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The Six Business Units


Volkswagen Group Components operates in six business areas all over the world: Engine & Foundry, Gearbox & Electric Drive, Battery Cell & Battery System, Charging & Energy, Chassis and Seats. The topics of electric mobility are incorporated into the respective business areas and are managed by the Development Division.

  • “Gearboxes & E-Drive” Business Unit

    Product portfolio

    • Manual gearboxes
    • Automatic / Dual clutch gearboxes
    • Hybrid gearboxes
    • Electric drives

    17 production sites


    • Córdoba


    • Anting
    • Chanchung
    • Tianjin [3]
    • Dalian


    • Kassel [2]
    • Salzgitter
    • Zuffenhausen


    • Bratislava
    • Martin


    • El Prat

    Czech Republic

    • Mladá Boleslav
    • Vrchlabí


    • Győr


    Head of Business Unit: Thorsten Jablonski

    Employees: approx. 25,400

  • The “Engine & Foundry” Business Unit

    Product portfolio

    • Petrol engines [from the R3 with 55kW to the W16 with 1,103kW]
    • Gas engines [from the R3 with 50kW to the R4 with 125kW]
    • Diesel engines [from the R4 with 55kW to the V8 with 320kW]
    • Motor-related components [e.g. pumps, fuel rails, modules for Active Cylinder Management (ACT)]
    • Cast raw parts for engines, gearboxes & e-drives

    26 production sites


    • São Carlos


    • Anting [2]
    • Changchun [2]
    • Chengdu
    • Dalian
    • Loutang


    • Chemnitz
    • Hannover
    • Kassel
    • Salzgitter
    • Zuffenhausen


    • Crewe


    • Pune


    • Sant. Agata


    • Puebla [2]
    • Silao


    • Polkowice
    • Poznań


    • Kaluga

    South Africa

    • Uitenhage

    Czech Republic

    • Mladá Boleslav [2]


    • Győr


    Head of Business Unit: Thoralf Hanschel

    Employees: approx. 34,700  

  • The "Battery Cell & Battery System" Business Unit

    Product portfolio and future projects

    • Cell component development and cell development
    • Testing and analytics
    • Pilot line
    • Cooperations
    • Quality management

    Head of Business Unit: Frank Blome

    Employees: approx. 300

  • The "Charging & Energy" Business Unit

    Further information will follow


    Head of Business Unit: Elke Temme

  • The “Chassis” Business Unit

    Product portfolio

    • Front axles
    • Rear axles
    • Steering systems
    • Shock absorbers
    • Drive shafts

    16 production sites


    • Brussels


    • Sarajevo


    • Anting
    • Chángchūn [2]
    • Chengdu
    • Foshan [2]
    • Qingdao
    • Tianjin


    • Braunschweig [2]
    • Wolfsburg


    • Puebla

    Czech Republic

    • Mladá Boleslav [2]


    Head of Business Unit: Otto Joos

    Employees: approx. 10,600  

  • The “Seats” Business Unit

    Product portfolio

    • Complete seats (just in sequence supply)
    • Seat structural components
    • Development work of SITECH: The complete development range from advance development and calculations, design, cover and foam development through prototype construction and testing up to supervision of series production

    6 Production sites


    • Baoshan


    • Emden
    • Wolfsburg


    • Głogów
    • Polkowice
    • Września


    Head of Business Unit: Ingo Fleischer

    Employees: approx. 5,300  

  • The Development Division

    The division is responsible for development topics – from the initial idea to its introduction into production and with that its transfer into the business areas –while also assuming overall management of future and innovation topics. This also includes responsibility for charging infrastructure, with products like the flexible charging station or the charging robot. Furthermore, the Development division pools the overall end-to-end responsibility for the battery all the way up to recycling.

    2 Production sites


    • Suzhou


    • Hannover

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