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Australia: 4 Projects

  • Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation | Volkwagen Financial Services | Healthcare, Social welfare

    A good cause: fund-raising for sick children

    Employees of Volkswagen Financial Services Australia have raised funds for Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation since 2019. The organization’s vision is to ensure that every child has access to the best healthcare when and where they need it. The Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation cares for more than 150,000 children in New South Wales, a state in Southeastern Australia. TeamworX – Members of the fund-raising committee staged charity runs, for example. Project funding of € 7,000 was given in 2019.

  • No Second Chance (N2C) | Porsche | Road safety education

    No Second Chance (N2C) is a road safety education program that visits high schools throughout Australia.

    Porsche Australia has supported this initiative since 2015. N2C has a simple, overarching message: Make smart, not foolish decisions and you will have the chance to live your dreams. The objective is to reach youngsters so as to avoid deaths or tragic consequences from road accidents. Talks by former racing drivers at schools are offered as part of that.

  • Tyre Stewardship Australia (TSA) | Porsche | Nature conservation

    Porsche Cars Australia (PCA) is committed to recycling nationwide in cooperation with Tyre Stewardship Australia, and all Porsche centers have joined the tire recycling initiative TSA.

    TSA is an official, government-backed initiative that aims to reduce the impact of old tires on the environment, health and safety throughout Australia.

    The goal is for around 16,000 tires to be recycled properly at the end of their life.

    All 13 Australian dealers have joined the initiative and are audited and accredited by the Tyre Stewardship Australia.

  • Woman With Drive: Powered by Porsche | Porsche | Art and culture

    Network for female customers and/or fans of the brand.

    Information and content on Porsche-related topics, as well as travel, style, eating and drinking, health and fitness, business and on the website. We celebrate the achievements of women and offer the chance to network as part of events and through social media. The network is supported by national and international ambassadors.  

Japan: 6 Projects

  • Donation of unutilized magazines | Audi | Social projects

    Audi Japan collects regularly magazines, which are not in use anymore. These magazines are sent to Non-Profit Organizations. Non-Profit Organizations use them for example libraries.

  • Donation to the Japan Guide Dog Association | Audi | Social projects

    Initiated the Audi watch battery change for employees. All the funds gathered from this activity have been donated to the Japan Guide Dog Association.

  • No accident no traffic ticket | Audi | Traffic

    The Motorcycle Club of Audi Japan received an award for no traffic tickets from the police.

  • Organic Rice Project | Porsche | Environmental protection

    The Organic Rice Project aims to promote healthy nutrition and environmental awareness at primary and secondary schools in Kisarazu, while also helping to protect the environment by supporting local organic rice farmers. Other methods are used in ecological rice farming than in conventional cultivation, which entails a heavy workload for farmers as well as high financial cost. With the support of Porsche Japan, awareness about the issue of diet and health are being strengthened among the population, while organic rice is provided for school meals.

  • ROCKET Project | Porsche | Education and science

    The ROCKET project of the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology at the University of Tokyo aims to discover and train people with exceptional talents. The program contents offered are based on the interests and hallmarks of the scholarship holders, who are chosen after a review of their documents and interviews. The scholarship holders are given practical educational programs in which top people from science and technology, art and sport offer talks, discussions and project-based learning.

  • Training youngsters in money management | Volkswagen Financial Services | Education and science

    Fit in finance
    In order to give young people the know-how they need to manage money, Volkswagen Financial Services Japan (VFSJ) has been supporting Finance Park, a non-profit financial education program for students in Tokyo, since 2015. The Finance Park is located in a public junior high school in the center of Tokyo, just 15 minutes’ walk from the company’s office. Young people learn about everyday issues relating to finances in theory and practice and create a budget at the end of their training. Six other leading companies are involved in this initiative. Only one company from each sector can be a sponsor – and Volkswagen Financial Services Japan represents the automotive industry. VFSJ supports the project with annual funding of around € 4,000.

