present campaign, donations in kind and educational projects.

  • “Be seen on the road” – “Świeć przykładem” | VW Commercial Vehicles | Road safety education

    The “Be seen on the road” campaign was successfully staged for the second time in a row. Once again in 2020, several hundred children from primary schools near to the plant in Września were given safety vests to make them more visible to other road users. The campaign aims to increase road safety through use of such vests and raise awareness of how to act with road safety in mind in everyday life. The visits to kindergartens and primary schools were accompanied by the local police, with the aim of jointly educating children about risks and measures they can take. In view of the great positive response, the campaign will be continued in 2021

  • Beehives at the Września plant | VW Commercial Vehicles | Nature conservation, biodiversity

    As part of implementing the sustainable development strategy, Volkswagen Poznań has supported biodiversity by tending for 25 bee families since 2018. The beehives are located on the grounds of the factory in Września. The honey obtained from them can be purchased in the company canteen. Lavender bushes were also planted on a number of green areas in order to ensure good conditions for the bees.

  • Carbon Forest project | VW Commercial Vehicles | Nature conservation, voluntary work

    Employees are volunteering to reforest a piece of woodland together with management of the Września plant and in cooperation with the forest district of Czerniejewo near Września. That is a continuation of the campaign from 2018 and 2019. A further 26,000 trees were planted near to the Poznań and Września plants in 2021. More than 70,000 trees have already been planted thanks to employees’ voluntary work. The planted species include English oaks, which – together with other trees – help improve biodiversity. 2021 also saw the launch of the Carbon Forest project, the goal of which is to plant tree and plant species that absorb a lot of CO2.

  • Charity fair “For Aleksander” | SITECH | Voluntary work

    The employees of SITECH Sp. z o.o. took part in the charity fair for 5-year-old Aleksander and donated hand-made hearts, the proceeds from which will help the young boy convalesce.

  • Children’s Day with the theme of diversity | SITECH | Art and culture

    ... because diversity is cool

    Diversity is a core value in today’s world and for us and the entire Volkswagen Group.

    We draw strength from diversity – and from our youngest members of society.

    SITECH employees organized the Children’s Day on May 24, 2019.

    Photo booths, bouncy castles, animations and many other attractions awaited the kids at the company in Polkowice. An art contest entitled “We’re different, but together we can do more – because diversity is cool” was at the heart of the event. The children were asked to draw how they see various people at work together with their parents and received a small present as a reward.

    The theme of diversity dominated the entire event. Painting a real car was a great opportunity for them, together with their parents, to paint a small bit of the car and leave their initials or letters behind for posterity. The children were able to use the banners prepared for painting to express how they see the world and their environment.

    Diversity can be a difficult issue to grasp. That is why we decided during the event to ask the children what they understand by it. The recordings were used to create a short film that will be shown at the next works meeting.

  • Christmas tree campaign | SITECH | Voluntary work

    Helping others changes the world for the better. Employees from SITECH Sp. z o.o. again participated in the Christmas tree campaign. We were able to give presents to more than 30 kids from the children’s home thanks to our colleagues’ great commitment and big heart.

  • Christmas tree campaign | VW Motor Polska | Regional support

    Our plant again participated this year in the Christmas tree campaign organized by the Communication department of Volkswagen Group Components. Our employees had the opportunity to play Santa Claus and fulfill one of the dreams of children from the orphanage in Golanka Dolna. The idea met with keen interest and all the wishes were snapped up within one-and-a-half days. The packaged and labeled gifts were delivered punctually and then handed over the children’s home. One thing is for sure: We need to ensure next year that we have a larger pool of wishes so that more of us have the chance to play Santa.

  • “Clean up the forest” campaign | VW Motor Polska | Nature conservation

    Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 and VW Motor Polska makes its very own contribution to that. Representatives from the trade union organization Solidarność, employees from VW Motor Polska and young members of the workforce clean up the nearby forest every year. The participants collect refuse and put it in bags. In 2012, VW Motor Polska paid for reforestation of six hectares of land in Sucha Górna.

    The aim of the campaign is to encourage eco-friendly conduct and protect forests.

  • Clean up the World | Volkswagen Group Components | Nature conservation

    The group consisting of Volkswagen Motor Polska, young employees and the workforce commission Solidarność is cleaning up the woodland, which was reforested by Volkswagen Motor Polska in 2012. The reforestation was carried out in collaboration with the Lubin Forestry Office. The forest is home to plants that are typical of the region.

  • Corporate volunteering | VW Commercial Vehicles | Voluntary work

    Employees in Poland can volunteer to help selected institutions with not-for-profit activities – and act at the same time as ambassadors of Volkswagen Poznań. That is an expression of the desire to put Volkswagen Poznań’s principles and values into practice. Six voluntary projects for employees with a total budget of €6,530 were initiated in 2021. Employees from all levels and functions – from production to top management – took part. Various campaigns were initiated, such as renovations, building of housing for homeless animals, cleaning of animal shelters, and planting of trees. The program is highly popular.

  • CSR- policy | VW Motor Polska | Equal opportunities

    We are very proud of the signing of the Social Responsibility Policy by the management of VW MP and the chairman of the company organization. It is a document that presents and summarizes our activities for both employees and the local community, environmental protection and the dialogue with our stakeholders.

  • Dialog with the neighborhood and society | VW Commercial Vehicles | Regional support

    Regular exchange between company representatives, residents and stakeholders, such as schools, environmental associations and public authorities, has been a firm part of the company’s engagement at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles’ site in Hanover for more than three decades.

    Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles invites residents from the neighborhood and other stakeholders to events held at least twice a year in order to discuss concerns, ideas, wishes and suggestions. The aim of the direct dialog is to jointly find solutions and dispel potential conflicts before they arise. This initiative has created a relationship of trust at all locations to the parties’ mutual benefit.

    In view of the continuing threat from Covid-19, the Poznań and Września locations decided to hold an online neighborhood meeting in 2021.

