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Present in the life, heart and garage of Brazilians for 67 years, Volkswagen is the largest producer of automobiles in Brazil, with 24 million vehicles manufactured, and the largest exporter in history, with more than 4 million cars shipped. With the capacity to develop and produce vehicles in a complete way, its products stand out for safety, technology and design, such as the new Polo, Virtus, Nivus and T-Cross, leader in the SUV segment in the Brazilian market in 2020. In Brazil, the company has four production units and a parts distribution center, in addition to around 500 dealerships. In constant technological evolution, the company permanently invests in sustainable mobility, connectivity and digitalization as strategic topics for the future.

The three highlight projects 2020

  • 1. Nivus, the first smart car of the market
  • 2. Digital Transformation
  • 3. Creativity, flexibility and a sense of urgency in combat of Covid-19

Nivus, the first smart car of the market

VW Nivus was 100 % virtually developed by the VW SAM employees and was highly desired, design as buying decision, adapted to the Region, with local DNA and trendsetter product. The product will be produced and sold in Europe too. Not only the design is revolutionary, but the Global Infotainment module (VW Play) is also 100 % developed in SAM Region and generates an affordable business for Volkswagen Brand within the region, user centric design, desired as the 1st smart car, focused on customer needs. Due to the pandemic scenario, the product had a fully-digital strategy for the launch including 3 live streaming events reaching almost 150,000 people all over 60 countries. Sales were performed in virtual environment by an augmented reality App whilst the cars were not available at the dealers yet: 2,200 available units were sold-out within a week. By the end of 2020, 16,278 units were sold in Brazil. Other important topics is that the Engineering development and production processes of 3 years helped gaining productivity, reducing costs and focusing on customer needs; MQB modular strategy allowed to implement cutting-edge technologies with VW Group standards and Nivus also represents the introduction of the New Brand Design in SAM Region.

Digital Transformation

Volkswagen has a 360 approach as part of the digital transformation process. To mention some examples of this journey: VW is the first brand to use artificial intelligence IBM Watson in its products (Cognitive Manual) and is pioneer to offer a Digital Customer Journey (DDX, DDX Sales and the new Online Service Scheduling). This last service was launched in 2020 and through the “Meu VW” App, the customer selects the service he needs and at the same time chooses the time, visualizes the cost and repair time. Scheduling is done directly at the dealership. Transparency and agility when it comes to maintaining your vehicle. The customer also can schedule the service at VW Play (available in Nivus and T-Cross models). During the pandemic scenario, where the majority of dealership had to be closed as non-essential service, VW intensified the DDX implementations and by the end of 2020 all dealers was able to offer this technology (Digital Dealer Experience project, which allows, through technology, to access the entire portfolio of VW vehicles and configure the car according to the expectations and needs of customers). DDX Sales, which allows to go until the customer, with 3D glasses and close the sales, has also an increase from 3 dealers to 160 by the end of 2020. With Nivus, the company launched the Augmented Reality App to visualize the car in the customer garage, check features and interact with the virtual model, it has more than 74,029 downloads in SAM Region. Also as part of this digital transformation, Nivus product development was 100 % digital, saving time and costs using Virtual Prototype and Digital Design. The Digital Factory allowed integration of production process and product through hybrid virtuality. Two important programs were also launched in 2020: VW Sign&Drive: a subscription service with online contracting, only six steps, 100 % digital, revolutionizes the contemporary way of consuming cars, and VW e-Store, a 100 % digital store to buy a new VW car.

Creativity, flexibility and a sense of urgency in combat of Covid-19

Brazil is one of the countries most affected by the new coronavirus pandemic. But as soon as the first cases arose, VW do Brasil took several actions to keep its employees safe. And communication was essential to guide and preserve everyone's physical, mental and emotional health.

Digital channels, such as VW&Eu App, allowed to inform in real time, through the smartphone, facilitating communication during the stoppage of production, which lasted about 2 months. The Coronainfo communication, about Covid-19 prevention, was also created, as well as many other communications in videos and images, in a creative, clear and objective way.