Korea: 13 Projects

  • Coronavirus Emergency Response with ChildFund Korea | Porsche | Equal opportunities

    Together with ChildFund Korea, Porsche Korea has implemented various supports for people impacted by the coronavirus pandemic who did not have the financial means for the appropriate provisions against infection. On the one hand, they have provided masks and food for impacted and at-risk children. On the other hand, they have supported low-income families that have been hit particularly hard by the COVID-19 Situation.

  • Finding the Way to Your Dreams | Porsche | Regional support

    Porsche Korea has supported fund-raising projects in the fields of education, culture, social welfare and the environment since 2017 with its CSR program “Porsche. Do Dream.”

    Korean traditions and cultural heritage are dwindling in importance, in particular among the young. Traditional cultural educational programs are to be launched to counter the problem of loss of intangible cultural heritage. The program’s goal is to give youngsters greater familiarity with possible career paths in the field of intangible cultural heritage.  

  • Green School Walkway | Audi | Environmental projects

    In line with Volkswagen Group’s mission, Audi Volkswagen Korea is carrying out the environmental initiative called ‘goTOzero’.

    The ‘goTOzero’ exhibition was held to inform the severity of climate change and the need for carbon emission reduction. The exhibition lead sympathy of 10,297 visitors by delivering a message of carbon neutrality as a countermeasure against global climate change in the entire process related to electric vehicles. At the ‘goTOzero’ exhibition, AVK received 2,092 signatures from the visitors on action oath of their effort to carbon reduction.
    In terms of real action for environment change, AVK is creating Green School Walkway, surrounding schools with greenery to create a pleasant and safe educational environment for future talents. In 2021 Walkway was built near 3 schools in Seoul, with a total of 17,500 trees in 700m.

    AVK also offers to create Classroom Forest in schools of which have been disregarded as potential walkway construction sites due to geographical limitations. 2 Schools have been selected in 2020, followed by 4 schools in 2021, and were donated with air purifying plants and trees so that the children will be able to study in healthier environment.

  • Invigorate Seoul through New Media Art | Porsche | Art and culture

    Porsche Korea has supported fund-raising projects in the fields of education, culture, social welfare and the environment since 2017 with its CSR program “Porsche. Do Dream.”

    The “Invigorate Seoul through New Media Art” project is being launched in cooperation with the non-profit organization Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture. The aim is to implement public art installations in easily accessible areas. Young artists are trained for the installations, and new content is developed in workshops. The goal is to make future technologies in connection with virtual reality visible and tangible in the form of “New Media Art.” As a result, citizens hit by the crisis are to experience the joy of art; at the same time, empty stores in Seoul are used for the exhibitions and installations.  

  • Porsche Dream Art Ttareungi | Porsche | Art and culture

    Alongside its educational work, Porsche Korea has teamed up with the artist Kippeum Park to launch a public art project to promote sustainable mobility. 365 Seoul city bikes, called “Ttareungi,” were made publicly available in November 2021 as part of the “Porsche Dream Art Ttareungi” project, meaning that there is theoretically the option of using a different artistic cycling bike each day of the year. Each of the bikes has been embellished with a traditional patchwork design by the artist Kippeum Park and comes with advice from Roland Heiler, Chief Designer of the Porsche Design Studio. The project aims to let Seoul’s citizens experience more art in their daily life and also to help create a more eco-friendly city. Porsche Korea has provided a total of more than 300 million KRW in donations through the public art project “Dream Art Ttareungi” and a further 200 million KRW to support the creative activities of performing art organizations and artists directly affected by COVID-19.

  • Porsche Dream Circle | Porsche | Environmental protection

    Porsche Korea launched the initiative “Do Dream, Porsche” in 2017 together with the welfare organization ChildFund Korea. One of the initiative’s aims is to help disadvantaged children and youngsters and create an environment where they can grow up healthily and with motivation.

    The existing CSR initiative was expanded in 2020 to include an environmental education program. The Porsche Dream Circle project aims to give schoolchildren a closer understanding of nature and the environment by being held directly at schools. Solar panels are installed and school forests created together with the pupils, for instance. Two further Dream Circle schools were set up with the funding from 2021.