  • Diversity Day | SITECH | Equal opportunities

    We again celebrated Diversity Day in 2021. It was organized online due to the pandemic. The main topic was hate speech and discrimination. We invited a special guest, who spoke about the role of discrimination of children and youngsters and the right way to educate them. Our employees played a detective game together to highlight the issue of prejudices. Diversity Day is always highly popular. The employees were sent the film from the event afterwards.

  • Diversity Trainings | SITECH | Equal opportunities

    Diversity is an important issue at SITECH Sp. z o.o. We held Group-wide diversity trainings for all our managers in 2020. We rolled out a new management system called “Nudge Management.” We prepared a diversity training course for all employees and posted it on the e-learning platform. We plan to provide all indirect employees with training in 2021. The diversity trainings are also obligatory for newly hired employees.

  • Donation to two hospitals | VW Motor Polska | Regional support

    VW Motor Polska donated PLN 20,000 to the Open Heart Foundation of the Provincial Hospital in Legnica. Other companies in the Special Economic Zone also supported the hospital financially. Thanks to the funds raised, a new ambulance was purchased. The same amount was also donated to the Palium Foundation Hospital in Lubin for the fight against Covid-19.

  • Dual education system | VW Motor Polska | Education and science

    VW Motor Polska is the first company is Poland to launch a dual system of vocational training in mechatronics engineering. We introduced it as part of the EU project VIA Grensis Interreg 3A. A pilot project was subsequently held in the school complex in Chocianów. As an upshot, the vocation of mechatronics engineer was registered in Poland’s national list of professions. The neighboring company Sitech joined in later. VW Motor Polska cooperates with the Chocianów Comprehensive School. The company trains the students as fitters/mechatronics engineers. They are employed as trainees at VW Motor Polska throughout the three-year term.

  • Earth Day | VW Motor Polska | Nature conservation

    “No one can do everything, but everyone can do something” – that is the slogan under which Volkswagen worldwide staged a one-hour event called #Project1hour. The campaign’s objective was to bring all the company’s employees (660,000) together to reflect about and discuss climate protection. Everyone was able to submit ideas or suggestions for measures. In addition, the workshop gave employees more information about the climate crisis and made it clear to them how important it is to take immediate action.

    The climate day culminated in the planting of a tree (the “Oak of Respect”) by the Managing Director, the Chairman of the trade union NSZZ “Solidarność,” the Head of the Technical Service, and the coordinators of the group “Respect.”

  • Environment Week | SITECH | Education and science: Environment

    We organized the Environment Week in June. The project aims to increase employees’ awareness of the issue of environmental protection. An information campaign with practical tips on protecting the environment, as well as a webinar and contests, were organized as part of the Environment Week. Employees cleaned up the plants’ surrounding area (by collecting refuse) and planted trees.

  • Ergonomics at the workplace | SITECH | Equal opportunities/healthcare

    Every workplace at our company undergoes ergonomic audits. What is called an Ergonomics Folder is created in the basis of that. Countermeasures are developed for the defined red areas so that they can be optimized from an ergonomic perspective. A physiotherapist conducts ergonomic exercises at the workplace, presenting simple exercises employees can do on their own (“Physiotherapist Closer to You” project).

  • “Fields of Hope” | VW Motor Polska | Voluntary work

    Our colleagues from the VW MP outpatient clinic participated in the Poland-wide “Fields of Hope” campaign on behalf of our company.

    Together with pupils from the Salesian primary school St. Dominic Savio in Lubin, they planted daffodil bulbs donated by the Palium Association in Lubin on the school grounds. The flowers will bloom in the spring and form the “Field of Hope.” Thanks to our participation in this nationwide campaign, we once again had the opportunity to demonstrate that we are a responsible employer with employees who take social engagement seriously. The symbol of the campaign – a yellow daffodil – in particular reminds us of people who are suffering and need help and care in the most difficult moments of their life.

  • “For Blue Skies” | VW Commercial Vehicles | Education and science

    The “For Blue Skies” project is an early education program at primary schools on the subject of climate protection. Schoolchildren measure how clean the air in their environment is in this project. Once a month, the primary school kids test the air quality during lessons using a research kit and observe climate changes in the vicinity of their school. The results are then published on the project site by the schools in cooperation with the researchers accompanying the project. The children subsequently develop ideas on how to improve the quality of the air. They learn why air is vital to life on our planet. The project’s goal is to impress the issue of climate protection, in particular air quality, on the pupils of 21 primary schools in the Wielkopolska province and promote a positive development. The project was launched in October 2021 and lasts the whole school year.

  • Fund-raising campaigns | VW Commercial Vehicles | Equal opportunities

    Various fund-raising campaigns were organized at Volkswagen Poznań in 2019. Funds were raised to better equip schools in Madagascar, for example. The campaign was organized in cooperation with students from the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. Special donation boxes were provided at various points in the Poznań and Września plants. The same system was also used to raise money for the animal shelter in Gaj in the fall of 2020. In addition, the Christmas campaign was organized in all plants for children from underprivileged families. Employees bought presents, which were then given to the families by the social welfare services. In December, a campaign to raise donations in kind was also launched among employees with the aim of helping medical professionals/staff and patients cope with this difficult time of isolation. This campaign ran until the end of January 2021.

  • Green energy | VW Motor Polska | Nature conservation

    The VW Motor Polska plant in Polkowice has been supplied with 100% green electricity since 2012, meaning its CO2 emissions have been reduced by 96%.

  • Health of employees | SITECH | Miscellaneous: Healthcare

    The company looks after its employees’ health. It offers check-ups, consultation with specialists and physiotherapy treatments at the workplace as part of a health calendar. Every employee also has access to free psychological counseling at Polkowice Health Center.