In addition to the strict health protocols and Hotline for Covid-19, the Health team created wide-reaching digital channels and kept all of our people connected, extending the guidance to families. With videos, images and texts also published by WhatsApp, YouTube and Instagram, our professionals opened direct channels with employees to advise about Covid-19 and other health topics, such as physical activity, psychology and nutrition.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, employees of administrative areas have worked at home. And Volkswagen do Brasil proved to be an increasingly agile and connected company. In just one weekend, 5,100 simultaneous VPN connections were made possible and an outgoing equipment control was created. Technologies, such as Microsoft Teams, were also installed for collaboration, sharing and video meetings.

Stakeholder Dialogue

Digitalization and corporate social responsibility connect VW to stakeholders

Lives, webinars, online events and corporate social responsibility (CSR) to combat Covid-19 have strengthened the proximity of VW do Brasil to all its stakeholders, from employees to dealerships, suppliers, governments, institutions and the society.

The digital brought together teams from all over Latin America, which worked in synergy, ensuring the success of our SUV offensive. The Nivus digital launching was an example of the strong connection with different stakeholders. For the 1st time, there were 3 lives on the same day: for employees, journalists and dealerships.

Traditional events have successfully migrated to digital. The 1st Digital Post-Sales Experience connected more than 1,000 participants from the dealer network throughout Brazil, with more than R$ 55 million in sales of parts and accessories.

Journalists from all over the country had access to information about VW in an agile, clear and objective way. The president and CEO of VW Latin America, Pablo Di Si, attended more than 65 online interviews and lives with the press in 2020, in addition to online meetings with employees and other stakeholders.

Solidarity also made a difference during the pandemic. VW donated 2,000 masks and lent 100 vehicles to the City Halls where we have factories. In partnership with Assobrav (Brazilian Association of Volkswagen Distributors), VW offered repair services for vehicles from the Health Departments and medical professionals with a discount on parts and services.

VW also joined the Voluntary Network for lung ventilators for medical use repairing, in partnership with Senai. The 50 volunteer employees were trained and worked in a hub at Anchieta plant with total security. And in all plants, employees were also mobilized in campaigns, donating tons of food, as well as toys, blankets and other items.

Awards 2020

Car of the Year Award 2021 (AutoEsporte magazine) – VW Nivus.

Volkswagen Nivus was elected ‘Car of the Year 2021’. This is the most important and traditional award of the specialized press in Brazil, organized by AutoEsporte magazine with a jury of 24 journalists from all over the country. This is the 11th time that VW conquest the ‘Car of the Year’, which reaches the 54th edition. In the last 10 editions, VW won the title 4 times, becoming the biggest winner of the period.

Nivus is making history and became the most awarded car in Brazil in 2020. The model won 10 important awards in total up to now, from the most important publications and associations in Brazil and Latin America.

With innovative design, new concepts of connectivity, technologies and safety, the first smart car of the country has earned the respect and the admiration of specialized journalists.

Digital Brand 2021 Award (Car of the Year Award – AutoEsporte).

Volkswagen was elected the ‘Digital Brand of the Year’ by AutoEsporte magazine for many actions, inside and outside the company. Highlights for Nivus, designed 100 % digitally, without a physical prototype; the infotainment platform VW Play, developed at SAM Region representing a new era in connectivity, streaming and services; the 360° digital journey and much more.

Top of Mind for the 29th year (Datafolha – Folha de S.Paulo).

Volkswagen was elected Top of Mind brand in Brazil at Car category – the car brand most remembered by consumers – at the survey conducted by Datafolha/Folha de S.Paulo. This is the 29th time, in 30 editions, which Volkswagen ranks the top of Car category. It reflects the result of VW’s constant effort to meet consumers’ desires, developing increasingly innovative products. The achievement of Top of Mind 2020 is the result of a corporate strategy very well worked out by all members of the Volkswagen team.

100 Most Innovative Companies Award (Consumidor Moderno).

At Whow! Innovation 2020 award, Volkswagen conquered the “Cars” category and the company are among the Top 10 (7th place at overall ranking). The study highlights the 100 Most Innovative Companies by Consumidor Moderno magazine.

Top Employer 2020.

Volkswagen was awarded for the second time Top Employer 2020 as a result of the positive work developed by the HR area in Brazil. The international award was granted by Top Employers Institute, a global certification company recognizing excellence in people practices in 118 countries. VW was the only carmaker awarded in Brazil this year.