  • Porsche Dream Playground | Porsche | Equal opportunity

    Porsche Korea launched the initiative “Do Dream, Porsche” in 2017 together with the welfare organization ChildFund Korea. The initiative’s aim is to help disadvantaged children and youngsters and create an environment where they can grow up healthily and with motivation. There are only few recreational opportunities for children in Korea. The high levels of particulate air pollution mean they are often prohibited from playing outside. The Porsche Dream Playground project therefore provides indoor playgrounds for children up to the age of 13 at schools and special schools. Attention is paid to selecting regions where lower-income families tend to live and where only few leisure-time activities are offered.

  • Porsche Dream Up | Porsche | Equal opportunity

    Porsche Korea launched the initiative “Do Dream, Porsche” in 2017 together with the welfare organization ChildFund Korea. The initiative’s aim is to help disadvantaged children and youngsters and create an environment where they can grow up healthily and with motivation.

    The Porsche Dream Up project supports children and youngsters from disadvantaged families that have a special sporting, artistic or musical talent and might not be able to pursue their dreams without financial aid.

  • Secret Santa & Winter Warm Kit | Audi | Community Outreach

    Secret Santa is a program, where AVK employees become a ‘Secret Santa’ for children in need. A Christmas gift consisted of healthy snacks and a card will be purchased by AVK volunteers and the company based on a 1:1 matching donation. In 2021, 119 children were supported through this program.

    AVK provided Winter Warmth Kit (consisted of, winter socks, hot pack as well as some convenient food) to 400 elderly living alone who are easily exposed to dangers of cold weather and COVID-19.

  • Smart Traffic Safety Solution | Porsche | Road safety education

    Porsche Korea launched the initiative “Do Dream, Porsche” in 2017 together with the welfare organization ChildFund Korea. One of the initiative’s aims is to help disadvantaged children and youngsters and create an environment where they can grow up healthily and with motivation.

    The existing CSR initiative was expanded in 2021 to include a further project on the subject of traffic safety. Road accidents involving children continue to increase and the main cause is the blind spot, as a result of which children and vehicles are easily overlooked. However, an IT-aided solution is intended to ensure greater road safety for school kids and is being implemented at three schools as part of the Smart Traffic Safety Solution project.

  • Special talk on encouraging youngsters: Funding of educational projects | Volkswagen Financial Services | Education and science

    Inspiring an interest in music and history
    Volkswagen Financial Services South Korea has been supporting an education program for school pupils since 2016. Regular one-day events for around 200 participants are held as part of it. The young people listen to exciting talks on subjects such as history and music. Volkswagen Financial Services South Korea provides the project with funding of around € 62,000 a year.

  • TOMOROAD School | Audi | Education

    With Korean government's initiative to brace for Industry 4.0, AVK is offering education program to middle schools under the theme of future mobility to think about changes brought by new technologies in mobility and future career path. The program includes not only theory lessons, but also use coding robot cars, design classes, so students will be able to develop problem-solving skills. Since 2020, the curriculum is operated online due to COVID 19 pandemic; in 2021 5,861 students from 163 schools nationwide have participated.

    In addition, ‘Barrier-free TOMOROAD School’ has been developed for students with disabilities and in total of 23 special education schools have participated since 2020.

    ‘Think! TOMOROAD Ontact Contest’ is a competition to invite ideas from elementary school students nationwide. In this program, students provided with software coding education, and completed various mission. 83 schools with 249 students nationwide participated in the preliminary round; 10 schools were selected for the final round.

    ‘TOMOROAD School on the Move’ is a program to lend TOMOROAD School equipment to schools in educationally remote area. In 2021, 2 schools in Gangwon and Gyeongbuk province were selected.

  • Urban Bees Seoul | Porsche | Environmental protection

    Porsche Korea has supported fund-raising projects in the fields of education, culture, social welfare and the environment since 2017 with its CSR program “Porsche. Do Dream.”