  • Health management | VW Motor Polska | Health

    As part of the company’s health management offering, the VW Motor Polska plant in Polkowice has an outpatient clinic that is opened during all shifts so that employees can be given quick treatment if and when needs be. VW Motor Polska also offers diagnostic and laboratory tests, visits to specialists and physiotherapists, and regular vaccinations. In addition, regular health campaigns are organized in which employees can undergo a medical check-up. In order to raise and maintain awareness on health matters, VW Motor Polska employees are provided with information on different health- and diet-related issues in a series of talks. The company also ensures anonymous support by a psychologist.

  • Keeping child passengers safe | SITECH | Road safety education

    A safety belt can save lives – especially those of children. But how do I put it on correctly? And why do I need a child safety seat? Experts from SITECH delivered answers to that and other questions in the “Safety on the road” project. Andrzej Świerczyński, Head of Plant Safety in Poland, and his employees visit kindergartens in the region, invite school classes to SITECH’s Polkowice works and cooperate with the police in safety training. They use seat simulators to show how adults and children should be seated and wear a safety belt correctly in the car. Their objective is always to make children, parents and accompanying persons aware of how important child safety seats and safety belts are. After all: “Our talks with the police have shown that many children travel without a child safety seat or with a badly fitted safety belt. We aim to change that and thereby help to improve the health and safety our children in our region,” states Andrzej Świerczyński.

  • Memorial Work | VW Motor Polska | Voluntary work

    VW Motor Polska has supported history education at the grounds of the former Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz for 18 years. The “Memorial Work” project is aimed at school pupils and the company’s employees and managers and involves working together to clean up and renovate former camp buildings and caring for and maintaining detainees’ personal objects, such as shoes, spectacles, suitcases, etc. The aim of the initiative is to preserve the memory of past events and stimulate joint reflection on the future.  

  • Nudge Management and Nudge Review | SITECH | Equal opportunities

    Quarterly meetings with managers are organized in order to share best practices and lessons learned from Nudges. The Nudges Booklet was published as part of this project. It contains the Nudges used by managers at our company, practical tips to implement them, and feedback from the team.

  • Occupational health management | SITECH | Health

    As part of the SITECH health management program, the Polkowice plant has an on-site walk-in clinic which is open during all shifts to offer care to employees at short notice, as needed. In addition, SITECH offers diagnostic and laboratory tests, visits to specialists, physical therapy, and regular vaccinations. The program also organizes regular health campaigns in which employees are offered medical examinations. With the aim of achieving a lasting improvement in health awareness, SITECH employees can attend lectures on a wide variety of health and nutrition topics. Finally, the company also offers anonymous counselling sessions with a psychologist.

  • Olympic Day at the Chocianów School | VW Motor Polska | Sport, regional support

    The school complex in Chocianów celebrated its 60th anniversary, which coincided with Olympic Day. During the ceremony invited guests, former pupils and their families had the opportunity to look back at the school’s history and past successes.

    The school in Chocianów is also an important partner to our company as regards vocational training in the field of mechatronics.

    VW Motor Polska donated five official Euro 2020 balls bearing the VW logo to mark Olympic Day.

    “We want to encourage the most talented pupils by helping them leverage their potential. To enable that, our company has invested more than 17,000 PLN in purchasing a sensor station. We feel sure that investing in youth development will quickly reap positive results. At the same time it is an investment in our future,” said the project coordinator.

  • Open Day | SITECH | Art and culture

    We regularly organize an Open Day with the Board of Management and managers. It gives all employees the chance to meet with the board and managers and discuss issues that are foremost on their mind. We foster a culture of openness and encourage all employees to state their opinion frankly.

  • Planting campaign with employees | VW Commercial Vehicles | Nature conservation, voluntary work

    Over 50,000 trees were planted near to the Polish plants in Poznań and Września in 2020. Employees could volunteer to participate in this campaign and so help the company in doing its bit to protect the environment.

  • SITECH’s voluntary work program | SITECH | Voluntary work

    SITECH’s voluntary work program was established at the end of 2016 at the initiative of several employees. In accordance with the internal instructions, every employee is given eight hours of time off a year to do voluntary work. We support people in need in the Polkowice region.

  • ŠKODA AutoLab | ŠKODA | Traffic education

    ŠKODA AutoLab is the first of its kind advanced and technological interactive center of safety in Poland. It enables visitors to take part in the exhibition divided into 5 theme zones. Visitors can learn about safety on road, the technology used in new cars, eco-driving techniques, safe road tours, and watch a short movie in the ŠKODA cinema. Each year, over 20 000 people visit our center

  • ŠKODA Driving School | ŠKODA | Traffic education

    ŠKODA Driving School is the school of aims at improving driving skills, in which drivers are taught how to eliminate bad habits, and errors while driving. The main goal is to reduce the number of car accidents committed every year. Trainers working in ŠKODA Driving School have international certificates that enables them to conduct courses in whole Europe. All the trainings are carried out at the special truck – SKODA AutoDrom.

  • ŠKODA ENYAQ iV in TOPR | ŠKODA | Environmental protection

    A campaign than communicates cooperation of SKODA Brand with TOPR. SKODA ENYAQ iV supports rescue teams in their daily work. At the same time it cares about local nature and noise level.

  • Stakeholder dialog | VW Motor Polska | Regional support

    VW Motor Polska embraces dialog with stakeholders at its location. We meet every year with representatives from local authorities, universities, schools, institutions and neighboring companies. It is an excellent opportunity to discuss our corporate social responsibility activities and tackle new challenges.

  • Stakeholder dialog | VW Motor Polska | Regional support

    VW Motor Polska embraces dialog with stakeholders at its location. We meet every year with representatives from local authorities, universities, schools, institutions and neighboring companies. It is an excellent opportunity to discuss our corporate social responsibility activities and tackle new challenges.

  • Support for pregnant employees | VW Commercial Vehicles | Health

    Volkswagen Poznań helps its employees strike a good work-life balance. Pregnant women have a chance to work six hours a day instead of eight, for example. Apart from shorter working hours, the company also offers pregnant employees health check-ups and parking close to their workplace. Mothers can use special comfortable breastfeeding rooms after their child has been born.

