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Earn money with the GHG quota

Diese Förderungen gibt es

Slowly but surely media attention is focusing increasingly on a particular phrase: the GHG quota. And rightly so, since it describes a trading mechanism that aims to reduce CO₂ emissions in the transport sector – and from which you as a fleet operator can benefit.

The greenhouse gas reduction quota, GHG quota for short, was introduced back in 2015 and is used by the German government to oblige petroleum companies to reduce the CO₂ emissions caused by their fuels increasingly year by year. Because the companies generally speaking cannot meet the defined savings targets, they are allowed to purchase emission certificates to help balance their carbon footprint.

German energy suppliers in particular have benefited from this regulation to date: thanks to the proportion of green electricity in the local electricity mix, they do not exhaust their CO₂ budget and can resell the greenhouse gas savings as emission certificates. This trading circle has gotten bigger since last year, however, with private and commercial electric vehicle owners – excluding plug-in hybrids – also allowed to sell their CO2 savings since 2022. This can amount to a tidy sum for fleets, in particular, with somewhere between 255 and 400 euros possible for each electric vehicle with the current GHG quota. 

Sounds lucrative? Join in now!

Opting into the GHG quota is not complicated. There are now multiple service providers on the market who handle the sale of emission certificates. The Volkswagen Group naturally also offers an attractive and reliable solution: Elli. The provider of energy and charging solutions currently offers customers 260 euros per electric car (as at February 2023).¹⁾

Further information is available here:

Fleet.Electrified from Volkswagen Financial Services (German language)

Elli – a service from Volkswagen Group Charging GmbH (German language)

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1)Premium amount currently guaranteed for calendar year 2023. The GHG quota can continue to be marketed as long as the German government’s funding mechanism is in place (see Section 37a Para. 5 No. 4 of the Federal Immission Control Act (Bundes-Immissionsschutzgesetz - BImSchG)).

Status: 17.02.2023
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