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Sites and plants


About 75,000 employees work in more than 60 plants at 48 production sites worldwide.

1 Site 1 Plant Africa
4 Sites 6 Plants North & South America
18 Sites 24 Plants Asia
25 Sites 36 Plants Europe

All Plants and Production Sites Worldwide

  • North & South America

    Volkswagen Group Components has 6 plants at 4 sites in North / South America.


    • Cordoba: “Gearbox & Electric Drive”


    • São Carlos: “Engine & Foundry”


    • Silao: “Engine & Foundry”
    • Puebla: “Engine & Foundry” , “Chassis & Battery System”   
  • Europe

    Volkswagen Group Components has 36 plants at 25 sites in Europe
    • Brussels: “Chassis & Battery System” Business Unit
    • Sarajevo: “Container Manufacturing” Business Unit


    • Braunschweig: “Chassis & Battery System”  [2]
    • Chemnitz: “Engine & Foundry” 
    • Emden: “Seats”  (SITECH Sitztechnik GmbH)
    • Hannover: “Engine & Foundry” , “Development Division”
    • Kassel: “Engine & Foundry” , “Gearbox & Electric Drive”  [2]
    • Salzgitter: “Engine & Foundry” , “Gearbox & Electric Drive”
    • Wolfsburg: “Chassis & Battery System” , “Seats”  (SITECH Sitztechnik GmbH)
    • Zuffenhausen: “Engine & Foundry” , “Gearbox & Electric Drive”  


    • Crewe: “Engine & Foundry”   


    • Sant' Agata: “Engine & Foundry”     
    • Głogów: “Seats”   (SITECH Sp. z o.o.)
    • Polkowice: “Engine & Foundry” Business Unit (Motor Polska), “Seats” Business Unit (SITECH Sp. z o.o.)
    • Poznan: “Engine & Foundry” Business Unit
    • Września: “Seats” Business Unit (SITECH Sp. z o.o.)


    • Kaluga: “Engine & Foundry”   


    • Bratislava: “Gearbox & Electric Drive” 
    • Martin: “Gearbox & Electric Drive”


    • El Prat: “Gearbox & Electric Drive”     
    Czech Republic
    • Mladá Boleslav: “Engine & Foundry”  [2], “Gearbox & Electric Drive”  , “Chassis & Battery System”  [2]
    • Vrchlabí: “Gearbox & Electric Drive”     


    • Győr: “Engine & Foundry”  , “Gearbox & Electric Drive”     
  • Africa

    Volkswagen Group Components has one plant at one site on the African continent

    • Kariega: “Engine & Foundry”   
  • Asia

    Volkswagen Group Components has 24 plants at 18 sites in Asia.


    • Changchun:
      Changchun FAW-VW:
      “Engine & Foundry”  , “Gearbox & Electric Drive”  , “Chassis & Battery System” 
      Changchun VWED: “Engine & Foundry” 
      Changchun VWPF: “Chassis & Battery System”   
    • Chengdu:
      Chengdu FAW-VW: “Engine & Foundry” 
      Chengdu VWPF: “Chassis & Battery System”  
    • Dalian:
      Dalian VWATD: “Gearbox & Electric Drive”
      Dalian VWED: “Engine & Foundry”
    • Foshan:
      Foshan VWPF: “Chassis & Battery System”
      Foshan FAW-VW: “Chassis & Battery System”  
    • Qingdao FAW-VW: “Chassis & Battery System”  
    • Shanghai Anting:
      Anting SAIC VW:
      “Engine & Foundry”  [2], “Chassis & Battery System” 
      Anting VWTS: “Gearbox & Electric Drive”   
    • Shanghai Baoshan: “Seats”  (SITECH Sitztechnik GmbH)
    • Shanghai Loutang VWPT: “Engine & Foundry” 
    • Suzhou ICS: Development Division
    • Tianjin:
      Tianjin VWATJ:
      “Gearbox & Electric Drive”  [3]
      Tianjin VWPF: “Chassis & Battery System”    
    • Pune: “Engine & Foundry”   

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