  • Supporting Ronald McDonald Foundation | MAN | Opportunities for disadvantaged children

    MAN Poland has been supporting the Ronald McDonald Foundation the last three years by funding the construction of a Ronald McDonald house (a home oriented environment/clinic for children needing medical assistance), the build of a MAN TGM mobile clinic dedicated to children and the organisation of a charity run to sponsor the fuel of the mobile clinic.

  • Time for culture | VW Motor Polska | Education and science

    The Integrity Ambassadors and members of the “Respect” group worked together on activities aimed at fostering the organizational culture at our company. They based those activities on the feedback from the results of this year’s Stimmungsbarometer (“Mood Barometer”).

    The workshop had many facets: Integrity, compliance regulations and cooperation in the widest sense were discussed. The discussions and presentations centered around values, principles of conduct, and diversity. They jointly analyzed what had happened in relation to Covid-19 and examined the measures and initiatives at the factory. This review underscored that we as an organization have done a lot to combat coronavirus and protect our planet, among other things.

  • The “VWolontariat” program | VW Motor Polska | Voluntary work

    The VWolontariat Committee, which consists of representatives from all divisions, decided to approve two applications this year:

    1. Construction of a picnic and educational site in the village of Pogorzeliska
    2. Modernization of the room in the community center in Jakubowo Lubinskie.
  • Tour of the plant | SITECH | Regional support

    Other companies and nearby schools show a keen interest in SITECH. Visitors to the plant can get to know more about the company’s organizational structure and production processes. In that way we can inspire other companies, not only in the automotive industry, in their further development and show students that we are an attractive employer for their future career.

  • Ukrainian Week | SITECH | Equal opportunities

    A Ukrainian Week was organized in July 2021 to bring Polish and Ukrainian employees closer together. The goal was to present the culture of the colleagues who work with us. Employees were able to try Ukrainian specialties in the canteen during the week. They also received a newsletter containing interesting facts about Ukraine and its inhabitants.

  • Upgrading of the grounds by the Oder | VW Motor Polska | Voluntary work

    Our employees inaugurated a picnic site in Głogów. The ceremony was combined with a charity event to raise money for Jan, who suffers from tibial muscular dystrophy.

    The project was staged at the initiative of employees as part of our “VWolontariat” program. By joining forces, the volunteers from VW MP succeeded in creating a place where residents of Głogów and the surrounding area can actively pursue recreational activities and recuperate. Pupils from schools in Głogów were also involved in the project and will take care of keeping the area clean in the future. The work done by our volunteers included cleaning the grounds, building a shelter with tables and a fire pit, and erecting an information panel with an outdoor game, as well as providing instruction on how to make and extinguish campfires safely as part of a nature workshop.

  • Voluntary service by employees | VW Commercial Vehicles | Voluntary work

    Employees in Poland can volunteer to help selected institutions with not-for-profit activities – and act at the same time as ambassadors of Volkswagen Poznań. Volunteering for it is an expression of the desire to put Volkswagen Poznań’s principles and values into practice.  

  • VW Booster Club | VW Motor Polska | Voluntary work

    The VW Booster Club, which comprises volunteers from VW Motor Polska’s workforce, supports children and families from the region who are particularly poor or needy. The club organizes an annual pre-Christmas fund-raising drive, in which cake and Christmas decorations are sold, with the proceeds going towards helping the sick or needy. There are also campaigns where toys, school materials or clothing are collected for children in need.  

  • Young Engineers’ School | VW Commercial Vehicles | Education and science

    The “Young Engineers’ School” project aims to promote science, in particular robotics, automation and the fundamentals of programming, among pupils at primary schools in Poland. The program is staged together with the Education Development Fund for Young Engineers. It benefited schools from the Wielkopolska province. On each occasion, 13 schools are selected and equipped by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Poznań with special teaching materials for building and programming robots. In addition, an all-day technology festival and certified training in how to use the programmable robots in lessons were held.

  • We help “SZANSA” | SITECH | Voluntary work/regional support

    Our colleagues from the Technical Planning and Technology Development department helped the SZANSA association renovate the building and rooms for children and youngsters. Our company also presented a donation to the association. SZANSA’s mission is to prevent all types of violence against children and young people and to help abused children and their families.

  • Works meeting with the theme of diversity | SITECH | Miscellaneous

    Four works meetings are held at SITECH every year. In 2019, we staged a Diversity day at one of the meetings to mark the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development. Employees presented their favorite pastimes at a hobby market in a relaxed atmosphere.  

  • !Zostań św. Mikołajem” (“Become Santa Claus”) | VW Commercial Vehicles | Education and science

    “Zostań św. Mikołajem” (“Become Santa Claus”) is an annual campaign conducted by Volkswagen Poznań in support of the needy. It has been held since 2016.

    Residents who are looked after by the city’s Family Welfare Center report what they need up to an amount of 70 zloty. Request cards they have written themselves are then hung on the Christmas tree. All employees can now become Santa Claus by taking a card from the tree and making the request come true.

    In this way 40 parcels are put together every year and are then handed over to the head of the city’s Social Welfare Center at a meeting in December (the dialog with neighbors).

Romania: 1 Project

  • Little People Romania | Porsche Engineering | Healthcare

    The Little People Association was born of the desire to give every child and youngster suffering from cancer the support they need. Since being founded in 2002, the work done by the non-profit organization has benefited thousands of affected children and their families in Europe. The objective is to offer systematic and psychosocial support. Porsche Engineering Romania has helped the organization establish a therapy and play room and ensure psychological support at the Institute of Oncology.  

Slovakia: 7 Projects

  • Cooperation with children’s house | ŠKODA | Charity

    ŠKODA AUTO Slovensko supports children’s house with approximately 75 children. Couple of times a year, employees of ŠAS collect clothes, toys, books and other similar things suitable for children. This year, we supported the institution with 2000 euros before X-mas time. Additionally, some of the employees donated money as well.  