    Porsche Korea was able to lay the foundation for a new environmental project in 2021. A 500 m² honeybee garden was created in Seoul in cooperation with Urban Bees Seoul. Its goal is to promote bee diversity, a key ecological indicator, as well as the ecosystem in the city.

Philippines: 2 Projects

  • Partnership with Don Bosco Mondo in the Philippines | Porsche | Regional support

    The Porsche Training and Recruitment Center Asia (PTRCA) was created in 2008 by Porsche in a joint venture with the Don Bosco Technical Institute (DBTI) and local importer and distributor PGA Cars Inc. PTRCA aims to train young adults from socially disadvantaged backgrounds as service engineers specializing in automotive mechatronics. The project is a win-win situation for everyone involved, as it allows Porsche to meet the increasing demand for skilled labor - especially from Porsche Centers in the Middle East and Asia Pacific growth markets. In 2016, the project was further expanded to include other VW Group brands.

  • Scholarships for disadvantaged youngsters from Don Bosco Mondo | Porsche | Equal opportunities

    Education and perspectives – two foundations of personal development and social progress. The non-governmental organization Don Bosco Mondo e.V. is committed to that and supports disadvantaged children and youngsters across religious and ideological boundaries. A school education and vocational training give them the chance to lead an independent life in dignity. Porsche AG has cooperated with Don Bosco Mondo since 2008. Among other things, Porsche trains technically gifted young people as motor vehicle service mechatronic technicians in Manila in the Philippines to give them the chance of a better life.

    Before this program, the aim is to establish a one-year course of basic training in which disadvantaged youngsters can participate through scholarships. Don Bosco chooses the scholarship recipients, regardless of whether they are recruited later in the PAVE program. The basic training and qualifications in it give the youngsters a new perspective and far better opportunities on the labor market – sustainable and important objectives.

Singapore: 1 Project

  • Girls2Pioneers | Porsche | Equal opportunities

    United Women Singapore (UWS) is an organization that advances women’s empowerment and gender equality. UWS launched the Girls2Pioneers program in 2014. It reaches out to girls aged 10-16, to encourage them to take up STEM subjects in their higher education and careers. Students are chosen from partnering schools, girls’ shelters and family service organizations throughout the country. More than 26,000 girls have gone through this program since its inception.

    Porsche Asia Pacific has launched a partnership with UWS. Alongside mentoring programs and the possibility of internships for the girls, it supports the Girls2Pioneers program. As a result, 40 scholarships have been awarded to girls over a period of two years, thus enabling them to participate in the program.

Taiwan: 3 Projects

  • The Society of Wilderness | Porsche | Environmental protection

    Taiwan is an island that has an abundance of mountain forests. In particular, nature has borne the brunt of the building development and cultivation activities over recent years. The habitats of many wild animals are endangered. The Society of Wilderness is a not-for-profit organization that was founded in 1994 to preserve species and wildlife and their natural habitats. It is dedicated to undertaking all sustainable means of maintaining the ecological balance. Porsche Taiwan supported that important work in 2020.

  • Practical environment protection | Volkswagen Financial Services |

    Employees of Volkswagen Financial Services Taiwan shouldered responsibility for the environment and society by participating in the Jane Goodall Institute’s Green Thumb Project. As part of the project, they planted various plants that are native to Taiwan by hand and under guidance in the hope of attracting inspects and animals and creating a richer ecological environment.

  • Collecting refuse at the beach together | Volkswagen Financial Services |

    Die Verschmutzung der Meere durch Plastik ist ein schwerwiegendes Problem. Müll einzusammeln und den Strand zu reinigen, ist ein Beitrag zum Umweltschutz. Mit der Teilnahme an der Strandreinigungsinitiative der Europäischen Handelskammer laden die Mitarbeiter des Marktes Volkswagen Financial Services Taiwan regelmäßig Familien und Freunde zu diesen Aktionen ein.

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