Company that Best Communicates with Journalists Awards (Communication Business in partnership with CECOM – Communication Studies Center).

Volkswagen was elected the Company that Best Communicates with Journalists for the 10th consecutive time. It means Volkswagen was awarded at Automotive category in all editions already done. This research is organized by Negócios da Comunicação magazine in partnership with CECOM (Communication Studies Center).

UOL Cars Award (UOL Portal): Assembler of the Year (Volkswagen) and Best Compact SUV (Nivus).

At the 4th edition, UOL Carros award is consolidated as one of the most important in the automotive sector and helps to guide the reader in choosing a new car.

Volkswagen was awarded for the voluntary action of respirator repair (National Confederation of Industry – CNI and National Service of Industrial Learning – SENAI).

Volkswagen won the ‘Profissionals of the Year 2020’ award (Rede Globo).

Survey Brands of the Pandemic – Automobile category: VW most remembered by ‘paulistanos’ (Datafolha – Folha de S.Paulo).

Brands of ‘Cariocas’ Survey – Shows the favorite products and services for who live in Rio de Janeiro (O Globo).

Best Buy 2020 Overall (Quatro Rodas) – Nivus.

Best Buy 2020 SUVs up to R$ 100,000 (Quatro Rodas) – Nivus Highline 200 TSI.

Best Buy 2020 Sports cars up to 250 hp (Quatro Rodas) – Polo GTS 250 TSI.

Best Buy 2020 Cars up to R$ 100,000 (Quatro Rodas) – Jetta 250 TSI.

Lower repair cost – compact SUV category (Cesvi) – Nivus.

Lower repair cost – subcompact hatch category (Cesvi) – up!

Lower repair cost – compact hatch category (Cesvi) – Fox and Polo.

Lower repair cost – compact off-road hatch category (Cesvi) – cross up!

Lower repair cost – compact single-cab pickup category (Cesvi) – Saveiro.

Lower repair cost – compact double cab pickup category (Cesvi) – Saveiro.

Lower repair cost – compact sedan category (Cesvi) – Virtus.

Lower repair cost – compact SW category (Cesvi) – SpaceFox.

Lower repair cost – SUV category (Cesvi) – T-Cross.

Which one to Buy – SUV category (AutoEsporte) – Nivus.

Which one to Buy – Premium SUV category (AutoEsporte) – Tiguan.

Buy of the Year 2020 – T-Cross (Motorshow).

Higher Resale Value Hallmark – Entry category (Autoinforme) – up!

Higher Resale Value Hallmark – Small Pickup category (Autoinforme) – Saveiro.

Higher Resale Value Hallmark – Medium SUV category (Autoinforme) – Tiguan.

‘Valor’ Innovation Brasil Award 2020.

AB Diversity 2020 Award in the Automotive Sector (Automotive Business – 2nd consecutive year).

Exporter of the Year (AutoData).

Top Car TV Award – best SUV category up to R $ 100,999 – Nivus.

Americar Award – Best SUV in Latin America 2021 – Nivus.

Best Resale Value 2020 Award (KBB / Quatro Rodas) – Hatch Subcompact Access category – up!

Best Resale Value Award 2020 (KBB / Quatro Rodas) – Compact Access Hatch category – Fox.

Best Resale Value Award 2020 (KBB / Quatro Rodas) – Compact Access Sedan category – Voyage.

Best Resale Value Award 2020 (KBB / Quatro Rodas) – Compact Pickup category – Saveiro CE.

Best Resale Value 2020 Award (KBB / Quatro Rodas) – Commercial Compact Pickup category – Saveiro CS.

Best National Car Award – Car Awards Brasil 2021 (Car Magazine) – Nivus.

Abiauto Award (Brazilian Automotive Press Association) – Best SUV / National Crossover – Nivus.

Estadão Mobility Award 2020 (Jornal do Carro): Best Compact Hatch (Polo) and Best Compact SUV (Nivus).

“The Elected” survey (Quatro Rodas): Premium Compact Hatch (Polo), Compact Hatch (up!), Compact Sedan (Virtus).

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