  • Participation in research into invasive midges in the environs of Bratislava | Volkswagen | Nature conservation

    Topic: Collaboration with Comenius University and the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS)

    Project goal: To prove the incidence of invasive midges and identify them on the plant premises in a research project as part of international cooperation between Slovakia, Austria and the Czech Republic.

  • “Preservation and support of biodiversity in grassland and field communities” | Volkswagen | Nature conservation


    • Return of natural wildlife and promotion of pollinators


    • Protection and preservation of insects
    • Natural meadows instead of grass monocultures on the plant premises
    • Improvement in the living conditions for fauna on the plant premises


    1. Flower meadows

    • Creating flower meadows makes a valuable contribution to biodiversity and sends out a clear signal for its preservation.
    • Expansion of the areas and a new concept for tending for selected areas => near-natural environments

    2. Erection of insect hotels:

    • Creation of habitats by erecting insect hotels and bird feeders for hibernation and reproduction of natural species
    • Installation of further new insect hotels

    3. Erection of birdhouses

    • Creation of habitats for birds on the plant premises
  • ŠKODA Handy | ŠKODA | Handicaped people

    The ŠKODA Handy project aims to help people with physical disabilities to enjoy more active and comfortable lives. In 2020, ŠKODA AUTO continued in development of the project. Currently, 134 out of 218 dealerships in Czech Republic are involved, and more than 5 000 customers have used services of ŠKODA Handy.

  • ŠKODA Helps | ŠKODA | Charity

    This challenge was published to help fight Covid-19 disease. During the year more than 50 organisations used vehicles from ŠKODA and their dealers. The vehicles were used for off-road social work to lonely seniors to accompany them to the doctor, to assist with handling at the public institutions but also for ordinary purchases. Vehicles were also used for distribution medicine, masks and social packages or disinfection of various facilities. ŠKODA AUTO was also rewarded with a “Senior friendly” award for this assistance.

  • Tree growing | ŠKODA | Environment

    SKODA AUTO Slovensko joined the CALL of the capital city of Slovakia – Bratislava. The major of Bratislava commited the city to plant 10 000 trees in 5 years round. The planting trees in cities is very expensive because of the infrastructure problems, trees must be of certain hight, there are other technical activities connected to the watering systems, . . ŠKODA AUTO Slovensko was the first company in SVK to join the CALL and not only financed the trees, but also the employees of the company helped to plant the trees actively + they cleaned up the surrounding of the new alley.

  • VAGUS – support of NGO working with homeless people | ŠKODA | Charity

    SKODA AUTO Slovensko organized a collection of clothes for homeless people, and donated them to VAGUS at the beginning of winter.

  • We save crabs for Slovakia | Volkswagen | Nature conservation

    • Breeding of crabs in a facility on the grounds of the sewage treatment plant
    • Release of crabs at selected locations in the Little Carpathians
    • Creation of an information panel on the subject of crabs at the VW SK sewage treatment plant

    Proactive communication on the quality of waste water produced by VW in which crabs can live without any problem.

Spain: 38 Projects

  • 2020: Anti-waste year | SEAT | Environmental protection

    SEAT committed to reduce the gap between current levels of waste and the target for 2025 by 50%. In 2019 SEAT achieved a reduction of 3 kg/car. In 2020, SEAT continued to pursue a Zero Waste Production, stablishing a bigger objective for 2020. Despite the COVID situation, SEAT was able to reduce one additional kg/car at the end of 2020. The objective is to eliminate disposal of waste at the plant and instead reduce and recycle it.

  • Biodiversity study at the Navarra site in Spain | Volkswagen | Nature conservation

    A biodiversity study at the plant, created with the support of employees, revealed that 266 species of flora and fauna were at home on the 1,630,199 m2 campus. The campus offers space, food and a breeding ground for orchids, reptiles and birds, among other things. The study’s objective was to establish a management system for caring for, preserving and protecting the species.

    Download: Cartel estudio bioversidad

  • CARS Madrid | SEAT | Health and Safety

    CARS Madrid, the Health Care and Rehabilitation Center promoted by SEAT and Volkswagen Financial Services, is already in operation and has begun to offer assistance and prevention services to the 1,350 employees of the Volkswagen Group in Madrid. With this center, SEAT and Volkswagen Financial Services consolidate their commitment to the health and well-being of the employees of the Volkswagen Group in Spain.

  • Climate Day 2021 | SEAT | Environmental protection

    During the Climate Day celebration in the Volkswagen Group, SEAT stopped in order to discuss about the Climate Change and what could be done in order to slow it down. Several ideas were raised in the group workshops and some are being implemented.

  • Delta del Ebro recovery | SEAT | Environmental protection

    Ever since the storm in Delta de l’Ebre in 2020, the VW has invested in the recovery of the biodiversity and the protected area. Some workshops and visits have been scheduled in order to raise awareness among the workers.

  • Donation to #YoMeCorono Initiative | SEAT | Health and safety

    SEAT has been committed for years to promoting the health and well-being of its employees and society. Following this commitment, the company has donated € 100,000 to the #YoMeCorono initiative to help research and develop a vaccine against the COVID-19 virus. The #YoMeCorono project is led by Dr. Buenaventura Clotet, president of the Lucha contra el SIDA foundation, director of IrsiCaixa and honorary member of the Scientific Committee SEAT de Empresa Saludable, together with the main researchers of the centers integrated in the CBIG consortium . The CBIG is made up of the Animal Health Research Center (CReSA), with long experience in the study of coronaviruses, the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) and IrsiCaixa, and has the support of Grifols.

    With this donation, SEAT once again turns to helping the population and the health community with a solidarity initiative. This action is added to the different projects led by the automobile company that it has carried out in recent months on a voluntary basis, such as the production of emergency respirators and masks.

  • Elimination of one-use plastic Tupperware | SEAT | Environmental protection

    One idea that came up was the elimination of plastic that is used in the canteens. For example the single-use Tupperware that was given with the food to take away is replaced with a glass washable Tupperware that can be reused infinite times.

  • ‘Eco-challenge’ campaign | SEAT | Environmental Awareness

    A monthly ‘eco-challenge’ with practical actions to help protect the environment. Employees were encouraged to share their actions on SEAT’s social networks (Instagram, Twitter or Facebook) with a monthly prize draw.

  • First company in the sector with ISO 45001 health and safety certification | SEAT | Health and Safety

    In 2018, SEAT obtained certification for its occupational health and safety management system in accordance with the new ISO 45001 standard, which was approved in February after five years of work. In this way, the company became the first company in the sector, and one of the first in the whole of Europe, to achieve this certification. This certification has been maintained in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

    The ISO 45.001 standard recognizes the strategic nature of the initiatives carried out in the field of health and safety and their alignment with the company’s objectives.

  • From building cars to respirators | SEAT | Health and safety

    At the end of March 2020, just two weeks after the declaration of the state of alarm in Spain, SEAT launched completely voluntarily and altruistic a project to develop and produce emergency respirators, adapting the production line of the Lion. This solidarity initiative was possible thanks to open collaboration between companies, public administration, doctors, hospitals and startups, among others. The common goal was to help the system health and its professionals. Between the entities involved were Protofy.xyz, the Hospital and Institute of Germans Trias i Pujol Research or the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona.

    The device, named OxyGEN #HOPE, integrated engine adapted from a wiper blades and included more than 80 electronic and mechanical components. Upon authorization by the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Sanitary Products, the company arrived to produce more than 600 respirators emergency that were delivered to hospitals from all over Spain.

    In the project they were involved in a volunteers more than 150 employees of all areas of the company, with direct involvement of departments Production, Health and Emergencies, Development, Logistics, Quality, Services Legal and SEAT: CODE, among others.

  • High-capacity trucks | SEAT | Environmental protection

    The new megatruck and duo-trailer are trucks with high-capacity that allow to carry more components for the inbound logistics and more cars in the outbound circulation per trip. This measure reduces thousands of truck trips every year and avoids up to 30% of CO2 emissions in inbound and up to 15% in outbound.

  • Improvements in rainwater collectors to reduce discharges to the river | SEAT | Environmental Awareness

    Through various modifications that have been made to the three collectors into which all the rainwater from our facilities flows, it has been possible to reduce the amount of waste that passes through these pipes, being stored in them, and ultimately achieving that what “carries the current” in the end does not end in the river or the sea. These interventions were carried out in August and the results have already been verified with the autumn rains, in which 418 kg of waste have been retained, preventing it from reaching the river and the sea, and being able to be segregated and recycled later.

  • LIFE Methamorphosis | SEAT | Biofuels

    Transformation of waste into methane. An initiative promoted by SEAT and based on the transformation of organic waste into methane, a biofuel that can be used in any vehicle running on natural gas. In 2020 the pilot run of four models was completed using biofuels obtained from fully renewable sources. One of them, a SEAT Leon TGI with a 1.5 litre, 96 kW engine ran for more than 100,000 kilometres over 12 months using only biomethane obtained from a mixture of slurry and cereal waste from a pig farm in Lérida. The project is co-financed by the European Union and involves Naturgy, Aqualia, FCC, the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB) and the Catalan Energy Institute (ICAEN).

  • Life Landfill Biofuel | SEAT | Environmental protection

    Obtaining biomethane from landfill waste. Project investigating the transformation of waste from landfills into biofuels without the need for prior separation. In 2020, construction began on a transformation plant in the city of Granada, which came into operation during the first quarter of 2021. This biomethane plant represents an opportunity to provide an outlet for the millions of tonnes of solid urban waste generated in Spain and Europe that accumulate in its landfills. The project is co-financed by the European Commission, with the participation of FCC, IVECO, the University of Granada, the CARTIF Foundation, SYSADVANCE and Gasnam.

  • New CUPRA Born | SEAT | Environmental protection

    The CUPRA Born is the company's first BEV model and the first to be delivered to customers with a CO2 neutral concept. This concept involves offsetting the CO2 emissions generated during the manufacture and logistics of the vehicle until delivery to the customer.

  • Optimization of base load | SEAT | Environmental protection

    The goal of the project is the reduction of the energy consumption in non-productive periods through weekly workshops in the production sites.

  • Paint shop plastic tools circular economy | SEAT | Environmental protection

    The plastic paint shop tools are treated as waste after being used just once. They are also mixed with plastics from other areas. This project proposed to reuse the tools through the injection of a new compound combining the crushed material of the tool (90%), new material and additives (10%). With this measure, it is planned to avoid the generation of 47 tons of plastic waste every year.

  • Paint shop sludge valorization | SEAT | Environmental protection

    From the paint shop dry ovens, particles are emitted into the air. This air is cleaned with water and then recycled. The waste generated in the water was before treated as waste. With a new measure, the sludge produced in the dry ovens is now dried and then reused as substrate for road construction avoiding nearly 2kg of waste per car produced.

  • Porsche Compromiso Social – Help in the coronavirus pandemic | Porsche | Equal opportunities

    Porsche Iberica helped people in need during the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 by ensuring they were kept supplied with basic necessities.

    Porsche’s canteen in Madrid cooked for elderly and vulnerable people who were not allowed to leave their home, for example. Meals were prepared for more than ten thousand people.

    The not-for-profit organization FESBAL, the Spanish and Portuguese food bank, was also supported with the SUMA project. Porsche Iberica and Porsche’s dealers staged various campaigns to raise money for FESBAL, one example of which was a donation of €500 to the organization for each vehicle sold. Further donations for food were collected as part of a Taycan Iberica Electrotour.  

  • PRIDE @ SEAT, visibility and support for the LGBT+ community | SEAT | Diversity and equality

    Under this vision, in 2020 Pride @ was born SEAT, an initiative promoted by a group of company workers and supported by the Resources area Humans. Your two main goals are to put in contact people from SEAT of the LGBT + collective to find help, share experiences or do networking and, on the other hand, generate awareness and give visibility and support to community.

    The group is open to gay people, lesbian, intersex, transsexual or queer, as well as heterosexuals who support the values of diversity that defends this group. In this sense, works to achieve progress on issues inclusion and rights of members of the collective in the company. Among the company's initiatives to give visibility to this group highlighted the celebration of the International Day of LGBT + Pride (June 28) incorporating the rainbow flag at the entrance to all its facilities and CASA SEAT.

    A campaign was also developed in social networks with the hashtag #SEATpride and #wedriveproud.

  • Promotion of social integration of people with handicaps | Volkswagen Financial Services | Equal opportunities

    The weaker can also be winners

    Play and movement are of huge importance for children. That also goes for children with a handicap. The Fundal Foundation promotes the social integration of people, in particular children, with handicaps. The foundation has had an alliance with UNICEF since 2004. Volkswagen Financial Services Spain has supported the foundation with funding of around €15,000 a year since 2014.

  • REDI association | SEAT | Diversity and equality

    SEAT joins the Board of Directors of REDI (Business Network for LGBT+ Diversity and Inclusion), the first business and expert network on diversity and inclusion in Spain, in its commitment to promote respect and diversity as an integrated value in the company’s daily activity.

    By joining REDI, the company is taking another step forward in its goal of fostering an inclusive and respectful environment among employees and promoting talent regardless of gender, identity or sexual orientation. This work has been recognized by the British newspaper Financial Times in its Diversity Leaders report, which positions SEAT as a leading company in Europe in terms of inclusion and diversity.

  • Reducing emissions through renovation of painting robots | SEAT | Energy Efficiency

    Program for the renovation of the robots in the painting facilities of workshop 5 at the Martorell factory which will lead to a very significant improvement in the application and consumption of paint, which will have repercussions on the reduction of the factory’s overall emissions rate. The project began in August 2020 and involves the replacement of more than 120 robots within four years.

  • Reduction of waste in parts packaging | SEAT | Environmental protection

    Parts usually arrive to assembly line from suppliers with plastic or cardboard protection in order to avoid quality damages. Regular workshops are being held in all production lines in Martorell factory, in order to identify potential reduction at source in the amount of plastic and cardboard waste in packaging, while always keeping the quality standards. In 2019-2020, 25 tn of plastic and 112 tn of cardboard have been eliminated.

  • Reduction of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) | SEAT | Elimination of solvents

    New phase of the programme for the progressive reduction of the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) generated in the paint drying process. In 2020, various improvements were made to the water-based primer process in workshop 2B in Martorell: renovation of the old primer oven, installation of two robots and adaptation of the mixing room.

  • Reusable cockpit protection | SEAT | Environmental protection

    Substitution of one-use plastic to protect the cockpit with a reusable padded cloth that is recirculated avoiding the creation of waste.

  • SEAQUAL recycled seats | SEAT | Environmental protection

    The introduction of fabrics with SEAQUAL certification in CUPRA Born is a case of the use of polymeric material from plastic waste collected from the sea, therefore, with a post-consumer origin, for the manufacture of seat fabrics.

  • SEAT supports the first women’s football Supercup in Spain | SEAT | Health and safety

    SEAT, in its firm will to promote women's sport, develop its brand image and enhance its media presence, will be present at the first women's Supercup in history, which the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) celebrates from 5 to February 9 in Salamanca, under the new Final Four sports format.

  • SEAT and MAPFRE join forces for safe mobility | SEAT | Health and safety

    SEAT and MAPFRE have signed a collaboration agreement in Spain for the development of the new mobility under safety and accident prevention parameters. With this alliance, and within their commitment to the goal of zero traffic victims, both companies will launch initiatives to minimize accidents. In addition, they will promote ways of collaboration in matters of safety when driving, as well as in the use of new forms of mobility and the creation of new solutions linked to the “connected car”.

  • SEAT MÓ: towards an electric urban mobility | SEAT | Sustainable mobility

    SEAT MÓ celebrates its first anniversary and enters the corporate mobility business.

    SEAT MÓ celebrates one year of operations and expands its offer of mobility solutions and services and enters the corporate mobility. Its objective is to give a better multimodal mobility service to companies that faster, easier, more ecological and sustainable and at a lower cost, offering scooters, motorcycles and 100% electric cars.

    Following the success achieved in Barcelona with its motosharing and subscription service, SEAT MÓ has expanded its range of mobility services through collaboration agreements with companies.

  • SEAT MÓ: towards an electric urban mobility | SEAT | Sustainable mobility

    SEAT MÓ: the road to electrifying a Greek island

    SEAT MÓ and its eScooter 125 arrived today to Astypalaia, a Greek island that is on course to become green and smart thanks to the initiative taken by Volkswagen Group and the Greek Government. This Mediterranean island will transform to e-mobility, smart mobility solutions and green power generation to, in the long run, become a model island for climate-neutral mobility and a future lab for Europe.

  • Train strategy increase | SEAT | Environmental protection

    The train strategy in SEAT aims to increase the use of trains in the distribution of our cars through the development, together with VWKL, of rail corridors to and from Central and Eastern Europe, as well as within the Iberian Peninsula. A good example of this strategy is the implementation of the first car train concept between Spain and Portugal connecting Martorell and Palmela (VW Autoeuropa) factories, with cars from Martorell to Portugal, and cars from Palmela to East Spain and the Port of BCN, which will reduce CO2 emissions in 43% in the overall concept.

  • Transfer of vehicles to hospitals | SEAT | Social projects

    SEAT made 150 vehicles available to professionals invarious medical centers in Barcelona and Madrid to facilitate mobility and transport of personnel and medical supplies. The transfer was completely free.

  • Vaccination campaign | SEAT | Health and Safety

    SEAT S.A. offers its health resources to vaccinate the population against COVID-19.

    SEAT S.A. and the Catalan Ministry of Health have reached an agreement to collaborate and streamline the vaccination process for the general population, once sufficient doses are available to massively vaccinate society against COVID-19. The company has offered to lend its infrastructure and healthcare staff to support the public health services in administering the vaccines. The company has offered to immunise the population in their immediate vicinity and both SEAT and Volkswagen Group employees’ in Catalonia, together with their families, following the official vaccination plan of the authorities. With this collaboration, the company wishes to demonstrate its commitment to society and its spirit of contribution in the fight against the pandemic.

  • Vaccination campaign | SEAT | Health and Safety

    SEAT S.A. resumes COVID-19 vaccination drive for Barcelona citizens

    SEAT S.A. reaffirmed its commitment to society by resuming the vaccination drive against COVID-19 for the people in the province of Barcelona. As part of efforts to help accelerate the immunization of citizens, the company is providing its resources to administer various doses of the vaccine. Following the agreement reached with the Government of Catalonia in February, the company placed two fixed vaccination points available to the public: one at CASA SEAT, in the centre of Barcelona, and another at a medical centre attached to its facilities in Martorell.

    In addition to these vaccination points, the company is also utilising two custom fitted "motor homes", trucks typically used in sporting events, which the company used to immunise the public earlier this summer. These are located at various points across the city and its surroundings as determined by the Catalan government. SEAT S.A. is also providing administrative and health staff, over 100 people, who already have experience in administering COVID-19 vaccines.

  • Waste recycling: from paint sludge to raw material for roads | SEAT | Circular Economy

    Project for the recovery of paint sludge with the aim of reducing the amount of waste going to landfill and giving it a second life. It consists of applying thermal drying to the sludge for subsequent mixing with other materials and transforming it into raw material for road construction. Pilot tests began in January and the first shipment was made in May, with 100% of the sludge being recycled.

  • WoMAN programme | MAN | Education/Diversity

    MAN T&B Iberia has implemented the WoMAN programme with two objectives: to provide a solution to the shortage of professional drivers and to enrich the sector through diversity by giving visibility and posibility to women as professional drivers.

    Activities implemented:

    1. Communication campaign with female driver ambassadors.
    2. WoMAN scholarship programme (10 women will obtain a lorry licence, 5 rigid and 5 trailer and will receive real ProfiDrive training in order to start working).
    3. Five MAN ProfiDrive courses in driving efficiency for female drivers at MAN customers in Spain.

Sweden: 4 Projects

  • Covid initiatives | Scania | Local support

    As it is scientifically proven that vaccination gives good protection especially for severe illness Scania encourages all employees to get vaccinated.

    Scania in Södertälje has during 2021 been able to offer vaccination to all Scania employees and consultants as well as to the general public in Södertälje. All employees in Luleå have also been offered vaccination, with a very good result.  

  • Scania Top Team | Scania | Others

    The purpose of Scania Top Team is to increase knowledge about Scania’s products and services, as well to strengthen collaboration between service, parts and service advisor personnel. Scania Top Team also gives us a good overview of the national competence levels regarding our service offer – and what actions we need to take in order to keep expertise on top.

    The competition is a vital channel for creating an understanding and commitment for Driving the Shift towards a sustainable transport system. Scania believes it is only through partnerships and by engaging all employees that we can develop solutions that can reduce our carbon footprint, while ensuring that we meet the demands of a growing population – in a profitable and sustainable way. This needs to be acted on in the global service organisations, and will impact both the competition and the focus activities.

    By training the global organisation through local activities at Scania’s almost 1,400 workshops, we create awareness globally about how all can contribute to driving the shift towards sustainable transport solutions.

  • Södertäljejourerna | Scania | Local support

    Scania has a long term partnership together with Södertäljejourerna, based in Södertälje and consists of three different emergency services, Kvinnojouren Annfrid, Juventas ungdomsjour and Brottsofferjouren Södertälje.

    Södertäljejourerna’s aim is to possess high and relevant competence among employees and volunteers to offer the best support to aid applicants in the region. They want to maintain focus on the acute situation and at the same time work preventively.

    Scania wants to proactively contribute to improve the climate in Södertälje and it is important for us to work for good values, diversity and inclusion. Within this partnership Södertäljejourerna offers a series of workshops (focus on values, work against violence etc.) for all our sponsorship partners in Södertälje .

  • Swedish Workplace Program | Scania | Decent work, social dialogue, health and equal opportunities

    Scania partners with the Swedish Workplace Programme (SWP). SWP promotes sustainability, diversity and democracy in the workplace by establishing partnerships between management and employees. SWP treats the workplace as a high potential platform to address multiple business and sustainability issues with a vision of better relationships that lead to better workplaces. SWP is implemented in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

    The cooperation with SWP dates back to 2004 when Scania and 10 Swedish companies in Sub Sharan Africa started to mitigate the effects of the HIV epidemic that hampered the productivity and negatively affected the lives of thousands of employees, then as the Swedish Workplace HIV and AIDS Programme (SWHAP).

    SWP und SWHAP are partnerships between the International Council of Swedish Industry Swedish labor union industry and metal (IF Metall).

Switzerland: 1 Project

  • Taycan Artcar for a good cause | Porsche | Art and culture

    In collaboration with the well-known American artist Richard Phillips, Porsche’s first all-electric sports car, the Taycan, has been transformed into a unique objet d’art. The mobile work of art was sold in a global online auction with the support of RM Sotheby’s in 2021. All the proceeds benefited the non-profit Suisseculture Sociale association in Switzerland. With this donation, Porsche Schweiz AG and the project partners will help Swiss artists in an industry that has been particularly hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic. Suisseculture Sociale was founded to support artists 20 years ago and is independent of the public sector. During the pandemic, the Swiss Confederation tasked the association with organizing and directing its emergency coronavirus aid for artists. The proceeds from the Taycan Artcar auction are intended for persons suffering hardship who fall through the cracks.

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